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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Our adventuring party grows

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hey all you mighty residents of Gloomhaven!

We are officially past 300% funding. Three whole pies. We would have been happy with one pie, but now we have three pies. It's ridiculous. Who is going to eat all this pie?

Okay, sorry, why am I talking about pies when there are new stretch goals to talk about?

First of all, let us just take a moment and celebrate the fact that the Sadler brothers are now officially joining us on the adventure! I told you that they worked on Descent 2nd Edition, right? Descent had a significant influence on the development of Gloomhaven, and I am very honored to have them on board.

Plus, Brady told me not to tell you this, but when I demoed the game for them, he was so enamored with it that he drooled all over the prototype. Seriously, it's all soggy now. Very gross. But flattering.

New stretch goals

I very sneakily updated the stretch goal graphic yesterday because I love teasing you all. It is one of my joys in life.

First of all, you have noticed that we have yet another character class joining us if we reach $250,000. To address this thread on BGG, I will tell you that, yes, it is a human. But that is all I will say.

For real, I can't tell if that thread is serious or not. Do people really feel that humans are an under-represented race in fantasy games? Do you need someone to identify with? Well, now all your concerns will be addressed, at least they will be once he is unlocked in the game. He's not a starting character after all.

Also at $230,000 is sweet stretch goal of adding 4 new career goals and 4 new battle goals, bringing the total up to 24 each. I think this will give you all a much greater variety of game play.

There was some concern about running out of career goal cards, since when one is completed it is removed from the game. With 4 players, the count is now 6 retirements each, which should be much more than enough to cover you until you've completed everything there is to do in the game.

And with 24 battle goals, that is 24 different scenarios you can go through without ever having to repeat the same goal (given optimal draws, of course). This should add a lot of variety and keep the game fresh.

"He's not talking about enchanting. Why hasn't he talked about enchanting yet? Tell us about enchanting!"

Oh, you wanted me to talk about enchanting? That's weird.

Okay, well, I'll give you a little information now, but I'd like to talk about it in greater detail tomorrow when I have some more graphics from Josh.

Enchanting is a service that becomes available after you progress through a number of scenarios and gain a specific achievement. It offers you an alternative way to spend your money: augmenting your existing ability cards.

I'll talk about how exactly that works tomorrow. Gotta keep up the tease, after all!

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    1. Ed Kowalczewski

      Mmmnn, pie. Now I can't even think of anything else.

    2. Iconography on

      Sadler Brothers: Authors for Hire! :)

    3. chang on

      OMG!! the more i read about this game the more i feel like playing diablo, dark souls or a great video game RPG. enchanting = upgrades!!! NICE!!

      Like @Gutris thougth, really wondering how is gonna work, put into the game. i`m sure you (@isaac) would not make me write on my cards, even if is a legacy game :)

      @tetora yup, that is how i understand it as well

      That pie in the corner looks like blueberry pie... mmm mmm mm... ONE piece here

    4. Gutris

      God, Enchanting sounds so interesting, but if I have to write on a card, I may cry a bit. The fact that you have to retire means that's unlikely as you have to start again... but then what? add-ons to cards? Clips? ... ability gnomes? Until it is known, the possibilities will drive me mad!

    5. Mist_Wave on

      Love the fact that there is less human to play! :P Though I'm really craving for pie now... Hmmmmmm

    6. Tetora on

      How can you do this Isaac >< I won't even cope with one retirement and you request 6 times of each player =/
      If I get it right, at a retirement we are done with the char and get our next ones, right? All the equip, gold, in short everything which we worked for, will be gone.

    7. Jeremy Kaemmer on

      I can't wait to see what Isaac has for a human. How is he going to make it as cool as the last guy? I'm hype

    8. Joshua Nicholson

      Well this game just keeps on getting better and better.

    9. Nakano

      I think having different race+class combinations make things more interesting than having the same race with multiple different classes. I don't feel that having one class for humans necessary suggests that their population couldn't be the largest. But introducing a new class sounds great as always!

    10. Duncan A. Doherty

      Well I dunno about everyone else, but I'll take some o' that pumpkin pie if it's all the same.

    11. Brady Sadler