by Isaac Childres

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    1. Gearsoul Dragon

      Where's the bad in a way to play-test your build ideas and try out new progression paths in a quick match in the arena? Nowhere. It's nowhere.

      Because this is awesome~ :P I'm super happy we have this one, I'm gonna have a ton of fun messing about with options in this!

      Plus, like I said before, it's a good way to come up with a wide variety of interesting but usable pre-made characters for new, clueless-but-interested people and groups to get the ball rolling faster~ nOn

      You could keep a pack of pre-made characters on you to show off should the opportunity arise :P

    2. Justin van der Merwe on

      We see wooden token so often, wouldn't it be cool to go with a laser cut acrylic? A was thinking something like: or

    3. Missing avatar

      Shannon Marden on

      I think it would be cool to have another human character class...the only one I see at the moment is the scoundrel, which is cool, but maybe having something like a human paladin, who can heal and fight really well, would be a super cool new character...what do you think?

    4. aron aka jello on

      @Justin - While I do loves me some acrylic, do you think it would fit with that aesthetic of the rest of the game? Also, IIRC they tend to be a *lot* more expensive to produce than wood..

    5. Missing avatar

      GPeterfreund on

      On an unrelated topic, have you thought about a laminated map with reusable vinyl stickers? That or something similar seems like it would let you alter the world, but also undo errors and appease those who don't want to permanently change their copy of the game.

    6. Leonce on

      The upgrade for the Elemental Tokens is a great stretch goal! Cool idea! And seems unlocking this will be soon reality.
      Also wooden tokens are great and seem to fit into the fantasy atmosphere of the game quite nice.
      Thanks for keepng us posted and those updates, Isaac. They always make me happy :)

    7. Ravendas on

      Yeah, wooden discs with the icons on them sounds nice, I like it.

      There seems to be enough tokens in the game, that having a few of the important ones stand out will be nice.