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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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Regarding the many kinds of clutter

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Envelope stretch goal!

(It's cooler than it sounds.)

So there are these monster statistics cards in the game. They're pretty cool because in a limited amount of print space we can easily convey the statistics and special bonuses of both the normal and elite versions of 8 different levels of a monster.

At one point I had all the statistics for a single level on individual cards the size of the monster's ability cards, which seemed good, but there are just so many cards in the game, I really needed to look into a way to reduce box clutter.

By grouping all the information on one large card, we removed the need to fish out this extra deck of cards out of the box for each monster you're fighting and could instead grab a very remarkable square card.

But there was still a bit of a problem in that it was a little hard to visually identify the information that you needed because there is so much of it on the card. You could rotate the card so the information of the level you were fighting was right-side-up to you, but it wouldn't be the same for the players on the other side of the table.

We had information clutter.

So if we reach our next stretch goal, we'll include 5 stat-card-sized envelopes to slide them into so that only 1/4 of the card (plus the art!) will be visible, reducing the visual clutter. After all, in any given scenario, the level of the monsters is not going to change.

But...with all that blank space on the envelope, you start to realize that you've got table clutter. Table space is a luxury commodity, and those envelopes are filling it up with nothing. Is there anything we could put on the outside of those envelopes to make them more useful?

Turns out there is! Backer Paul Johnson astutely pointed out that the envelopes would be a great space to put some graphical boxes, numbered 1 to 6, where we could track the hit points and conditions of the monsters of the type in the envelope without having to put a bunch of chits out onto the board. Every monster is already numbered to determine order of activation, so the whole thing works perfectly together. 

Two birds with one stone. A great reduction of table (and board) clutter!

Guest designers stretch goal!

Oh, hey, you know who's always telling me to reduce the table clutter of my games? Travis Chance. That dude started designing games in New York City where apparently only tiny tables exist because there are just too many people everywhere.

He's since moved to Indianapolis where I met him and blah, blah, blah - did I mention that he and his design partner Nick Little, the mad geniuses behind Action Phase Games, have agreed to create a scenario for Gloomhaven?

Because they have.

I am completely confident that the guys who create a Heroes Wanted scenario called "Portal to Alternate Wyoming" will give us something completely outside the box. So look forward to that at $140k!

And then there's another character class being unlocked on the horizon? I am infinitely impressed with how much better you all have made the game already, and there is so much cool stuff coming down the road, too! So continue to spread the word and interact on Board Game Geek. (And also submit some scenario designs!) If we can just increase awareness of the game, I think a lot more people are bound to jump on board, making this entire adventure all the more awesome!

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    1. Belisarius

      The game map shows a lot of interesting locations and terrain. I do like tile variety for the locations, towns, fields, swamps etc. Glad there is a range - it could be a good stretch goal to add more.

    2. aron aka jello on

      @Fergus - There are four different types of tiles currently, and the one were seeing now isn't final art.

    3. Fergus Conolly

      Quick question - there doesn't seem to be much variety on the location tiles (dungeon / town / wilderness) Will they all be gloomy dungeons with torches or will more 'location' art be produced?

    4. Paulo Renato

      very awesome news there... both of them... I really like the work of Travis and Nick... and the envelop idea and tracking hit points there is just perfect!!! Kudos!!!

    5. Robert Bowers

      Travis Chance? Outside the box? NAY. I say, INSIDE the box!

      I suspect he will give us... the most INFAMOUS guest scenario! >: 3