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A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
A board game of cooperative card-driven tactical combat in a persistent, ever-changing campaign world. 1-4 players, 30 min. per player.
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    1. ジャっきー龍 Jackie on

      Everyone got their games already?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brett Amundson on

      Is there any opportunity to still get the revised rules and scenario booklet? (I was asleep for a while)

    3. silentxsound on

      Went back and checked cards and sleeves. Looks like I just had a few bad sleeves.

    4. silentxsound on

      Hello All,
      Was wondering if anyone has had issues sleeving the City cards? I got through all the Town events and about half way through the City events and they no longer fit in the sleeves. I am using standard clear ultra pros. I still need to check if maybe this batch of sleeves were cut wrong. I haven't started to sleeve the minis yet.

    5. Gordon Rios on

      Hello folks, I've got reusable stickers (from sinister fish) ordered for my next set but what I need now are stickers with character class symbols for deck boxes, etc. Does anyone know where I could get these other than getting them printed myself? Thanks �

    6. Michael Paal on

      first print + upgrade will cost even more than the second print. : ((

    7. Missing avatar


      Well, somewhat dissapointing that i wont be able to get an upgrade pledge for a reasonable price. 7$+20$ shipping... Yeah, no.

    8. Michael Paal on

      just wondering, havent we been told that the standee version of GH would be "exclusive"?

      ; )

      thx for providing those pdf files isaac

    9. RavenMad on

      Just popping in to say Hi to all my fellow 1e backers. We were and will always be 'first' :)

    10. Iconography on

      Thank you, NeonJuggler. I appreciate the correction from the original email.

    11. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      From bgg: "April 4 at noon EST"

    12. Iconography on

      Doesn't the next Gloomhaven KS project start on March 30 (tomorrow?

    13. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      @Garth: Check the BoardGameGeek forums for a lot of strategy discussions and helpful play tips.

    14. Garth Westphal on

      I adore the game, it's great fun and I think it has a ton of potential.

      My gaming group... is not a fan. After trying 3 scenarios we have managed to succeed on... ONE. And that was a BARELY as the Scoundrel dealt the killing blow and would have been exhausted the following round.

      I'm a little curious as to why there is an INSANE tank boss in the second scenario. And then trying a followup in the city involving cultists/hounds/flame demons we managed to make it to the last room, only to all become exhausted.

      I'm finding that there is a SUPER limited time frame, and perhaps we just aren't playing it well enough but we manage to 'burn out' rather quickly. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems?

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Andrew Lodge on

      @ Isaac

      In the new KS, will there be an 'upgrade' level for the backers of this campaign, purely to get the new health & xp trackers etc?

    16. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      Etkeller, PDFs will be available once the edits are complete.

    17. Steve Bagnall

      I adore this game. So much so that I'll be backing for another full copy on the new KS. Also love the idea of a mini campaign driven by the backers for the whole 28 day campaign. I'm just wondering if I should start a new character for this mini campaign or stick with my current one? This game is soooooo good.

    18. etkeller

      It sits bad with me that we just receive the game a couple of weeks ago and it is now being indicated that a corrected rule and scenario book will be sold for $10-15. I understand the costs are involved; however, making a PDF available to the original KS backers would really be a good way to go. I am still sure many will purchase the corrected book, but it would be nice to have the option to receive corrections as a free download since this was just received by many.

    19. Adli Ghani on

      Just want to state that I received my copy [really big box! =D] in Brunei.
      The box was ripped at the corners but everything seems fine inside. Can't wait to give it a try,

    20. ionas on

      Jonas I am using these. Hearts count as 5 (3 could work as well), crosses as 1 - all red:

      And these for XP (each counts one):

      I do agree that it ain't perfect and I really hope for an upgrade kit on the 2nd edition KS for the 1st Edition backers.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Moran on

      I didn't think I could enjoy a game as much as this. The best thing is my nephew who has been ill for the last few years and sleeps most of the time has been lured out of his bed to play and he thinks it's awesome as well. This game really captures the imagination and playing it is one of those experiences you long for in a game. Absolutely fab! I will be looking out for the updates..thank you :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Steelbeard on

      +1 For offering an upgrade pack.

      Although, I don't agree with the fact that you think it's too logistically difficult to offer the errata in the upgrade. Perhaps not the book, but certainly errors on the cards can be offered.

      Have you checked out Drive Through Cards? You can set something up with them so that we can purchase the updated cards in small packs. That's exactly what they did with the Pathfinder Adventure Card game for their card errors (and there were a lot, sadly). Maybe you could do the same. Worth looking into.

    23. Strogar on

      I'd buy into an upgrade kit in the next campaign.
      Although other campaigns that sold upgrade only pledges had shipping issues sorting out the different pledges and packing unique combinations of items after the pledge manager, some people got multiple upgrade kits and some got none, but that could have been an issue with the packing/shipping company.

    24. Kevin Dexter on

      My family prefers to use the trackers, but I myself dislike them. To get around it, I just lay the health and experience trackers flat and lay the peg portion on top of my current health/experience. It works perfectly well for me. Not perfect, but it's an option that works great for me.
      And I believe Nakano is right. I think he COULD have changed it again, but it would have delayed the game at least another month to do, and that was only if it became perfect the next time around. He vied to instead get the game to us, which I think was the better option. If things went poorly, we could still be looking at 2-3 months before we get our copies. (If I am incorrect, someone please correct me)

    25. Nakano

      @Jonas The issue was discovered during the campaign, but it was too late to make complete changes if I remember correctly.

    26. Jonas Åkerblom

      I dont understand that it wasnt discovered during playtesting that the health and experience trackers are pure crap. And now there will be a much better solution for the reprint that we probably have to pay a lot for, especially shipping (Unless like always if you live in the US). That is just not fair to the original backers. I love the game but those trackers make me annoyed every time I play :/

    27. Barac Baker Wiley

      @Tony - it's worth noting that nobody gets their battle goals if the scenario is failed.

    28. Missing avatar

      Charlotte on

      Hi Isaac,
      when you do the reprint Kickstarter, would you please consider a pledge level with an upgrade kit for us 1st edition backer containing JUST the new health and experience trackers?
      I'm not in the US, so getting them otherwise would be a lot more difficult, and if you offer the standees as an add-on, a health and experience tracker add-on seems doable, too.

      I totally understand that you can't offer us the updated books and cards, but I think you'll do a lot of us a big favour by making the dials available to us for a fair price.

      Thanks for your consideration!

    29. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      @Nakano: But I and many others (judging by the bgg ratings) like the stickers for cards and the slow leveling.

    30. ionas on

      +1 StarHaven

    31. ionas on

      Tony - embrace it. It does away with all the annoying quarterbacking

    32. Pete Thane on

      @Daniel - the rulebook is available in 2 parts in the files section on the bgg website

    33. Nakano

      @Daniel I'm pretty sure there exists a digital rulebook, but haven't link to it now. I doubt scenario book gets a digital release, though.
      Sci-fi version sounds nice later if Isaac does sci-fi. I remember hearing he prefers fantasy theme. Maybe in that version leveling up could be faster. I haven't played the game yet as Imperial Assault campaign just started, but slow leveling up is one criticism I have heard. Then Starhaven could get rid of some Legacy elements too (at least stickers for cards). Just put cards in discard envelope and mark in a sheet what scenarios are available. Though the sticker map kind of intrigues me.

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Flood

      @issac is there any chance of accessing digital copies of the rule book/scenario book?

    35. Missing avatar

      John Wilson

      I second the Sci Fi version, any one else.

    36. Adam Taylor

      Imagine a sci fi version of gloomhaven called 'Starhaven'...

      Would be pretty sweet aye?

    37. Khairul Riza

      Received my game here in Malaysia and got it to the table last night! Had a blast playing it.
      Only problem is the box arrived quite battered though the content seems unscathed

    38. Doug Highland on

      Hi has most everyone in USA got there game, I havent got mine yet...

    39. Baginses

      @Isaac - Wow, congrats on breaking the top 100 on BGG (and beyond)! The sky is the limit for this game. I'm still loving it 40+ scenario's in. Can't wait to unlock more content.

    40. Tony Cotterill on

      Got the game. Most impressed.
      However, the majority of our group have an issue with the battle goals. They feel that, as a cooperative game, the secret and selfish battle goals work against the game and hamper the chances for the group to successfully complete the scenario by encouraging non-optimum play.
      In extreme cases this means with all players going for the goals the scenario might be failed many times over, and as there is no character penalties for failing this could support such munchkin thinking.
      We're going to try to play with battle goals revealed and treat them as another group challenge for the scenario.
      Has anybody else had this impression and thought of a solution? Obviously the goals still need to be there because they assist the tick mechanic.

    41. Frank Branham

      @Weresheep The first room in scenario 1 is so far the hardest early bit. A Brute doing proper tanking (possibly with a Tinker buffing his shield so he can Retaliate) can wade through it with ease. The Rogue is a fairly easy to play, but goes early often and becomes an easy target if she isn't careful. Gloomhaven isn't THAT hard, but you can't just play it merrily going in , charging the nearest thing, and expecting things to work out. I suspect the first room is mostly a lesson to teach you what happens when you do that.

    42. Missing avatar

      Spoof on

      Japan checking in. Just helped the postman haul the crate up to my house.
      It arrived in perfect condition. But I wonder if there will be an increase in worker's comp claims down at the main post office.
      Great work Isaac!
      Thanks for everything.

    43. Melvyn Tan on

      Ayze - great to hear that. Still waiting eagerly here in Singapore. The days are getting more and more unbearable :O.. especially seeing all the great gameplay that everyone's already clocking.

    44. Ayze Railey on

      Finally got my copy just now here in Malaysia. So excited.

    45. David Tsang

      Had the first session last Friday, and the second planned for this weekend. Excellent game Isaac, the group adored it.

    46. Gary

      Isaac - I just played the game for the first time and I am speechless. It is one of the best if not the best dungeon crawler I have ever played and the amount of detail and love that has gone into the project really shows. Hats off to you and I would love to see more of this world at some point in the future.

    47. Missing avatar

      David Latimore on

      @Nicolai It's a big secret, apparently. I have no idea. I think you might have to look for clues? I really don't know.

    48. Missing avatar

      David Latimore on

      @Arran Boardman Clock on 'View Pledge', go to the Survey. Scroll to the bottom of the survey and there should be a link to send Isaac a message. I would do that. :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Arran Boardman on

      Is this the best place to let Isaac know of any missing components? My Spellweaver tuck box is missing it's attack modifier deck.

    50. Buddy Roggenbauer

      @Isaac. I'm not sure how often you read this, but, when you created this kickstarter, my daughter sat and watched Rahdo's video runthrough and said we need to get that. Fast forward to now, she is 11, and we've played about 6 scenarios and it has quickly shot to the top of the list of coop games and probably in the top 2 or 3 games of all time for myself. My wife, daughter, and I can't get enough of this game. You, sir, are a genius!! Thank you for this masterpiece of a game!!!!!!

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