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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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Two big announcements

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Hey there, residents of Gloomhaven!

It has been a while. Last time we talked, I mentioned that the community-driven scenario would launch, at the earliest, at the end of September. Well, that date has passed, but I finally have a fully formed plan that I am ready to share with you!

Community-driven expedition

So, first of all, I saw a lot of requests to slow down the output of the scenarios, especially if it crosses over into the holidays, and that made a lot of sense. So for this next expedition, we will releasing a new scenario every two weeks instead of one. Which means we will get a road event on the off weeks. Or, who knows? If there's a lot of story to tell, we might get multiple road events in between scenarios.

As for the launch date, I've been coordinating with the good folks over at BGG to have the first scenario of the expedition go live at BGG Con next month. So the scenario will be available Wednesday, Nov. 14, and then Thursday night, I will be playing it on a live stream at the con with Jeff Anderson and Scott Alden from BGG, and Tim Shafer (!!!), creator of some of my favorite video games like Monkey Island and Psychonauts.

It's gonna be pretty great, so stay tuned for that! I'll send out an update that Wednesday with the first scenario and info on the live stream.

Forgotten Circles

The other big news is that the pre-order for the first Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles, is now live! We're not running a Kickstarter for it, but it is ready to go to print, and I figured a pre-order would be a good way to gauge demand on how many to make.

You can follow the link to see the details, but I just want to say that Forgotten Circles is something special. The content Marcel Cwertetschka created for the game is top-notch, and we've implemented a new format for the scenario book (which you saw a little bit of in the previous community-driven expedition) that really pushes the game to new heights. I know Gloomhaven's not hurting for content, but if you're looking for more, this expansion is where it is at.

With all the awesome news out of the way, I will now take my leave. I hope you are all continuing to enjoy Gloomhaven and all the mysteries it has to uncover!

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    1. Audeamus on

      The CrowdOx site does not specify what currency I am paying in.

      I need to know if I am begin charged my local currency (CAD) or (USD) since the price difference is significant.

      I have taken the order all the way up to the PAY button and no where does it indicate the currency type. A pretty big oversight.

      Can anyone confirm who has ordered in Canada if you were charged CAD or USD?


    2. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      Has Broken Token and/or Daedalus gotten specs yet? Would be nice to get (pre order) matching Organizers for those some of us have already purchased... (As well as removable stickers if they are going to be needed!!!)

    3. chang on

      @kaeroku: per isaac in comments below:

      "The pre-order will be open until the end of the year. Delivery expected in February."

    4. Brendan Riley on

      The CrowdOx site asks where we heard about this, but the KS page is not a choice.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      No info at the link or here about the release date for Forgotten Circles. Is it just "whenever" at this point?

    6. Jacob Climer on

      @isaac, can I order two copies? One is a gift. :)

    7. barry morgan on

      clearly the UK will remain in the UK as opposed to not being in the EU.

    8. Michael Boucher

      Road event? Also is there a place where I can find scenarios?

      I already preordered that Gloomhaven expansion from... either Cool Stuff Inc or Miniature Market. Hope that's fine.

    9. barry morgan on

      is there going to be a hub in UK - just thinking about brexit and UK potentially not being in the UK. if it is delivered in Feb I don't think it matters, but this being KS/preorder a delay is not improbable?

    10. Pete Thane on

      If you click on the link it confirms;
      "There will be no customs charges on orders shipped to the US, EU, Canada, Australia, and China."

    11. Manuel Sapage on

      Will it be EU friendly?

    12. Adrian S on

      @Oregon Pinkrose: The new scenarios plays out after the base game campaign as far as I understand. I don't know if you're "allowed" to unlock the new class before then, but once unlocked (or if it comes unlocked), I would assume you can create a new character of that class at any time, just like with any other class (any other class I've seen that is, I have only unlocked three or four so far).

    13. Adrian S on

      @Jonas Vanschooren: Yes! There will be a standee for the Diviner 👍

    14. Oregon Pinkrose on

      +1 to this question.
      Also, can the new class and items be played/mixed with the base game by any chance?

      Does this go after you finish the campaign, or anywhere in between?
      Is the character able to be chosen at any time?

    15. Bonkom


    16. Missing avatar

      José Luís Alves on

      @Isaac when exactly are you planning to start the printing and shipping for the expansion?
      I ask as if it happens to be in around a full year, more likely than not, I will not be living in the same place.

      Also, can the new class and items be played/mixed with the base game by any chance?

      Either way thank you for the awesome job you've done with the game!

    17. Jonas Vanschooren

      Will the expansion contain standees for the hero?

    18. George


    19. David W. Bauer

      Just want to confirm that there is no difference between any of the versions being sold, whether through the preorder here or any of the other places like Amazon, MM, Coolstuff, etc. A couple months wait time is no big deal.

    20. BoardGameGuy on

      I preordered through Amazon back in August. But you say it is now ready for pre order. What is the difference? The Amazon item says it is Cephalofair Games sold by amazon

    21. Emil Juul Jacobsen on

      Will EU preorders be shipped from within the EU? The fees of handling in DK are beyond insane.

    22. Steve Tyson on

      Great News. You may want to add Kickstarter to the How did you hear about it question. I picked one at random as none applied.

    23. chang on

      @corey i think the only difference would be uf you want it feb vs late april (dunno about mm, but amazon expected delivery if late april)

      also waiting official reply from isaac

    24. Adam Hart

      Ordered! Shame it wasn’t on KS

    25. Luke Coughlan on

      Been trying since May to get my missing figurine from Gloomhaven sent out to me. Contacted you multiple times through the webpage. Continue to be ignored, so no chance I'm backing another project by you. What guarantees do I have I'll even get what I've ordered?

    26. Gabriele Berzoni

      It’s not possible to set up Essen Spiel pick up?

    27. Steve Bagnall

      It won’t allow me to pre-order. Says
      Error: An open order already exists for this email. Please check your email to retrieve the link to complete this order.
      How, when the pre-order has only just opened?

    28. Danny Shafer

      Ordered !

    29. Nakano

      Sounds good. I’m still very dissapointed that you never got official digital upgrade set for all the cards done for us 1st campaign supporters. Even then, I’m not letting the sour taste to prevent me from playing Gloomhaven today. We’re as ”far” as in scenario 2.

    30. Corey Mayo on

      "I figured a pre-order would be a good way to gauge demand on how many to make."

      If that is how you are keeping track, add +1 to your stats. I pre-ordered from Miniature Market back in June.

      I have confidence that it is unnecessary to cancel my order there and reorder, but correct me if I'm wrong, please.

    31. Corey Mayo on

      I am here to also compliment the work Marcel did on Gloomhaven, especially since he created the Seeker of Xorn conclusion. It's the single most memorable story moment of my campaign.

      NOTE: BTW, Marcel wanted something to happen in the end that turned out to be against the rules. I followed his original intend and expounded on it and it lead naturally to some wonderful story moments down the line, as well as a more connected feeling for my party, despite the ever-shifting makeup of the group. Go hunt that post down if you are curious (or geekmail me at cmmayo and I'll save you the trouble). Safe to say, I am confident this expansion will be wonderful!

    32. Kirk Grentzenberg


    33. chang on

      amazon says delivery end april.. so yup need to figured out how to cancel that and order on this link for Feb delivery :)

      @issac if you can answer the second question below would appreciated. thx!

    34. chang on

      yes!! is official!

      question: i preordered in amazon a while back. should i cancel that and preorder here?

      also scenario here is a second campaign or ment to be mixed with core game campaign?

      so hyped!!!

    35. Dylan Baldanza

      You are the giving tree of gaming Isaac. I am definitely looking forward to this. Keeo up the exquisite work!

    36. Cynthia Snead

      This sounds great. Ordered!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ronald Cruz on

      I have a friend who has already played through the base game main campaign. Are the new scenarios interweaved into the base campaign, or do they take place afterward? And are they for Level 1 characters, or do they presume the base campaign is finished (i.e., a higher level town)?

    38. Evil Midnight Lurker

      I'm not preordering this immediately only because I can't currently spare even that totally reasonable price. :( But in two to four weeks it should be back in my budget!

    39. Missing avatar

      John Buczek

      Will Forgotten Circles have a standee for the new class? The depth of the box makes it look like it will contain a miniature. But our group prefers the already colored standees for the players. So I'm really hoping it has one included. Thanks.

    40. Damon Steff on

      Is the new community event going to be 10 scenarios long again? If so, FIVE MONTHS!


      Boom 30 BUCKS gone

    42. Tyler on

      Ha my bad finished it , thanks Isaac

    43. Tyler on

      DO you have an estimate for Canadian shipping on the pre order?

    44. Josh Outlaw on

      I guess the November 30th Date from a retailer is no longer accurate? :(

    45. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      The pre-order will be open until the end of the year. Delivery expected in February.

    46. Simon Cooper on

      Thankyou Issac... With the preorder form, for the expansion, I can not select Kickstarter as the source of my knowledge of the preorder. I chose the word of mouth option, as nearest to the truth.

    47. yardswimmer

      How long is the preorder open for?