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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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Player Mats and Community-Driven Expeditions

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Greetings residents of Gloomhaven!

I hope everything is going well with you! It has certainly been a while since we wrapped up the last community-driven expedition, so I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the next one, since my last estimate on when it would begin would be "after Gen Con," and it is indeed after Gen Con.

I must admit, though, that the other main reason I am contacting you is to tell you about Quiver Gaming Gear's Kickstarter for officially licensed Gloomhaven Player Mats. So I'll talk more about those below, but first let's talk about that expedition.

The New Expedition

So first of all, it's not starting now or anything. I don't have a new scenario for you. I am currently fully submerged by the Forgotten Circles expansion, which we are trying to get out the door to the printer, and so don't have time in my schedule to make exciting new scenarios every week. Within the next month, though, that should change.

So I am interested to hear from all of you. Like the last one, it will be a 10-scenario thing, with one releasing every week, so the expedition will last a good two and a half months. With that in mind, when would you like to see it begin? When between the end of September and some time early next year would be a good time for you to participate in it?

Because that's really what I want to focus on. Participation makes everything better. Let me know in the comments, and I'll figure out something from there.

Player Mats

And then circling back around to the player mats. There are less than 24 hours left in the campaign, so go check them out if you are interested. I can tell you that I am very happy with how these have turned out. The quality is great and they really don't take too much extra room on the table. They're obviously not necessary for play, but I do think the mats add enough to the game play experience to justify their existence.

That may not sound like high praise, but it is. I get approached by a lot of people wanting to license various things for Gloomhaven, and, as you may be aware, there is not a lot of officially licensed Gloomhaven stuff, because, for me, there's not a lot that adds enough to the experience to cross that threshold. The last thing I want to do is nickle and dime you on tons of unnecessary add-ons.

But these mats, for me, go above that bar. In fact, after seeing the design Krzysztof Bieniawski made on his own, I reached out to Quiver Gaming Gear about doing it, not the other way around. They were excited to do it, of course, and, in the end, since this simple post has gone on long enough, they ran with it. It is their thing now and if you have any questions or concerns about it, direct it their way, because I can't really speak to the specifics.

All right, so, looking forward to your input on the new expedition, and you'll hear from me again when there is a concrete plan!

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    1. Michael Boucher

      I appreciate you not going for every idea out there. That way when you do officially license something I know its because you sincerely believe it do add to the Gloomhaven experience.

      As for scenarios I haven't really went that far into Gloomhaven so I have a lot to catch up on! So it doesn't really matter to me right now re new scenarios.

    2. RobGThai on

      An I the only one that Player Mat link doesn't work? It keeps bringing me back to this campaign. Maybe it's the app.

    3. C3

      Where are those updated PDFs that have been promised for months?