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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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Capital Intrigue Part 2

Posted by Isaac Childres (Creator)

Well, hello residents of Gloomhaven!

Are you ready for another dose of capital intrigue? First of all, I hope you are aware that the first city event was released on Monday and you can find it here. I didn't write an update about it because I just don't want to bother you all two times a week with updates, but every Monday you will be able to find the next city event on BGG. And if you don't want to look for it, just subscribe to this geeklist, which is adding each part of the expedition as it happens.

To sum up, though, you have gone to the bazaar to spend your winnings, and have been sucked into buying an intriguing dagger.

Option A was chosen
Option A was chosen

Which now takes us to scenario 2: Jailbreak.

Here is a normal version and a printer-friendly version.

You may notice that there is no decision at the end of the scenario. Instead, the decision is within the scenario. Depending on how you complete it, head on over to the latest vote thread and chime in on what you did.

I will admit this is a fairly rules-heavy scenario, so let me know if you are totally confused about something. Enjoy!

Nothing About Gloomhaven Down Here

Also, if I may, I'd like to just briefly mention some board game media creators who could use a bit of funding.

As I write this, No Pun Included is, like, dollars (or Euros, whatever) away from funding their second year. Efka and Elaine make brilliantly funny videos, and I'm not sure what I would do without them.

In addition, the Secret Cabal just launched their second Kickstarter. Jamie and the gang are a great group of people, and they provide countless hours of podcast entertainment to the board game and RPG communities.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Gaming Rules! Patreon page. Paul works harder than anyone I know in the industry and makes the best rules videos in addition to lots of other content.

If you are a fan of any of these creators, I encourage you to support them, as they are all making our hobby more awesome!

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    1. David J. Borton on

      Since I unfortunately can't get my group to play this every week for this campaign, is there anyone videoing their play-through? I remember last time a few people were doing it, and I really enjoyed watching them as the campaign went along.

    2. Missing avatar

      arcaril on

      i do not understand how the "stealth" rule works... about one point in particular : Moving.
      when i move, it decrease my stealth value ? guards make damage to the stealth value ?
      when a guard is alerted, the other ones stay unalerted ? they don't shout at each others ?
      with a very strong stealth value, can I go to the chest in the guard room and leave undetected ? or the rules won't allow that, because of decreasing stealth for moving ?
      Thanks !
      (the sentence about stealth ad moving is very hard to understand for me... a french player)

    3. Amy Bruhl

      I assume the wall cannot be poisoned, correct?

    4. Rico S Mario Melchert on

      Awesome scenario. Just played through it.
      But wasn’t this a whole lot easier then first scenario?
      Good luck to every player out there. And big thanks to Isaac for another great design.

    5. Missing avatar


      Please use KS-updates for every new part! At least this is a result of the KS. It would only be fair to remind us all of the progress. =)

    6. Isaac Childres 4-time creator on

      1. No.
      2. No, they will not come up.
      3. Mudd is applied to all their attacks (they give you muddle, they do not have muddle).
      4. This is correct, though there are still some options for the class you mention.
      5. No, I forgot to mention this in the rules, but summons do not focus on unalerted guards.

      Kirke, in general, yes, you are advised to not read ahead of the section you are currently in.

    7. Ferg on

      I am disappointed that I did not get to vote on the city event. I had been checking back here everyday and got no update. My understanding is that we would get updated here. Not cool. I am subscribing to the geek list, but it seems like that should have been inserted in the update that included the first scenario. Please keep that in mind in the future. No worries, though Still love ya, Isaac. Enjoyed the first scenario and looking forward to this one.

    8. Kirke Lawton

      In general, are we “supposed” to not read ahead in the rules until we actually get to the next step (e.g., someone climbs the rope), or is the expectation that we read everything first (as is specifically suggested for the solo missions)? Personally, with my group, I read ahead so I “get” what’s coming and can set up the map quickly when the time comes but keep the upcoming details secret from the other players. Is that typical?

    9. Kikurasis on

      After reading the rules for the second scenario, I have a few questions:

      1] Can multiple characters stand on 'b' at the same time?

      2] Can the Harrowers come up 'b'? If you pass by them and just climb up, will they follow?

      3] Does the Muddle on the City Guards stay until they perform a turn alerted or is it permanently there? For example, if someone comes out of the hole at '1' and the closest City Guard is alerted, it would move normally and lose the Muddle (like normal). Would the rest of the Guards still keep it while they patrolled and lose it at the end of the turn they are alerted?

      4] Summons in the first room won't have a focus, so won't climb the rope, correct? Are they permanently stuck in the jail cell? (i.e.: Is Two-Faced class screwed?)

      5] Are summons going to focus on the unalerted Guards? Or, would they not have any focus until they become enemies?

      Thanks in advance.

    10. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      Pounds (£), they miss roughly 70 pounds (£). :)

    11. Dave Bennett

      Other than the great rules videos Paul does, he also runs a monthly competition for Patreon subscribers. I’ve just won a copy of Founders of Gloomhaven. Thanks for donating it Issac!

    12. Adrian S on

      I had totally missed the opportunity to vote on the City Event. Happy to see the vote went the way I would have voted anyway. Thanks for linking the geeklist, I'm now subscribed.

      Also, I join in the call to help fund No Pun Included! They are massively funny and always have very interesting thoughts on the games they review. And you can get a Gloomhaven scenario from them!