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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jerry T less than a minute ago

      Aftet trying every combination, if you use the Happyshops shipment no. as the UKmail customer reference and supply your postcode, you can track on line.

      My mistake was to use this or the DHL shipping no. and selecting consignment no.

      Hope this helps others.

    2. John Keeley 31 minutes ago

      MA, USA just arrived, box looks good. Have not looked to see if everything is there yet though. Should the extra standees be in the box or will they come seperate?

    3. Todd Wagner about 1 hour ago

      My copy showed up in Maryland today. It’s in great shape with an intact box and punchboards look good. No shipping notice received prior to delivery.

    4. Geekly about 1 hour ago

      I live in the US and still haven't received any communications from FunAgain regarding this kickstarter and shipping. What should I do?

    5. Missing avatar

      Taran Wanderer about 2 hours ago

      Got mine here in California yesterday. My notification/tracking email was sent yesterday as well. Looks like it arrived in good shape!

    6. Allan McMillan about 2 hours ago

      @Roy so far mine on DHL just says: The shipment has arrived in the destination country

    7. Russonc
      about 2 hours ago

      Got mine, also in NC today, in apparent great shape (haven't punched everything but a quick look through looks good).

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan ODonnell
      about 3 hours ago

      Got mine in NC today. The lid and box came apart at a corner and it has some crumple damage like it was dropped or crushed.

    9. Craig Lindley about 3 hours ago

      Yawn... UK here, *again*. No email from Happyshops, no nothing. I'm getting a bit tired of all this now.

    10. Jon about 3 hours ago

      ... oh, if it does actually turn up tomorrow it'll be a three day turnaround. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy about 3 hours ago

      Box has landed in the uk. Just waiting for it to be despatched locally now.

    12. Jon about 3 hours ago

      @Roy Martin UK backer here and mine has just updated as well. :) The UKMail link only starts working once the DHL tracking updates to the UK (it took a day and a half from Koln for me). They give you a second tracking number ("International shipment number") for use with UKMail.

      Mine is also being delivered tomorrow apparently, I first received tracking at 18:14 on Tuesday, so a three day turnaround (once it eventually left Happyshops). Not too shabby.

    13. Missing avatar

      Roy Martin about 4 hours ago

      @Alan is yours showing on ukmail tracker? The DHL tracker said mine was being shipped to UK yesterday, but nothing in ukmail tracker.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Fresolone about 4 hours ago

      US - New Jersey - while definitely later than expected, my base game + solos were delivered at my doorstep today. It was pretty smooth tracking as well - label was created on 12/4 and followed updates as the days went by. I'll check the contents when I get home from work, but hoping everything is there and in good shape. I feel like the east coast was probably the last part of the US to get shipments, so if you haven't received anything, you may want to follow up.

    15. Missing avatar

      Iordan Bogdanov about 4 hours ago

      Tracking number just received today at 18:46 for a pledge reward, confirmed after Oct. 5th.
      P.S. In Bulgaria.

    16. Allan McMillan about 4 hours ago

      @Paul mine was going back and forward but it’s now showing as in the UK! The end is in sight!!

    17. Missing avatar

      John G. about 5 hours ago

      Just received mine in MD, USA. Got tracking from UPS last week.

      The packaging looks good but when I opened the game, the right side of the box had separated from the rest of it from the weight of the game. Time to get the duct tape...

    18. Missing avatar

      Colin Wright about 5 hours ago

      @Paul Kelly - I've seen a couple of people post comments the same. Had to double check mine just to make sure mine wasn't doing the same. Did you get the tracking number easier this week? You'd think that everyones copy would be on the same truck.

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Kelly about 5 hours ago

      @Colin Wright - fingers crossed for your delivery, mine appears to be doing a Chuckle Brothers impersonation in Germany on the DHL website, same 2 destinations and processes have repeated 3 times, I am sure it will reach escape velocity eventually!

    20. Missing avatar

      David W about 5 hours ago

      @chocolate eclair - You are right... the surge in SEA comments has only been more recent, so the past week probably isn't a good representation of the visibility (or lack thereof) those backers' concerns have had since fulfillment began. Having responded to a couple rules questions myself, I just hated to see that handful of folks take the blame for what really has been some unfortunate communication issues from the fulfillment centers to KS creator to the backers of this project. After all, there have been plenty of random topics posted about which have steadily pushed SEA concerns down past that wonderful "Show Older Comments" button (don't forget Alanis Morissette!) Hopefully Isaac's most recent SEA update about Boarders planning to get everything in people's hands by Christmas proves to be accurate. #YouOughtaKnow

    21. Greifwin about 6 hours ago

      Recieved tracking info an hour ago for Bonn, Germany. :)
      Nice post scriptum btw.: "PS: Please recommend our shipping service to other publishers, too! ;)" LOL

    22. chris about 6 hours ago

      @François Thibault
      your not the only one who's getting hacked off with this HS bull.
      Quite frankly this is getting well beyond a joke, Price sent me a tracking number 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't moved, not so sure it's a real one anymore

    23. Missing avatar

      Colin Wright about 6 hours ago

      UK - my tracking has been updated on UKMail and delivery due tomorrow. Just hope they turn up when the wife is in!

    24. Missing avatar

      chocolate eclair
      about 6 hours ago

      @David W : it IS only very recently that SE Asia backers have been more vocal about the almost complete lack of information. Previously it has been the lone voice here and there.

      The last update #44 reached a new low by lumping SE Asia with Aus/NZ and stating that packages are going out daily, which clearly was not the case for SE Asia.

    25. Missing avatar

      François Thibault about 6 hours ago

      No news from SadShops today? I don't know if the last update was a lie, but at least it wasn't the truth... If I can't have my game to christmas, keep it (eat it, burn it, I don't care). Six weeks of repeated lies are too much for me, sorry but I'm giving up! #the400jerks

    26. Scott Kieffer Johnson about 7 hours ago

      Anybody else in the US not receive a shipping notice for the game? I also received a notice the solo scenario shipped in the 1st but it just says accepted when I put in the tracking number. No one will email me back.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Runager about 7 hours ago

      Just received mine late last night. A coupor of days later than scheduled but I'm not complaining

    28. LocksmithArmy
      about 8 hours ago

      Im in the US and still waiting. No shipping notification or tracking info. MyChoice says nothing... sadness overwealms my heart :'(

    29. Missing avatar

      about 8 hours ago


      Should have..
      Have a tracking for some Kd stuff with the same problem... No update since 12/07 at all.
      Let's hope it is only a glitch due to the amount of parcels this time of the year

    30. Missing avatar

      David W about 8 hours ago

      @chocolate eclair - There have been 50+ posts here over the past week regarding the status of SEA shipping & lack of updates/info for that region. Are you really saying those have been "drowned out" by the 6 or 7 posts involving gameplay and rules in that time? There have been as many posts this past week debating whether Louis-Andre Pelletier received his copy in Seattle vs SE Asia as well as a roll call of the 400 which made it up to 26. With that said, I'm a US backer whose game only just arrived yesterday, so I can certainly sympathize with SEA & #400 backers who haven't received theirs yet. Hope you all get yours soon!

    31. Jin Kim about 8 hours ago

      I received a tracking number with the latest status being order processed on 11/27 and no updates to the tracking since then. I’m in the US. What’s going on? If Funagain has sent all the base games out shouldn’t it have updated?

    32. Adam Szymura
      about 9 hours ago

      @ Isaac
      I am in Japan and have received no shipping information. Should I worry?

    33. Ben Shaw about 9 hours ago

      @Brett - yeah I have seen some of the designs for those. They look really neat. I really admire the people that can work all that stuff out - dimensions etc. so that every component has its own dedicated place and it all fits in the box so nicely. I wish I was confident enough in my skills to attempt one, but even with plans, I dont think I would know where to start. You will have to let us all know how it works out for you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Brett Thorn about 10 hours ago

      @Ben Shaw I've used the extra weeks waiting for the thing to arrive (I'm one of #the400) to make a foam core insert, using some plans from BGG .

      Now I just hope it all fits...

    35. Missing avatar

      kendobc about 10 hours ago

      @Isaac @Price I think you owe SEA another update (tomorrow, Friday our time). Many people will be away for holidays and not able to get their delivery. Even if that wasn't the case...come on, our updates have been quite lackluster overall. We need numbers and dates and lengths of time. See my previous comment further down for an example of an update that we need. I hopefully expect an update tomorrow.

    36. Ben Shaw about 11 hours ago

      What are you fellow UK backers doing storage wise with Gloomhaven? I have never owned inserts, or particularly felt the need to get any, but Gloomhaven was a different beast. Once everything was punched and I tried to organize stuff into baggies and then locate what I needed for my first game, I was stuggling.

      In the end I saw an older thread on BGG from someone who had found some small craft boxes in Home Bargains for super cheap and they still sell them, so I picked some up. They were about £1.30 for a pack of 4 so I got a few packs. He had gone with a mix of these small boxes and one bigger craft box (also from Home Bargains sold separately for around £3). I didn't get the bigger box so ended up using 9 smaller boxes (I think). They fit very nicely around the Character tuck boxes, it is like they are made to size. I retained one piece of the packing foam so that the bottoms of the boxes didnt cut into the cards underneath. Most of the monster standees fit just fine inside the compartments, some of the slightly wider standees I had to put in in 2s and slanted (I think his bigger box would have fit them flat).

      Some stuff still has to go in baggies - bigger monster standees and the larger terrain. But overall I was pretty pleased with this quick and cheap solution. I would link the post (he had pictures) but I can't get on BGG on this works PC.

    37. Missing avatar

      Israel about 11 hours ago

      UK. Still no email yet....

    38. Missing avatar

      about 11 hours ago

      no mail no delivery again... Happyshops phone is out of order...
      @Price: you should be firm with them. They don't fullfill their duties. In my case it would have been their duty to clarify why my package returned to them for example. But they are not doing anything. They totally screwed up

    39. Allan McMillan about 11 hours ago

      @David mine is doing the same.
      Tue: Radefeld
      Wed am: Osterweddingen
      Wed pm: Köln
      Wed again: Osterweddingen
      Thur: Köln

      I think ours are taking the scenic route.

    40. Ben Shaw about 11 hours ago

      @David - not sure why yours is playing ping pong like that! When mine dispatched last month it did the following:
      Fri - Radefeld
      Sat - Hagen
      Later on Sat - Koln
      Mon - UK
      Tues - Delivered

    41. Missing avatar

      David Miskell about 12 hours ago

      Received dhl shipping notification to uk, yay. Tuesday:osterweddingen Wednesday am Koln, cool 400 miles closer, Wendnesday pm: osterweddingen boo, Thursday am: Koln, where next I wonder?

    42. Stephen Ball about 12 hours ago

      Jerry you didn’t say in your previous post that the German tracking said it has been despatched to the U.K., you just said the tracking code didn’t work on UKMail or DHL, hence me amusing it had just despatched and you were using the wrong DHL site :p

    43. Jon about 12 hours ago

      @Jerry Completely agree! ;)

    44. Missing avatar

      Jerry T about 12 hours ago

      IMO I dont think they mislaid but had a job that paid better and was time sensitive. They need tight processes to ensure no wasted handling etc. Health and Safety , anti theft....

      If not yhey would have folded long ago instead they are growing but probably over extending themselves.

      First qn I will ask on KS is fulfillment and shipping because this lunacy isnt worth it. Especially as someone in local games cafe picked one up at Essen, yet we funded upfront and he just bought it over the counter.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jerry T about 12 hours ago

      @Stephen it was 24 hours ago it reached despatch to uk, Germany isnt that far away by truck unless thry use a pallet truck. I just don't believe anything from Happyshops, the point of tracking is so we can plan and let them know alternatives etc. Eithout that many drivers tend to dump packages anywhere.

    46. Satyajeet Sarang about 12 hours ago

      They should not have been “the chosen one” ;-) ;-)

    47. Ben Shaw about 12 hours ago

      @Andrew - sheesh that is a mountain of games to be sure! How do you misplace something of that size! Mind you, the company seemed to think nothing of all the excess dials they must have had knocking around, so probably didnt quibble the excess games either. :/

    48. Satyajeet Sarang about 12 hours ago

      HS warehouse must be the Matrix... you need to take the red pill to see how deep the corners of the warehouse go. I think the HS team took the blue pill while processing this shipment!! ;-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Jerry T about 12 hours ago

      @Jon well ukmail is part of DHL so if they can't communicate with them, that is a sad relevtipn pn the state of that industry and their customer service.

    50. Stephen Ball about 12 hours ago

      Must be a massive warehouse, with some very dark corners ;)

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