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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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    1. JF Dicaire
      less than a minute ago

      I never got my replacement stuff yet. Is this normal?

    2. Francesco 5 days ago

      Ok, maybe about one month ago (not months ago), but thank you anyway. :)

    3. Francesco 5 days ago

      @Price Johnson @Isaac Childres: I am popping up just to thank you for your support during the replacement process (which has been solved months ago).

      The dials indicators are a bit loose but I have really appreciated the effort you put in compensating the mistakes done by Happyshops.

      I am looking forward to try the expansion (although we are still lagging behind in the original campaign ...).

      Thanks again. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane
      7 days ago

      July 11, 2018 3:18 PM. My replacement parts finally arrived so now I can play the game!

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      I appreciate the update, Price! I am hoping to give the game a try in the near future once those arrive!

    6. Price Johnson Collaborator on

      @Justin Lane - Apologies if your inquiries aren't getting to us somehow, I manage and reply to each piece of coorspondence we receive.

      I've just confirmed that Quartermaster (our new US distributor) is in possession of your order. Things are ramping up on their ability to start resuming our replacement shipping so I'd expect to see it move within the next week or two.

      @L.B. please send me an email at and I'll be happy to confirm that your order is in queue with our others, otherwise I'll be happy to rectify at once.

    7. Missing avatar

      L. B. on

      Was sent a damaged/miscut map board. Due to the known backlog of replacement parts and fulfillment timelines, I didn't put in a replacement request until April, after I was seeing that replacement parts were getting handled. I got a standard form acknowledging the request. Still lacking the replacement and very disappointed with how the company has handled replacements and communication of delays.

    8. Lochie FrostedBook on

      That is disappointing

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      I have messaged them, emailed them, called them, posted here, posted in BGG. Everything I can think of. Still nothing.

    10. Lochie FrostedBook on

      Have you messaged them or just commented on here? I would suggest you try again as I'm sure he will try and and fix it. I understand that you may be frustrated but maybe he isn't even aware of your problem

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      I wonder if it's too late to ask for a refund. So far, Cephalofair has not made good on their promise of delivery to me, despite tens of thousands who actually got theirs in playable condition.

    12. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      @Akira shouldn't be anything. Solo was an add on and can be printed anyway.

      I do wonder where Isaac went. Hope all is well. It's very unlike him.

    13. MikeR on

      @ Isaac -
      You've gone silent. Hope all is well.
      Where are the last two scenarios ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      Still no replacement parts being sent out?

    15. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Add on not odd on, lol.

    16. Demithyle the Exalted on

      The retail wouldn't have solo scenarios possibly (if I recall they were an odd on)? Can't think of anything else.

    17. Akira on

      does anybody know if there is a difference between "Gloomhaven Retail Version" SKU CPH0201 just received from coolstuffinc and the kickstarter second printing version? thanks!

    18. Nakano

      @David Those are available on BoardGameGeek and probably on Isaac's site.

    19. David W. Bauer

      Still waiting for the last 2 scenarios.

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      Got my game back in November. It is now June with no replacement parts and I still cannot play the game. Thinking my copy is just going to get sold as soon as the replacement arrives. Any desire I ever had to play this game is long gone.

    21. CtrlAltDelicious

      So... another week without response has passed...

      One week... that doesn't seem much, when waiting for more than 2 months on my reply...
      It seems even less when compared to how long I am waiting to finally start playing it...

      Doesn't it? :-\

    22. Akira on

      coolstuffinc was taking pre-orders on gloomhaven a few months back and i got in on that... any idea when they're going to be supplied with games?

    23. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Yikes this game is hard. Played scenario 1 on normal with 3 players and we got our backsides handed readily to us by the time we got to our third room. Granted we didn't get much of a grasp of the rest mechanic and used our 'lose' cards way too early but damn... For a scenario that's supposed to introduce you to the game, it didn't freaking hold back!

    24. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Same here google form but nothing else.
      Wouldn’t mind but my broken token insert arrived today

    25. CtrlAltDelicious

      I received a mail from Google Forms, from (Isaac) and from (Price) that my replacement request was received and will be handled.
      The Google Form was the last one that I received on... April 1st.
      Nothing more/else since then. 2 months now. Need I worry?
      Mailed the above again today.
      My hunger for playing Gloomhaven is turning into starvation...

    26. Francesco on

      Hello, has everybody received the replacement ?

      @Isaac Chidres: hello Isaac, could you or Price please follow up with Happyshops? I have just sent you an email on the 25/5/18.

      Basically I have received the requested scenarios book but neither the dials nor the punchboard 6 which were in my original order.

      Thanks in advance for your feedback and availability.

    27. Draki McGrother

      I can expect a new update soon, but I'm kinda intrigued about the small expansion gloomhaven forgotten circles. The timings, the ways it could be adquired it (only shops, preorders by mail,...), and so on.

      Also... I would love lo hear a small spoiler about that other misterious huge expansion that you are working on :)

    28. Mindi on

      @Thomas thank you, found it^^ Was indeed looking for a way to subscribe again on my smartphone, and I was quite sure it must be somewhere lol

    29. Thomas Aigner on

      @Mandy, in your profile settings on the notifications tab, below the newsletters & co there are the „account notifications“ for each project (browser version, doesn’t show up in the mobile apps)

    30. Mindi on

      i just realized that i haven't recieved any updates from this campaign via email ... where do i need to klick to subscribe again so i can see when next community-campaign update is here?

    31. Nakano

      @Sven I'm still uncertain whether Isaac release full cards (which I originally had hoped - and I assume they would have easily been released by now if was going to happen = all class cards to a correct scale into a pdf format). These are what we got so far:

    32. Sven Van Roeyen on

      Hi Isaac, when can we expect the pdf with the updated cards for 1st edition owners ?

    33. Monsieur Freakytown on

      Hi! My game appears to be missing parts:

      Does anyone know what these are supposed to be, and how to acquire replacements?


    34. Demithyle the Exalted on

      @Robert - your game going missing in delivery isn't Isaac's fault - he doesn't control the couriers. If the tracking says it was delivered, but you didn't get it, you should have contacted both Issac (to file a claim) and the courier to complain

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      I can't understand why I haven't received this game. I have purchased games for years and never had an issue. For some reason this game as been on an extreme delay to received. When I get news the day of that it was delivered it's no where to be found. I live in a great neighborhood. With family always home. And nothing. Worse experience ever. I spend close to 209$-300 on games from CSI, Boardgamebliss, MM, funagain, Amazon and never had any issues. Something is fishy here

    36. Missing avatar

      Pieter De Mol on

      So, where do i file for a little error in the box? i've gotten 2 flame elemental icons and no 'leaf'. Minor issues, but has caused some severe confusion during battles.

    37. Josh (no not that Josh)

      @James The miniatures that come with the pledge are inside of the box in individual boxes. You could order a separate set on the side of this but it should have been delivered with the pledge as well.

      Did you open your game?

    38. James Van Doren

      I'm wondering if anyone else didn't get the 18 miniatures that were supposed to be a part f the game and main pledge? I received gloomhaven a few months ago, but never got the miniatures. I thought I read somewhere they were sent out separately?

    39. Missing avatar

      Justin Lane

      6 months after I received my base game and I STILL don't have replacement parts for the damaged items. At this point, I am so tired of waiting and have no desire left to play this game. It's been such a terribly run campaign on all levels and ended up being the biggest letdown I've had on Kickstarter.

    40. Tommy Carrasco

      Printer friendly version?

    41. Mark on

      No misprint - they aren’t required so were removed from the second print I think, but the punch board still has the unprinted cut outs.

    42. Missing avatar

      Curtis McAndrew on

      ...Huh. Interesting. I -completely forgot- to put in a submission for a replacement part for my copy of Gloomhaven. Finally remembered to do it today, so I went to Google Docs, started filling it out.

      However, on Page 2, the printing error I have is on 08 - Front...which looks -exactly- like the example image I'm supposed to select: where those ?cat people? tokens are (dual-wielding the short blades), there are three white blank figure punchouts, and one white/black punchout.

      Is...that how it's supposed to look, somehow? Do I actually not have a misprint?

    43. Ben Coleman on

      Finally got my stuff. But it's wrong...

      They've sent me two copies of board 1, but no board 10, and randomly chucked in a character envelope which I didn't ask for.

      I wonder if I will need to wait another 5 months for replacements for my replacements

      Absolutely sick of this

    44. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      Is there a way to check, if I am on the list of the replacement parts ?

    45. Martok on

      After 5 long months I have finally received the replacement boards I requested. All seems fine with these. Such a shame the wait had to be so long and that I've had to wait all of this time before I can play Gloomhaven.

    46. Missing avatar

      Furo on

      Quick update: Just got an E-Mail from Price, they are working on getting me the right replacement parts! Thanks a lot!

    47. Francesco on

      @Isaac Chidres: hello Isaac, I hope you could help me to solve my replacement issue.

      Happyshops proposed me the wrong replacement components. I have immediately delayed the order and contacted Price Johnson at (putting also Happyshops in CC) asking to help me to correct the order. I sent the original google form attached with the correct order as reference too. That's because also Happyshops requires us to contact Cephalofair for any issue regarding the order.

      That was on the 6/4/18 and nobody from Cephalofair has replied to me since then.

      Now Happyshops has "happily" ignored my request of modifications and they have shipped me the wrong components.

      What am I supposed to do in order to get the right components ?

      From BGG it seems I am not the only one having issues with Happyshops.

      I wish to thank you in advance for your feeeback.

    48. Enrico on

      Me too replacement for Germany.

    49. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      I finally got my replacement parts in Denmark, I haven't unpunched yet, but everything seems to be in order, I got what I needed at least :)

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