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Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
Get the improved version of Gloomhaven, a cooperative card-driven game of combat in an expansive campaign. 1-4 players, 30 min/player.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael about 3 hours ago

      I have still not received the base game let alone the addons and have not received one single reply from my multiple emails and comments. WHERE IS EVERYTHING I PAID FOR ALMOST A YEAR AGO

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle 1 day ago

      Is the plan to start the extra scenarios next Wednesday? I would like to get my group planned out for this. Also what characters can be used for this? If you use a new character do you add in XP and gold collected that you can use back over in the campaign

    3. Martok 1 day ago

      @jalal I didn't get the recent info from Happyshops, I got it from Cephalofair

    4. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Has the solo campaign book shipped yet?

    5. Jalal 2 days ago

      Martok how did you manage to get information from Happyshops? It's like getting blood from a stone

    6. Martok 2 days ago

      I'm still waiting for my replacements too, first requested on 16th November (so I've been unable to play the game for 4 months).

      Supposedly Happyshops ran out of the boards I needed (Really? Shouldn't there have been better co-ordination in the required number of reprints seeing how extensive this has been?) and supposedly there are more of these boards arriving this week. It would be really nice to be able to play the game before 5 months of it sitting there has gone by but I'm not holding my breath...

    7. Jalal 2 days ago

      Still waiting for the replacement parts here in London. Sent the request the 24th December...

    8. Yong Siong Oon
      3 days ago

      Received the replacement parts. Thx CG.

    9. Saud Al-Mutawa
      3 days ago

      @Creator - I never received my stuff. Never even received a tracking number.

    10. Nakano
      5 days ago

      Still waiting update pack (acknowledged in previous update month+ ago that they should be done "soon"). Over 7 months when those were originally estimated to be finished.

    11. Dragonlord420 6 days ago

      still waiting on my replacement parts as well. over 2 months now without even a response to my request. starting to wonder if they even received it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert on March 15

      Same here. Have not received the game

    13. Missing avatar

      Filip Van Opstal on March 14

      Could we please get another update on how the replacement part process is going and with a bit more details perhaps this time?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ludwig on March 14

      Where are my replacement components that I need???

      Nothing here in Canada...

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark on March 13

      I didn't have the solo in the box and have not received anything in the mail. Will be contacting soon if I hear nothing.

    16. Alex Bass on March 13

      @Melhilio It's inside the sealed core game box. I had the same question, but found them when I opened the box.

    17. Missing avatar

      mavo on March 13

      Nothing received in Germany, not even an answer from Cephaloir... Should I start worrying? Why no update?

    18. Raymond Paxton on March 11

      Congratulations on taking the golden awards by storm!

    19. Melhilion
      on March 11

      I ordered the solo scenarios in backer kit. Was it arriving separately, or was it packed in the box?

    20. Missing avatar

      mavo on March 11

      Yes, an update is urgently needed!

    21. Ben Coleman on March 10

      What I think has happened is Happyshop mistakenly emailed everyone with incorrect details. I think based on the cryptic email they sent me, they know about this mistake.

      What would be nice is statement from Happyshop, Celophair or Issac telling us really what is really going on - everything else is guesswork

    22. Missing avatar

      Phoe on March 10

      I would like to add my confusion to the matter of replacement items within the UK. I too received an email from Happyshops telling me they would ship a blank list of items to my address in Germany. I corrected the shipping address using GoogleTranslate and their German language only form, but given the comments below it would appear that entities and email addresses have been mixed up and I will likely be getting someone else's replacement parts which may not be the ones I am missing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on March 9

      Got an email today saying my damaged bird is being replaced. Yippee.

    24. Missing avatar

      on March 9

      I have filled in the replacement on Dec 27 but no news so far.
      I sent email about 2 days ago and no respond yet.

    25. Cruel on March 9

      Got an email from happyshops for replacement parts without a description what parts will be send. They also think I live in austria but I'm located in germany :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert on March 9

      Haven't received game or reply from their support team. Huge waste of money

    27. Ben Coleman on March 9

      I sent an email to happyshops and celophair and got a reply

      "please ignore this mail. We had a technical Problem. We will removing it as soon as possible."

      Don't know how they can remove an email - but sounds like they know they've messed up.

    28. Missing avatar

      Filip Van Opstal on March 9

      @Ti Chase
      Good point, I also updated my adress.

    29. Missing avatar

      Filip Van Opstal on March 9

      I send a mail to (forwarding the happyshops mail). I suggest everyone affected to also e-mail them, so hopefully they notice it in time to sort things straight and this doesn't turn into a a dissaster.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ti Chase on March 9

      We should probably change the addresses. If enough of us do so it will hopefully signal to them that something is very wrong.

    31. Missing avatar

      Filip Van Opstal on March 9

      Same here now, received an e-mail for replacement parts to be shipped to the UK not Belgium.

      Celophair and/or Happyshops should look into this ASAP. Do we need to change the adresses or is it only the e-mail adresses and names that have been mixed up?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ti Chase on March 9

      I also just recieved an email from Happyshops telling me I was being sent 'the following games' with nothing listed.
      As with the others who posted below, the address they had for me was completely wrong.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Wittig on March 9

      @Ben same here.

      Living in Germany got one Mail for France 😀

    34. Ben Coleman on March 9

      Hahaha! This is amazing.

      First we get a misprinted / falling apart game, then wait 3 months for anything to happen, now we get a total admin disaster for the shipping of replacements

    35. BioTech on March 9

      Same for me.

      Happyshops sent me a half-German email stating that they will send "these games" to Finland. No games mentioned. I do not live in Finland.

    36. Ben Coleman on March 9

      @Martok - Same!

      Just had a confusing email from Happyshopp which was half in German
      The address details are totally wrong and for someone else, there was a link to correct the details, but they seem to have mixed up my email with someone else's address or vice-versa.

      So I have zero confidence I'm getting the correct replacements

    37. Martok on March 9

      @Ben Coleman me too, I've had the game for over 3 months now and been unable to play it due to waiting for replacement boards.

      I did get an email 3 weeks ago from Happyshopper for replacement boards but it was for another customer (also in the UK) and not me. I responded to let them know, give them my details and the boards I required. The response was (sic):

      "It was a mistake in the address list we have recceived - the publsiher works all day long and very long in the night - think he is totally overloaded with tasks ...

      In informed the publisher and created an order for you! We will send out asap."

      I've heard nothing since then.

      Getting pretty frustrated now if I'm honest. I really expected to be well into the campaign by now, not having the Gloomhaven box sat on the shelf unused. :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Filip Van Opstal on March 9

      Is it not possible to do a proper full update on the replacement parts problems in EU. Explaining why it's taking so long, it seems happyshops are proceeding with the replacements on a country by country basis could we get some insights on the order of the countries, on the speed of processing and an estimate of by when happyshops thinks all backlog on replacement parts for EU will be resolved.

    39. Matt on March 8

      Filled out a replacement request in early February for solo scenario stuff only. There was a confirmation it was received, then silence, then a shipping notice and it finally showed up yesterday. Just to let others know what my experience was, for comparison.

    40. Ben Coleman on March 8

      Can you please provide people with visibility into the replacement process? i.e. let then check where they are in the process/queue. Give them some hope that something/anything is happening?

      As right I'm sitting for ~3 months with an unplayable game, and a wall of silence

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lim on March 8

      Received my replacement parts in Australia from Aetherworks. Sent some extra parts which I didn't think I needed but when I cross referenced they were printed very slightly off so thanks for sending me perhaps what you expected to be misprinted also Cephalofair games, happy with the transaction from start to finish

    42. Michael T. on March 8

      Just for the record: i asked about replacements (a tuckbox (!) and the wheel of a healthtracker) in mid-October (pre Essen and pre replacement form), also got an answer by Isaac then but still have not got anything (Berlin Germany). i am patient but, well...

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Paquette on March 7

      @PK, Funagain is ceasing online retail but are keeping shops open, so they are not going away altogether. It's not clear from what I've read how this change impacts their KS fulfillments.

    44. Missing avatar

      rock4chaos on March 7

      I played last Weekend with 3 Friends for 25h and enjoyed Every Minute. Thank you for this masterpiece!
      One question: How do you Mark your prosperity Level in the Board? With a pencil?

    45. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      I has filled in the form for replacement on Dec 27 but still not received :(

    46. Missing avatar

      Scott Herron on March 5

      Replacement parts received in Montréal, Canada. About 6weeks from filling in the form to delivery.

    47. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster
      on March 4

      @ Vertical Monkey: Thanks! I found them.

    48. Vertical Monkey on March 4

      @Andrew Huang - the minis are in the small boxes (not the envelope shaped tuck boxes). They've got the characters' symbols on them for identification

    49. Andrew Huang, hunting PIN-UP monster
      on March 3

      Were the miniatures inside the box or as a seperate box? I've built my insert from Folded Space and was punching out cardboard and such, but I did not see the minis.

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