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Documentary about mysterious dog suicides in Scotland
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Finally our journey begins... bringing plenty of surprises.

Posted by MFN Productions (Creator)

So we finally started filming our documentary! The first day, on Thursday the 11th, couldn't be more shaky: as we were getting ready to drive to Overtoun we had an accident with the car we rented. Thankfully there were no injuries but one of the wheels got wrecked so the car was unusable. For a few hours we didn't know if we were going to get a replacement car or even if the agency would let us rent again... But we managed to get a very small car just so that the production didn't had to stop there. 

Here’s a tip for your future car rentals: always get full cover insurance! It saved us from a world of problems. In the afternoon of the same day we had to pick up some sound equipment that we rented and then the plan was to go to Overtoun to make arrangements for the next two days of shooting but again luck was not in our side and we got lost trying to find the the rental place. After two and a half hours, trying desperately to get some directions on the phone, we found the place and wisely we decided to call it a day before anything worst would happen. On the next day we could start with a clean slate. 

The following two days of interviews in Overtoun (inside the house and on the bridge) went really well! We managed to film about 20 people,each with a different view and opinion on the subject matter, and some great stories to had to the legend behind Overtoun. Our goal was to give a voice to the locals and the visitors and we were very successful with that. We had some minor faults with the equipment but that its part and parcel of a production. But the feeling of finally materializing an idea was really motivating and satisfying. Yesterday, after filming the last interview, we shot around the house and estate until we had no more good light to film. 

Everyone was quite happy with the first two days of interviews and excited for the next ones we will do in the following months. The material filmed is better than what we expected and we are looking forward to share it with you all once we put it all together. You have some photos and a short video of this two days of filming, hope you enjoy! Last but not least we are very grateful to the people that participated in our documentary. Just by sharing your thoughts and stories you gave us tremendous help. 

To Esther and all the staff at the Overtoun house a big thanks for the availability, support and constant smiles and an even bigger sorry for any disturbance or inconvenience that we caused. 

And to all our backers, a gigantic thank you! Keep visiting our our page because we will keep you posted and up to date with our project. 

Regards from the whole team!

MFN Productions

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