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Ancient tales and legends from Hebrew culture are re-imagined as sci-fi comic book stories in this anthology of award-winning creators!
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Final Shipping Update, With a Note From the Heart

Posted by Alternate History Comics Inc. (Creator)

Double-Book Rewards Are Out The Door!

For those in the double-book reward tier who have been patiently waiting for this moment - be advised all Canadian, US and Overseas reward packages that include Volume 1 & Volume 2 have been shipped!

(Note: Canadian and Overseas backers had Volume 1 and 2 shipped separately. However backers in the US were recently sent both books together in one pack.)

There are a handful of backers who are to be receiving the last few art prints who we have contacted individually by email. Besides those few, we are happy to announce that all reward tiers have now been shipped!

If you have questions about your package or address, please email us directly at :)

Once again, a huge thank you to the 501 backers who helped bring this Volume 2 of the Jewish Comics Anthology to life!

For Stan, from the Heart

Volume 1 of this Anthology series was AH Comics' first publication of its kind. Five years ago it was also our first successful Kickstarter campaign. A large group of backers like yourselves (you know who you are) helped create that massive 256 page collection that Editor Steven Bergson had been passionately building for many years before that. A labour of love, which turned out to be the start of something greater.

One of the true highlights of producing Volume 1 of the JCA (as we call it) was communicating with Stan Lee. Some of you may recall there is a decades-old story edited by Stan Lee that we were fortunate enough to be allowed to reprint (a two-page addition; one of the several Golem stories). Stan even went out of his way to sign a copy of the JCA Volume 1 personally by mail.

AH Comics is a small press publishing company. We are still a small team making what we love, and we put our souls into books that take the better part of a year to make involving dozens of creators. Books that speak to society and culture. Stan Lee also loved creating this kind of book and character - the character with real issues and social conflicts that became just as much a part of the story. At the end of the day, the "little guy" is what he was most passionate about giving voice to.

In our communication, Stan was very supportive of us, and we are deeply saddened to have to say goodbye on this day. As creators in this industry we are just one of thousands of voices who are saying we would not be here today without him. Rest in peace Stan. You are loved and will be missed.

- From Andy Stanleigh, President, Alternate History Comics Inc.

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    1. Harry Bastard on

      That Stan, he was a mensch, he was. Excelsior.

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Stanleigh on

      Andy: Well said!! Your send-off to Stan Lee was beautifully written. He would be most pleased! I wish you and your team continued success!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lee Anderson

      Am so excited! A breath of fresh air in this tumultous tornado of history.