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Ancient tales and legends from Hebrew culture are re-imagined as sci-fi comic book stories in this anthology of award-winning creators!
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Final Week - What's In The Box?

Posted by Alternate History Comics Inc. (Creator)

With Six Days To Go We're Opening the Doors to See Inside the Book!

As we count down to the epic conclusion of this Kickstarter campaign, we'd like to give you a summary of a few of the stories you'll find inside SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology Volume 2!


A hyper-advanced system dubbed R.A.B.B.I is able to answer any question asked of it with perfect accuracy. People come from far and wide throughout the galaxy to ask for advice and gain wisdom. Its seemingly perfect 'mind' is tested when a boy decides to present R.A.B.B.I. in a matter of life and death.


In this thrilling film-noir tale, we find Detective Rabbi Ezekiel Ben-Ami and his tall, silent partner, Mister Hayyot on the biggest case of, literally, everything. In a future world where humans and machines are indistinguishable from one another, someone has found a way to give AI and machines souls. G-d has ordered this to stop, and tasked the Detective and his partner with shutting down the out-of-control soul program.


In this story about gender roles and the future state of biological relationships, a father is left to care for his baby alone after his wife passes away. He wants the baby to be nourished naturally, and undergoes an experimental procedure where he is able to breast feed. Some see this as a miracle and are excited for the possibilities this creates for parents and partners. Others questions whether science has gone too far.


A young girl with a favourite blankie cannot let go. Her grandfather is a galaxy-renowned tailor and is able to keep the blanket material in the girl's life by making increasingly smaller and smaller items as the fabric deteriorates over time. When the grandfather passes away, the girl - who is now a young woman - receives a final, special piece with her grandfather's spirit.


A zookeeper specializing in the most incredible alien animals is anxious about his in-laws coming to live with his family. Their home is small, and the in-laws moving in will make it even smaller. Consulting his Rabbi, the zookeeper is given the challenge of bringing indoors the aliens he normally keeps out. The chaos that ensues teaches him a valuable lesson.


In a post-apocalyptic community on the brink of starvation, food replicators begin to fail. What little is left is horded in secret by citizens and neighbours. One day an interesting character comes through town with a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem.


Bubie, of course, makes the best matza ball soup. And even in a future world in a future community in a future house with future technology, she still uses an old gas stove. But her family desperately wants her to upgrade. One by one they each secretly add a piece of modern tech to Bubie's kitchen appliances, with unexpected results.


No one is sure exactly when they arrived. The best guess is that the immense, crashed, vertical ships sticking miles above the ground have been there for centuries. It is said these are arks. And at the top is sacred writing. The Climb has been a ritual for as long as anyone can remember, however, has proven nearly impossible. Many have tried, and all have failed. Until today.

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