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We're back baby! We LOVE the holidays! Especially Christmas and Halloween.. because you know what goes best with Christmas? Monsters :)
We're back baby! We LOVE the holidays! Especially Christmas and Halloween.. because you know what goes best with Christmas? Monsters :)
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Halloween Nativity is moving again!


Hello guys and gals!

We've been hard at work on several projects, but have had so much support over this set that we've gone back and retooled the whole thing! We're doing a limited run of 100 sets and wanted to give you, our original supporters, the opportunity to share this with your family and friends!

Feel free to head on over to our new website and get yours before they disappear again!

Thank you again for all of your support, we wish you all an upcoming Merry Halloween and Happy Holidays :)

Tim & Kurt

Shipping update 3!

We're happy to announce the product is here! Finally! We began frantically delivering and mailing them today so that you can enjoy them the last couple of weeks before Halloween and in plenty of time for Christmas.

Thanks again for sticking with us. We're confident your patience will pay off! We'd love to see your sets when you put them up, feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook page!

Merry Halloween!

Tim & Kurt

Shipping update 2!

Hey Pledgers!

The product is on American soil! We had a short struggle with customs, but now everything has been cleared and approved! We have arranged for a trucking company to have all the sets shipped to Utah whereupon we will have it turned around and mailed immediately. If we can assume no transportation delays, we are planning to have them in the mail to you Friday. Fingers crossed!

Thank you guys for your patience, we are so excited for you to get it!

Merry Halloween,
Tim & Kurt

Shipping Update!


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Sets have been signed off and approved!!

Dear Pledgers,

Hooray! Our first correct and completed boxes are here! We've finally dialed in a product that we're prepared to ship! We have three in our possession and a large shipment set to ship out of China next week. As as they arrive we will be shipping them to you along with any other incentives you've pledged for.

We're a little late this year for big box retailers but we plan on consignments and internet sales for the holiday season, and have plenty of interest for next year. We'll let you know where to buy additional sets for friends and family.

We'll also keep you posted over the next couple of weeks as the sets arrive. They should be just in time for Halloween decorating, and in plenty of time for Christmas.

Thank you for your patience! We can't wait for you to see them in person! But in the meantime, check out these unboxing photos, we can't wait to see yours!

Merry Halloween!
Tim & Kurt