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This project will transform a piece of vacant land into a gateway that will be beautiful and engaging.
This project will transform a piece of vacant land into a gateway that will be beautiful and engaging.
73 backers pledged $2,538 to help bring this project to life.


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A year and a half ago a couple of neighbors got together to talk about building a new sign for the Bay Creek Neighborhood in Madison Wisconsin. A seed was planted and with the genius of individuals from the neighborhood and professionals from the greater community these individuals are seeing their vision blossom. It is now a full-blown sculpted concrete and metal sign, a solar sculpture bringing power back to the grid, and a community garden WITH council ring.

All through the dark winter these people met -- architects, engineers, sculptors, city planners, arts board members, members of the neighborhood association, interested  people from the area who were willing to contribute. Engaging the participation of the many disciplines that were needed to be operationalized -- this group moved through the endless stages to get the project up and running. They realized, as they talked - that the ideas that were motivating all of them were similar -- let's take this up a notch and make something beautiful.

This was no longer just a sign.

The project is set to transform a piece of vacant land into a gateway that will be beautiful and engaging. They want to together, take a piece of unused land and make it into a public park providing safe passage and a beautiful multi-use space for their neighbors.

The beauty of the landscape will lift the spirits of those driving by!

Its serenity will soothe those walking through it!

The space will be transformed from an eyesore to an area of community pride!

The first stage is the sculpted sign. It will be made from colored concrete and recycled glass aggregate. It will be cast into a form with bands of relief and textures. BEAUTIFUL. The back of the sculpture will nestle into an existing berm -- integrating with the natural landscape. Lettering made from steel will be allowed to rust naturally and will stand off from the face of the sculpture. Flanking the sculpture will be landscaping rocks for a natural seating area with edible plantings.

examples of lettering on concrete
examples of lettering on concrete

It is for this sign portion that the original fundraising push is directed.

The city of Madison is pleased with the plan and has contributed $6000 towards it. 

Many individual neighborhood contributions have come in -- and the rest will be raised through Kickstarter!

Thanks for your contribution!

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