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SEK 453,232
pledged of 400.000 SEK pledged of 400.000 SEK goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 11 2017

Here are some news from the drawing table

Posted by Professional Secrets (Creator)

Thermometer sheath

We are discussing which material we should use for the sheath. For the moment we believe that plastic is the most practical version. What do you think?

Three alternatives

  • Stiff leather 
  • All plastic 
  • Stainless steel

Maybe we can offer different sheath in different price levels?


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Sivander on

      another vote for stainless steel.

    2. Missing avatar

      Benoit Marchal

      @Jonny: don't be mistaken, if you don't clean a stainless steel sheath, it will become a petri dish too…
      If you mean that it's easier to clean or even sterilize than the other materials, I agree with you. If you are under the impression that it's a self-cleaning material, I believe you are incorrect

    3. Jonny Årstadius on

      Stainless steel for durability but most of all for hygienic reasons. Leather probably looks cool but will be a Petri dish in no time :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Oscar on

      Not leather.

      Whatever can be cleaned easily.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Stainless steel is definitely my preference. I'd never have to worry about breaking my sheath. Rather than selling spare plastic sheaths in the future, it would make more sense to sell the thermometer with and without a steel sheath since stainless steel will last a lifetime and more.

    6. Johan Ketels on

      +1 for stainless steel.

    7. Missing avatar


      Definitely not leather. It would be impossible to clean.
      Stainless steel would be my first option.

    8. Jonathan Julius Svensson on

      I'm usually sold on leather, but in this case I have to root for the stainless steel one.

    9. Missing avatar

      Benoit Marchal

      chemicals that I don't like in my kitchen… sorry for the typo

    10. Missing avatar

      Benoit Marchal

      Stainless steel first: hygienic, no harmful chemicals., durable (and fixable), probably thiner and recyclable
      Leather next: classy, sustainable, no harmful chemicals, durable, hygienic
      I'd rather stay away from plastic which is not sustainable, fragile and releases chemicals that I like in my kitchen

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Windsor on

      ditch the leather... is pointless,,,,, I like the stainless steel option... but its obviously more expensive,,,,

    12. Nightwish on

      Stainless steel gets my vote. The most hygienic option and protects the best.
      Then plastic. Leather is cool, but not easy o clean

    13. Missing avatar

      fritz sitterly

      hey i vote stainless steel

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas Persson on

      Easy clearing, protection of thernometer probe and durable material would suggest either plastic or metall. Important that thermometer "sticks" and does not easily "fall out" of it.

    15. Ketan Jethwa

      Leather is definitely the least sanitary of options. I vote stainless steel. There's a reason it's standard in most commercial kitchens on walls and tables and fixtures - it's easy to clean and looks sleek!

    16. Anders Hedlund on

      The clip is the weakest point and needs to be more durable. Leather with a steel clip(wraped in leather) or the entire thing in steel is the best option.

    17. Manny M on

      Whatever is most practical and cost effective.

      I don't get the need for something that simply serves as protection to be visually appealing.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Andersson on

      I think all 3 may applicable :-)

    19. Lars Nordgren

      I like the stainless steel option best. It will most likely prove to be more durable than plastic, on top of looking better. The leather option is stylish and neat, but seems difficult to clean sufficiently. Again, the stainless option will prove to be more durable, being made of one sheet only.

    20. Missing avatar

      Oscar Duenas Beltran on

      Stainless steel is the best option cause it protects the thermometer better, it is more hygienic and looks better

    21. Alexander Danling on

      Stainless steel. We don't wan't more plastic in our kitchens than there already is.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Stainless steel please

    23. Missing avatar

      Peter Huss on

      Stainless steel. One option, hygenic and good looking.

    24. Missing avatar

      Hampus Bergman Lahti on

      Dishwasher safe plastic or stainless steel. Just pick one. Less options = more units sold to retailers. Retailers can restock when the one model/color/material is sold out and does not have to wait for the "less popular model/color/material" to sell out before restocking. I work in retail and we have that problem with a lot of stuff. "The black one is sold out, we still have the red one" "the black one will be restocked in a few weeks" and so on. Leather is cool but not that hygienic.

    25. Missing avatar

      Wayne Skinner on

      Hey guys, i think stainless is the best option for the sheath - throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning, strong enough to protect the fine probe