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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 11 2017
SEK 453,232
pledged of SEK 400,000pledged of SEK 400,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 11 2017

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    1. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hello Louis.

      I am sorry if I confused you. The campaign is restarted as a new campaign aiming towards the same goal. The old campaign is cancelled, and no one have been charged. You have to klick the link to our new campaign and pledge again if you still are interested to support us. Which I hope you are :-).

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      Louis Hagstromer on

      I'm a bit puzzled. I got an email that the project was canceled and that my card wouldn't be charged. But the project seems to be still going on. What's true? Am I still a backer and will get the thermometers I've signed up for or not?

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      Ulrika Wakéus on

      So much looking forward to get it!

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      Kimberly Chen on

      Will the delivery dates still be able to make it in March?

    5. Jonny Årstadius on

      Any news on progress guys? BBQ Season closing in ;)

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      Ulrika Wakéus on

      i`m looking forward to use the thermometer! The product looks perfect!

    7. Missing avatar

      Anders Lundgren on

      Project on hold...
      Rules are for funerals!

      Awaiting my thermometers

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      Nils-Ola Nilson on

      @Creator. The display that is showed in the latest update has no decimal numbers, is that how the final product will look? I hope not!

    9. Jonny Årstadius on

      Woooop woooop!!! We are on Track - Looking forward to this one

    10. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Arron,

      When we started this project we made a thourough investigation on where to produce. We contacted a number of thermometer producers, e.g, in Europe, USA and China. Most of them normally produce for themselves and where not able to abide to our requests for design, functionality, quality and cost. We also had a number of discussion with OEM suppliers in Europe but where not succesful there either. Sweden is a small country and does not have a big supplier base for these kinds of products today. To achieve what we wanted, we finally settled on a very good manufacturer in southern China, just inside Hong Kong. This area is famous for their electronics industry, famous brands produced there are e.g., Apple and Huawei.

      Our present cook shop and textile assortment includes suppliers in Portugal, Poland, India, China, and our kitchen knifes are made of Swedish (Sandvik) made steel.



    11. Missing avatar

      Arron Carley on

      Where are the thermometers going to be produced? Sweden ? China?

    12. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Mikkel

      Thanks for your question. The specification is that it will be possible to calibrate as a user. Need to talk to product developer about the heat sensor. Will get back on that one.



    13. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen

      What are the accuracy of the heatcensor? Do you have to manually calibrate it?

    14. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Benoit,

      Thanks for your question.

      Our key features are:

      Ultra thin, long needle not to puncture delicate food (9 cm or 3,5” long and diameter of 1,2 mm or 0,047” all the way)
      Super fast
      Easy reading by putting the display on top, good for the oven, barbecue and also for the pan, etc
      One hand grip for easy use and to turn on
      Protective sheath attached to your body for easy reach during cooking also when probe is soiled

      There are cheaper thermometers in the market but the normally have a thicker probe and are much, much slower.
      Then there are industrial thermometers with thin needles like our but they are often on a cord so you need to use both hands and they are also much more expensive.
      There are also thermometers that are about the same price range and are very fast but often it is only the tip which is thin so if you want to find the centre of a bigger piece of meat, fish or bread, there will be a hole.
      Hope this clarifies.

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      Benoit Marchal

      Could you clarify how this product is really different from the kitchen thermometers that already on the market?
      I understand that the screen flips automatically, which is not very common if not unique. What else? Thank you

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      Håkan Hallengren on

      Hi, you need me adress ! So you can send the produkt to me in mars!

    17. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Debra,
      Our plan is to have a soft button on top for easy one hand grip to turn on and auto shut off after a couple of minutes, but also possible to turn off manually.

    18. Missing avatar


      Do you have to press a button to turn on or is there an auto-on feature? What about auto-off?

    19. Jonathan Julius Svensson on

      Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the modular idea further.

    20. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Lars,

      Thanks for backing us! Imaging what perfect food can be created in the Stockholm archipelago (and in Tokyo) with PERFECT :-)

      Good point about the decimal. It is mainly to see the speed of the temperature rising or falling, not the exactness in itself.

      Also thanks for your ideas on generation 2. We have many ideas and plans for that generation.

    21. Lars Leiram on

      Hi Niklas !

      Looking forward to not only see PERFECT develop into a product ... but also to use it and hopefully serve a PERFECT meal somewhere in the Stockholm archipelago :-)

      2 minor comments.

      a) The decimals on the scale: I understand the reason for the decimal (up/down, changing depending upon 'depth') ... but it's still a bit 'over the top'. Why not keep the decimal ... but make it a bit smaller in size than the main temperature figures ?

      b) Optional settings: Maybe not for the 1st generation ... but consider (over time) a version with the possibility to set 'text och sound alarm' for reaching or exceeding certain temperature levels etc. I assume that 1st gen PERFECT is for quick measurements (in/out) and not to be left 'sitting' ... but it could still be valuable to set 'my own' temperature that I want to reach ...

      Once again .. looking forward to the process and the result.

    22. Professional Secrets 2-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan,

      We have used the industrial ones on a cord and like to achieve a one hand grip. Some of the probes are shorter than we aim for, like 6 cm, and we want it to be at least 9 cm. It is made from hardened steel so we not worried about the needle itself, but as you, how it is attached to the casing. I agree fully about your sustainable thinking in your question. We will look further on this.

    23. Jonathan Julius Svensson on


      As a BBQ fanatic I have yet to come across the perfect thermometer.
      Maybe this is it.

      I read your FAQ and found "the sensitive probe". I have worn out plenty of probes in my days (mostly due to the cable getting melted during searing.

      Anyway here goes:
      How about making the probe replaceable?
      It could be as simple as some kind of twist lock with an o-ring to maintain a water seal.

      This would both be good for the environment as it reduces electronic waste and for my wallet.