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StrongVolt’s SunTrack Technology keeps your iPhone, iPad and Android devices charging when others won’t. Lightweight and easy to use.
StrongVolt’s SunTrack Technology keeps your iPhone, iPad and Android devices charging when others won’t. Lightweight and easy to use.
StrongVolt’s SunTrack Technology keeps your iPhone, iPad and Android devices charging when others won’t. Lightweight and easy to use.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alexander Urbanec

      Did you all get the reward? I am still waiting for mine. Wrote two times to the creator - no answer ...

    2. John Gilbert

      To work in iPad mode, the panels must be pointed directly at the sun. I have the 18w and 12w and they both have to be done that way to charge an iPad. iPads need a lot of power to charge.

    3. ZarK on

      Bright sunny day. Charges iPhone ok, but iPad never charges (always red). 12W panel.

    4. Missing avatar

      ahkan on

      Used it in the desert. iPad did not load. iPhone ok. Other to load a battery ok bit with noises. Now I have to wait for more sun here to use it again.

    5. Ian Sells Creator on

      @Adam- you can try charging the ipad in iPbone mode. It will still work. iPad mode requires more power than iPhone mode but both will work.

    6. Adam Harding on

      Received my strongvolt 12v around an hour ago and am testing it now.

      It's a bright sunny morning in Tokyo with almost zero cloud cover.

      My iPhone's charge (I haven't tested a fell recharge yet), but iPads (and iPad minis) do not charge.

    7. Adam Harding on

      I still haven't received anything and according to USPS, neither have they.

      The winter holiday would slow things down a bit, by considering that the products should have been delivered well in advance, that shouldn't be any excuse.

    8. Richard Smith on

      Still not received anything - starting to get a little worried.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Riggs on

      Thanks for the quick reply Ian

    10. Ian Sells Creator on

      @Jason, we are sending those out to you today, sorry it was missed! Direct message us if you are having issues charging, we can help!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Riggs on

      Did anyone order extra cables and receive them? Did they come in a separate package or the same one as the panel? I haven't been able to get the 12W to charge either an iPad or an iPhone.

    12. Missing avatar

      Enrico Ferraris on

      Received my 12W in Italy yesterday, no custom taxes (and this is a great thing).
      Not yet tried, but sunlight is not so direct in this time of the year over here...

    13. Ng Wei Keong on

      Anyone got their 12W to charge iPad? Can u share a photo of the sunlight requirements?
      I assume here in Malaysia and Singapore have the enough direct sunshine to be able to charge the iPad or iPhone.
      The iPhone setting is also red all the time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kenji Tan on

      @Ng Wei Keong Same here. With my 12W panel under bright direct sun day. Red all the time. Cannot charge my iPad.

    15. Christopher Withers on

      @Ian just got my solar 12 going to used it today sending pic at the Beach

    16. Ng Wei Keong on

      Received my upgraded to 12W panel. However on a bright direct sun day here in South East Asia, still unable to charge on the iPhone and iPad settings. Red all the time.
      On the standard setting, it can charge other devices, but not on iPad Air 2. Anyone can share their experience?

    17. Missing avatar


      I'm still waiting. Tracking only says says "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS" on November 24th, and that tracking information isn't available (presumably because I'm in Canada). My fingers are crossed that it will arrive before I leave the country at New Year's, and not during the two weeks that I'll be away.

    18. blue-striped gecko on

      Still no refund. Any news? I completely lost faith...

    19. Kevin Ushko on

      Received mine last week. Only got to test it yesterday, it's been cloudy and I live at 53.5 degrees north. So not much direct sunlight right now, it wasn't able to charge at tablet rate. It worked great using the other setting and put some charge into my portable battery pack.

    20. John Gillespie on

      Received mine yesterday. Looks great, feels very rugged.
      Even the carabiners included feel durable. Thanks for all your hard work.

    21. Scott Murchison on

      I have mine and I love the overall quality. The yellow stitching looks awesome. If I could make only one suggestion, it would be to have a zippered pouch to hold the electronics and cable. Great work guys!

    22. Missing avatar

      sT!hll8t!nnyo on

      Still no shipping update and no charger in sight. My last few inquires I have received no response. C'mon guys, give me something here...

    23. Adam Harding on

      Backer kit indicates that the product has been shipped, but USPS still only displays the pre-shipping info. Hopefully, it is just bad timing and USPS will update within 48 hours.

    24. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Got mine in Paris today. So international backers should begin to get theirs too. Sky is overcast, so no way of telling if it works, though.

    25. Skippy on

      @Ian: what is the status on international shipping?

    26. Louis Cuny on

      Same as @Ande, status on backerkit is not yet shipped.

    27. Ian Sells Creator on

      @Penguwin- glad you got yours and it's working out for you. We hope your wait was worth it!

    28. Ande Yang on

      Hope to get mine soon... but status on backerkit is not yet shipped.

    29. Christopher Withers on

      Still waiting for my charger

    30. blue-striped gecko on

      Correction 23rd of October?

    31. blue-striped gecko on

      Anyone of the stand alone backers has seen their pledge money back as promised on the 2rd of October?

    32. Missing avatar

      sT!hll8t!nnyo on

      I'm in the state's and still no sign of my charger or a notice of when it will be shipped. Really starting to regret backing this...

    33. Jackson Ng on

      Hi, I was informed that shipment of the product has started, but as I am an international backer (Singapore), when can I expect my shipment - waiting for this for a long time already.

    34. Seag on

      I got a shipment notification (in Canada) and delivery two days later! Product was smaller than I expected, which is great for mobile applications. The panels themselves are very sturdy, and I don't honestly have much worry about damaging the product at all. Happy customer here!

    35. Skippy on

      @Ian: I haven't received a notification of shipping to me yet.
      I'm an international backer. What is the status on that?

    36. Andrew Woolsey

      I have no idea how I missed the last three updates. Must be going blind.

    37. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hagmeyer on

      Got my tracking e-mail and then the charger showed up an hour later.

    38. Penguwin

      Received my upgraded to 12W charger a few days ago and have been using it on the dashboard of my car parked in the sun... As far as I can tell, it works beautifully so far.... Review on it to come once I get some more time to play with it.

    39. Dan J Martinez on

      @Andrew Woolsey
      Those where canceled bro. They are in the process of issuing refunds or credit toward a solar panel with suntrack tech check your backer dashboard.

    40. Andrew Woolsey

      Are the stand alone smart chips shipped??

    41. Dan J Martinez on

      so is it weird I get an emailed tracking number half a month after I have already received my solar panel? i just got this email today

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven Boltz on

      I got mine today! Thanks Ian!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jentery Michael Farmer on

      I Got mine in the mail, thank you guys!!

    44. Ian Sells Creator on

      @Rich- We totally want to see pics from Antarctica!

    45. Ian Sells Creator on

      @Dan J Martinez- Glad you are loving it!

    46. Ian Sells Creator on

      Hi Everyone- Over 500 of the chargers have gone out so far! The tracking numbers through Backerkit have not been working, hold tight everyone's is on the way! We will be working with Backerkit to get the tracking numbers updated today also

    47. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hagmeyer on

      I still have not received mine also.

    48. Missing avatar

      Steven Boltz on

      I'm still waiting for mine. Ian - let us know the shipping status. Should those of us that haven't received one be worried?

    49. John Gilbert

      @Randy Mine did the same thing too when the switch was on iPad until I angled it at the sun for about a few seconds and then it started charging the ipad.

    50. Christopher Withers on

      I agree with David and Jeter, we please get an update with an expected receipt day?

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