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Samurai King presents Zenith  Knives- designed to perform multiple tasks in your kitchen
Samurai King presents Zenith Knives- designed to perform multiple tasks in your kitchen
199 backers pledged £15,657 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Vicky Simson Creator 5 days ago

      I was suppose to visit the site and thought i will take photos but now just asked for updated photos , and will visit the site in coming days .

    2. Alex Vonspeed 6 days ago

      So much for regular updates.... ZZZZZZZ

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark J P Sherriff on June 6

      Hey so any update on the start of production? Maybe some photos?

    4. Alex Vonspeed on May 22

      Okay, thank you for the update.

    5. Vicky Simson Creator on May 10

      @ alex Vonspeed, Christian Unger (have faith and trust), i thank you along with all backers !, apologies for not updating but had no news except funds received from KS, funds transfered for materials etc, if you all missed this update sorry for not provinding it.
      The material is ready and from 16th of May its confirmed that the work on samurai knives will start, this is the news and its being passed on...... from now on the updates will be there to inform the status of Samurai knives

      Thank you

    6. Vicky Simson Creator on May 10

      Hi dear sorry for the late update, the knives are ready to under from next weel, well there shall be frequent updates once the process of manufacturing starts . I am sorry for the late update but i thought this is not an update, that we have received the funds, material is there what is an update is that we are about to start and hopefully mid of june we will be receiving the knives and postage starts,
      During this time i was busy to make it possible to post before the promised time & sorting out some problems which you face when you do not own a pvt Limited company. Now every thing is managed .

    7. Alex Vonspeed on May 8

      No choice. I have reported this project to Kickstarter. I am not expecting much here. Vicky Simson, it is time you gave an update of how our money is being spent.

    8. Christian Unger on May 7

      @Alex, me too :-/

    9. Alex Vonspeed on May 1

      I have a sneaking suspicion this project is going nowhere. No updates or comments by the creator since 15 March.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark J P Sherriff on April 26

      So looks like no update then i hope all is well and we get our knives...

    11. Alex Vonspeed on April 25

      Vicky Simpson, I think you need to answer us. This project does not bode well if you fail to communicate with the backers.

    12. Christian Unger on April 23

      Hi, any updates?

    13. Alex Vonspeed on April 17

      SOOOO, are there any updates or is this a "Silent" crowd funding project?

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark J P Sherriff on April 11

      I’m interested too any update on the progress of the project?

    15. Alex Vonspeed on April 4

      Any updates guys? Thank you.

    16. Chaim Shapero
      on March 23

      I want to fill out the survey, but there doesn’t appear to be an option to add additional knives. What to do?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey S
      on March 21

      There is no option for the bread knife in the survey. Please tell me how to add the bread knife so I can complete the survey.

    18. Christian Unger on March 19

      Hi, aren't there no further informations about the Bread knife?
      and there is no option for it in the Survey?

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark J P Sherriff on March 18

      Congratulations with the project. I can’t wait to start using them!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Baker-Lubin
      on March 18

      How can. I add the bread knife to my pledge?

    21. Vicky Simson Creator on March 15

      @Mark JP Sherriff
      May be due to the shipping costs it gets more expensive, but please see your private message.
      Thank you to all here cant wait to get them with you.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark J P Sherriff on March 14

      I was wanting a pairing knife with a chef knife. But it looks like the combo pack is more expensive than if you would buy the too separately?

    23. Vicky Simson Creator on March 14

      @Sven Bränzel
      yes, we have paid very special attention towwards handles, they have a very easing feeling towards the palm once they are placed in the hand.we still have time, for the 3rd goal to come along, hopefully it gets available soon.

    24. Sven Bränzel on March 12

      Very nice knife! Also the handles are very nicely made.
      One question burns me already on the soul: If the third stretch goal is not reached, can a hammered version be ordered with an extra charge?
      That would be awesome!