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Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" meets Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations." We'll find the spots to hit and show how to make it all!
Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" meets Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations." We'll find the spots to hit and show how to make it all!
Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" meets Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations." We'll find the spots to hit and show how to make it all!
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Pilot episode is now LIVE and online!

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It's been almost a year TO THE DAY when we started filming—back on Oct. 22, 2012.

This past Tuesday, I uploaded the finished episode to the site and we went live. Of course, there was some last-minute tinkering all the way until Tuesday morning. Nothing like a close finish!

I am so grateful for all the time, talent, and enthusiasm the entire crew put into it.

AND, I am eternally thankful to all of YOU... 'cuz honestly, I don't know that this would have happened (or looked so good!) without you.

I am so damn proud of this, and of how it turned out—and I'm excited to know that this is the start of something really cool.

Alright, that's enough from me right now—I'll let the video speak for itself...

Y'all are AWESOME!


ah—quick PS: be sure to enter our Twitter Contest. 12 cities, 12 restaurants, 12 winners! Ends 11/1.

One Week to Pilot Premiere (Over a Year in the Making!)


Yes, we're just one week away from the pilot blasting onto the interwebs, thanks to all of your awesome faces.

It'll debut on — check out the NEW SITE and mark your calendars. :)

Much post-production work this week: color correction, sound mixing, VO re-recording. It's all coming together. We also had a SCREENING here in Portland, Oregon on this past Monday night—very awesome to share this with friends and supporters!

We're also in the midst of a TWITTER CONTEST - where YOU (yes, you!) could win a free meal for two in one of 12 major cities... (click the image below for more info)

The show has also gotten some fun press and interviews recently:

THANK YOU ALL for all your support over the last year—so close to showing you what's been cookin' up!

See you soon,


Three Weeks from Pilot Premiere, Videos to Watch and LOTS Happening!

We're just THREE WEEKS away from the launch of the Travel. Eat. Thrive. pilot! The opening episode (filmed in Los Angeles) will go live on October 8th at the site:

Check out the 30-second animated trailer...

oh yes: more videos below!!

On the TET site, you can also download the guide "24 Tips for Healthier Eating Out" right now! Get the guide!

What's been on my To Do List?

  • Hire Website Designer - CHECK
  • Hire PR person to help with blog/radio/media interviews - CHECK
  • Have editor (in Malaysia) finish Animated Commercial - CHECK
  • Work with editor (in Colombia) to finish Welcome Video - CHECK

Yes, it's been a busy few weeks. ALL of the items above were made possible because of your generosity—this was not included in the original scope of the project, but since there were extra funds, we could have some FUN!!! Thank you for being awesome! :)

Bonus videos from the show!

Subscribe to the TET YouTube Channel

Can't wait to show you all the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!

More soon, lots of love, and keep on THRIVING! :)

From the road,


Two Months Away from Debut!

Greetings from the beautiful Colombian city of Medellin!

I think we're in the home stretch—my goal is to have this pilot out to the world in October! *fingers crossed*

(Be sure to check out the pics below from the most recent version of the pilot!)

I'm actually accomplishing quite a bit on the show from down here and things are really coming together, so...

Time for an Update:

  • The Pilot: I just received the latest version last night. Looking awesome! Once the picture is locked (hopefully in the next two weeks), I'll be sending it over to the sound team for their work!
  • The Website: talking with one designer fleshing out the vision
  • Additional Promo Videos: I've connected with a local Colombian videographer to help me film a welcome video for the site; AND, I've hired someone to create a 30-second animated trailer for the show!

It's because of YOUR generosity that there are funds for all these extras!!

I am REALLY thrilled with how the show is coming together: the pace, the story, the additional info, the music. It's all been so FUN—and that's the best indicator that this is the right project for me to be working on. THANK YOU again for all your support!! :)


I'm reaching out *now* to blogs, podcasts, and other media outlets to help promote the show in late September/early October. Do you have a way to share this message? Know someone who does and can make an introduction? Leave a comment or send me a message!

And in the meantime, send any friends interested in the show to to sign up and stay involved!

Cookbook Reviews:

Did you grab a copy of the cookbook? Lovin' it so far?

I'd be ever-so-thankful if you could take 2 minutes and write 2-3 sentences (or more) about it:

That's it for now—hope you're doing super awesome wherever you are!


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Voiceover work and second round of edits!

Hey everyone!

Earlier update than usual as I'm *literally* sitting in Houston International waiting for my flight to Quito, Ecuador—I'll be offline for the next two weeks hangin' out with, volunteering, and wanted to let you know where we are with the show!

I had a GREAT chat with the editor recently and we're moving ahead on the next round of revisions. These will mainly include adding graphics and titles (to make the show look even more professional and slick), and will probably tighten things up a bit more, too.

The editing team is also creating more "breakout" videos, like you saw before with Coconut Oil. The most recent one they completed: how LifeFood Organic makes its Vegan Pesto!! This stuff looks so amazing, as I've said over and over. :)

And *just* the other day, I went to an in-home recording studio in Portland, OR and worked on the voiceover narration for the show. I had tweaked the copy and the actor I worked with was SUPER helpful—he was really into the idea, and we were both really proud of the work at the end of the day. It was kinda crazy: we spent 6 hours (!!) working on it, and my voice is still recovering.

Check out the photo below from my time in the booth. Another new experience for me, and it was really fun to figure it all out!

That's all for now—hope you have a wonderful rest of July. We're getting SOOOO close to finishing this pilot. Really exciting times!!



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