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Fire up your creativity!  Come to NYC this fall to meet and get inspired by today's most exciting cutting-edge tech artists.
Fire up your creativity! Come to NYC this fall to meet and get inspired by today's most exciting cutting-edge tech artists.
196 backers pledged $18,396 to help bring this project to life.

Only 32 hours left! New framed prints from Anne Spalter.

Dear Friends,

WE MADE IT! Thank you so much to everyone who is making this conference a reality. Can we make our new goal of $20,000? This will allow us, among other things, to release videos of some of the conference sessions on the web so that anyone who can't make it can see what they missed, and start making plans to attend next year!

Wednesday at midnight is the last day to buy our pre-sales tickets for $400. Starting Thursday, you can buy them on Eventbrite for $500 ($100 discount may continue to be available for a limited time through our distribution partners). Afterparty ticket price is going up to $40.

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Morgan Spalter has generously donated 11 unique framed, signed prints at the unbelievable $200 pledge level (they usually sell for $350). Each an edition of one, the digital video paintings are created with custom software from photographs she shot in the desert cities of Las Vegas and Dubai. It's first come first serve with unique prints, so do not delay if you love something. My personal favorite is "Blue Note" - it's like swimming to God.

Anne says, "Both places spoke to my obsession with modern landscape and each provided compellingly unique visual detail to work with. Both cities were constructed and emerged suddenly from a desert. Each was designed with clear goals for commerce, entertainment, and lifestyle. No expense was spared in the hyper-luxurious Disney-like hotel and casino creations in Las Vegas, and, likewise, a vast fortune has been spent constructing Dubai with its iconic buildings such as the Burj Al Arab and the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. Whereas the cities of the East Coast and most of Europe have evolved over hundreds of years, these two are relatively recent, with Dubai, a city of almost two million people, being built in a mere 40 years...The symmetrical patterning satisfies a basic perceptual and aesthetic desire for order by reducing the overdose of complexity that video capture can confer. While recognizable objects and motions remain, they now have the context of a basic, highly structured visual language. Celebrating the same philosophy as the action painters and surrealists, my creative methodology uses automated computational functions that create random features and arrangements. The changing angles and centers of focus create a constantly emerging stylized landscape with the objects, motions, colors and atmosphere of the actual scene but without the uniform photographic Western perspective. The results are sometimes reminiscent of psychedelic art. Although my work is not related to any substance effects, I do believe that the computer offers a new tool for transcendental visual thinking and, in the case of these landscapes, serves to disorient the viewer and force a new perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Choose your $200 pledge carefully, as each pledge is of a different group (to maximize chances that you will get your first choice).  See attached images for details.  For higher resolution images, see Las Vegas and Dubai

Bio: Anne Spalter created and taught the first fine art digital media courses at both the Rhode Island School of Design RISD and Brown University. Her book, The Computer in the Visual Arts has become a standard reference text used at over a hundred universities throughout the world. She has served on committees and boards for the Digital Art Museum, Journal of Mathematics and Art, ACM SIGGRAPH, and her work is included in leading contemporary collections in the US, Europe and the Middle East as well as in museums such as the Albright-Knox (Buffalo, NY), the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum (Providence, RI), and the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK). Spalter’s recent New York City solo show (featuring geometrically patterned video works generated from footage she shot in traffic, from aerial perches, at airports, and on the highway) received reviews in Modern Painters, ArtSlant, PostMediumCrituque, ArtDaily, the Sundance Channel and more.

All: Please post this link to facebook and twitter. We want as many friends of friends to know about the ticket pre-order as possible, before the price goes up.

Thank you,


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