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$822 pledged of $5,000 goal
$822 pledged of $5,000 goal

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Gentrieve 2 KickStarter Ending!

Hey all,

With less than 2 hours to go, this KickStarter will be wrapping up shortly! I want to welcome all new Gentrieve 2 supporters that found this project & thank you for pledging!

I recommend you guys head over to my homepage @ and pre-order the game via BMT Micro, since those who pledged here will not get the game otherwise (since this KickStarter didn't reach its goal). If you want to show additional support like you may have offered here on KickStarter, you can purchase more pre-orders as gifts to share with friends. :-)

This game is still under very active development and still will be great! I still plan on having contests, but the prizes will start out a bit more modest. Look for a playable alpha sometime in August! I will keep my blog updated, and I hope to have a new gameplay video up within a week!

Thank you again,

- Phr00t

Gentrieve 2 Outlook is Very Good

Hey all,

With less than a week to go, and more than $4,000 to raise, it is unlikely that this project will reach its goal. However, don't fear, because Gentrieve 2 will still be made and I'm still working as hard as possible on it!

Without the additional funding from KickStarter, I will have to pay professional artists through pre-orders over time, and initial contest prizes will be modest.

Gentrieve 2 will still be an amazing game, and I thank all of my backers and supporters. I've been getting some great ideas implemented, like a Gravity gun & Portal-like gun. Graphics have seen many improvements, and I hope to have some new screenshots and gameplay videos posted on my website in the next week or two.

If this KickStarter does indeed fall through, please head over to Gentrieve 2's homepage @ and pre-order there -- you will still get the game and show your support!

- Phr00t

HUD & Story!

Hey all,

A “Heads Up Display” is starting to come together! First important display will be “health” — which will now be represented by wrenches, since you are a robotic probe after all! The green wrench will show how many health upgrades you have, which will determine your maximum health. Your shields will also be displayed, if you have that upgrade. The spots on the left will signify frost and flame suit upgrades. The blocks to the right will show passive and active (e.g. weapons & grappling hook) abilities, complete with ammo. I’m planning on using the mousewheel to select your primary ability, and Shift+mousewheel to select the secondary ability.

A map system is planned, but not implemented yet!

A story is also being fleshed out:

Many “Mass Generators”, which are often used to automatically generate robots and buildings for peaceful purposes, got stolen to create rogue robotic installations. However, thieves are generally terrible programmers, so the robotic installations came out awkward and the robots aggressive. As a result, the thieves abandoned the installations, if they were able to escape at all. You are in charge of controlling a versatile military probe, designed for finding Mass Generators deep within robotic installations, deactivating them, and returning them to official custody. Be warned, when a Mass Generator gets deactivated, its creations become unstable and eventually implode — so you must exit the installation as quickly as possible!

Development update video!

More Gentrieve 2 Details

After receiving some feedback, I thought I'd address it in a new update with some more details:

I'm not sold on randomly generated levels... I want well designed levels over "replayability."

Why can't you have both? This is the big challenge I am taking on. Often, with procedural games, content isn't very unique or interesting compared to hand-crafted level design. I'm doing my best to come as close to hand-crafted design as possible, while also still providing an endless assortment of unique and interesting levels to play. This is being done by having a very free-form generation method that has lots of room for level & room variations, pulling from a large pool of textures, models, puzzles & more.

If all your content, including textures, are randomly generated, why do you need artists?

Artists do much more than just make textures. They can help pick colors, align textures, create models & give great advice on how to tie the whole "look" together. In addition, my textures are not being generated "from scratch", but from hand-designed textures mixed together and tweaked to give them a unique look.

I'm still not sold. What more can Gentreve 2 do that I can get excited about?

I plan to support custom levels which can be shared among players. This would allow people to design their own levels & challenges, right down to placing individual platforms, doors & puzzles, to then give to other people to play. I will initially support this by creating an easy file format for entering level & world data, which then can be imported into Gentrieve 2.