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Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.
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Remarkably, We Have Shipped Over 3,000 Books Throughout the World!

Posted by Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender (Creator)

Remarkably, We Have Shipped Over 3,000 Books Throughout the World! 

Wendy and I, with the help of friends, moved through the shipping vortex filled with — what felt like — endless boxes, tape, paper, bags, and labels. This past Friday we shipped the last book of the 3,000-plus books that had been pre-ordered. We distributed books to nearby supporters just a few paces away (Hudson Valley, NY), to folks from far away lands such as Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Singapore, and to many of you living somewhere in between. After packing, taping and labeling the last box, which was sent to Dan Searing of Washington D.C., Wendy and I hugged and shared a moment filled with laughter and tears. The journey to you, our Kickstarter supporters, has finally come full circle. Needless to say, in the process, we may have accidentally filled your order twice or perhaps lost a name or two along the way. Please contact us at: to resolve these issues. Also if you still have not sent us your address, please do so to collect your reward. 

We are proud to offer limited edition 12 x 16 inch giclee prints of the Plant Identification Botanical Pages printed on acid free watercolor paper with archival inks. The following prints are currently available: Wild Grape, Red Raspberry, Dandelion, and Day Lily (see images below). If you have chosen this as your reward please contact us to let us know which print you would like. Additionally, these prints are available through our website. Click this link to see and order them. 

We are also pleased to introduce you to our publishing company called Botanical Arts Press. Foraging & Feasting has been published and is now being distributed through our company. Please visit our website:

Distributing Foraging & Feasting. If you like you can play a role in this. We are hearing stories about how some of you have brought Foraging & Feasting to your local shops and have been met with very positive responses. The store owners, as well as surrounding customers, are eager to purchase the book right away and they do! Wholesale orders are coming in. Please help us bring Foraging & Feasting into your local neighborhood by presenting your physical book to shops that you think would like to carry it. Then give them the flyer about the book that we included in your package. (We can send you more of these flyers if you like. Let us know at 

Again, we ask you to send us names and contact info of bookstores, natural food stores, herb shop, etc. who might like to carry our book. We thank those of you have already sent this information to us. We have just begun to reach out to these contacts and will continue to do so. 

As always, our book Foraging & Feasting, the botanical/foraging jumbo-sized note cards with featured recipe on the back, and the limited edition botanical prints are for sale on our website: 

We are deeply grateful to you. We hope that this journey you have taken with us has been worthy. And most importantly we hope you like your book. May it inspire you to forage and to feast! 

In gratitude,

Dina and Wendy

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    1. Edmund on

      I've still not received my book. How can I check that it has been sent?


    2. Robert Ash on

      I received my book. It is an amazing and beautiful book - great work!

    3. Daniella Fayad on

      Just recieved my book and it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much!

    4. Roc on

      What a fantastic, timeless book you have produced. Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Penryn Craig on

      I can only be redundant here: it is astonishingly beautiful! Thanks so much and many blessings to you both in your continued journeys.

    6. Eugene R. Greenwood

      I received my copy in the mail today and it is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. The depth of the information presented far exceeds my expectations as well. I bought mine as a gift to my Favorite Daughter-In-Law, a Landscape Architect who just became a Master Gardener this year. She lives in a Redwood Forest so I expect that she will be able to find many of the plants described in the book.

      I'm happy that you inscribed my copy to her with both of your signatures.

      Thank you!

    7. Linda F on

      Mine came a couple of days ago. No words. Beautifully done. I had happened upon this site back in March. So glad I did and am feeling very fortunate to own a copy. I have already contacted our local indie bookstore and have an email to several others out of state that I frequent when I visit there. I hope they pick it up.

    8. Kathleen Doerr on

      Mine arrived yesterday as well, so beautiful! I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge presented. I originally got involved because I collect cookbooks but this is so much more! The book is so lovely I wish I had the sort of house where a coffee table book could sit out. I will be visiting the website because the prints are such wonderful works of art I think I may need several.


    9. Missing avatar

      Carolina Ellis on

      When I opened the box and saw the amazing beauty of what you have produced, I was in awe. As my eyes scanned the beauty within, my fingers could not stop stroking the butteriness of the cover. The wealth of information you have provided has blown me away ... and all of it cloaked in such jaw dropping beauty. It feels like I received a gift - directly from the two of you to me. So much so that, for the life of me, I can not recall how much I donated. I have backed several projects via Kickstarter, but this is the only one that feels like I got a gift rather than simple a "product that I paid for." I can not thank you enough.

    10. John Howard on

      Just got mine yesterday. I LOVE the feel of this book! The art, and the detail and variety with the recipies to absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this project.