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Wow, Super Excited: Our Book Foraging & Feasting has Arrived!

Posted by Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender (Creator)

Wow, Super Excited: Our Book Foraging & Feasting has Arrived! 

Yesterday at 11:15am a large tractor-trailer came winding down our backcountry road with 6,000 plus copies of our book Foraging & Feasting. With the help of our farmer friend and his farm tractor with forklift attachment, we were able to unload the 9 pallets of books onto the dirt driveway. Then with the muscle power of a dozen friends and neighbors we moved the 620 boxes, each weighing 25 pounds, into their storage locations. One of the storage facilities is up a winding flight of stairs. We created a “human chain” with 10 people and moved 2250 books into this second floor storage room in less than an hour. By 1:15pm we had put the last box away, completing the unloading journey. Now all the books are safely stored and awaiting their travels to you.

How beautiful to be surrounded by this gift you all will be receiving shortly. As I write this update, Wendy and I are busy signing the 3,000 books to be received by you. We estimate the signing alone will take us 1-2 days. We begin packing and shipping on Monday and expect to continue this into the third week in July. 

We will have a packing/shipping party on Tuesday July 16 from 11am–7pm at Hollengold Farm (see location right below). Please let us know if you can join us by emailing:

Again, we invite you to celebrate with us at the Foraging & Feasting book release party: Date and Time: Sunday, July 14th from 4 - 7pm Location: Hollengold Farm, 222 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY 12404 

Please let us know if you would like to pick up your book at one of the events, or in person at another time by emailing:

Distributing Foraging & Feasting. We plan to circulate our book in a different manner. We would like to sell directly to independently owned bookstores and other shops and bypass the "regular" distribution channels. We hope to prevent large on-line booksellers from cornering the market by underselling everyone else. We envision people shopping at their local stores and buying our book from real people, in real time, in a real neighborhood. By supporting independently owned shops, we can assist in revitalizing local towns while helping redistribute the wealth into the hands of many. 

Bring Foraging & Feasting into your local neighborhood. Please help us bring Foraging & Feasting into your local neighborhood. Send us names and contact info of bookstores, natural food stores, herb shop, etc. who might like to carry our book. Included with your book will be a flyer that you can bring to your local stores to help them place an order. As always, our book and other products are available for sale on our website. 

We thank you for taking this journey with us. You have made it that much more special and exciting. 

 In gratitude Dina and Wendy 

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    1. Joe on

      My cookbooks arrived yesterday! Beautifuuuuuul! I was up until the wee hours flipping though each page!

    2. Anna Strait on

      I got my book and I love it!

    3. Kate Spinillo on


      Two recommendations I have in the Capital Area of Michigan [Lansing] would be and .

    4. Bill Holmberg on

      Wonderful news, and congratulations on bringing this to fruition! What a series of exciting developments you have all gone through and shared with us. I would have loved to have been there to see you all go through the stages of planning, posting the Kickstarter listing, and then watching the painfully slow crawl towards your goal- and the sudden jubilation when it became apparent that you would surmount the figure by several multiples!
      I am eagerly awaiting my copy, as are my friends that i notified of the books upcoming release.
      I am also hoping for regional followups to this for the Southeast, Southwest and Western areas should you decide to do those as well.
      I would also suggest that you find as many "prepper" sites to list on as possible, as this is a great addition to any survival book list!
      All the best,
      Bill and Lori

    5. Missing avatar

      midgetmanifesto on

      Banyen Books in Vancouver, BC might be a good fit for your book. (

      Banyen Books & Sound is located at 3608 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6R 1P1

      Books and General Info: 604-732-7912

      Music, Event Tickets, Arts, Gifts: 604-737-8858

      Toll-free in Canada/USA: 1-800-663-8442

      The Store/Customer Service:

    6. Missing avatar

      Barclay A. Dunn on

      Congratulations! Really looking forward to seeing the book when it arrives!

      I know of a lovely little bookstore in Concord, MA, whose email updates I receive, and I think they might be a good match for you. Their contact info is:

      The Concord Bookshop
      65 Main St
      Concord, MA 01742
      Tel: (978) 369-2405

      They won't recognize my name, so alas I can't help more than simply recommending you get in touch with them.

    7. Teach By Magic on

      Great update - Congrats on a fun day!!!