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Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.
Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.
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Foraging & Feasting was printed yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan! 

Wendy took a road trip from NY to the midwest accompanied by Jim, the owner of the printing company. We have felt the importance of attending to the book at every stage of production and especially at the final moment. How exciting it was to be "on press" while the books were being printed. The print plant worked magic so we could see all four components on press at the same time. This included the book cover, the two color recipe section, the four color plant identification pages, and the four color endpapers. 

Today the book pages will be dry and ready to begin their journey around the print plant. They will get collated, folded, sewn together, trimmed, and then bound together into the hard case printed book jacket. 

Next the books get packed into cartons, loaded onto pallets, and put onto a large truck that will transport the 18,000 pounds of books to us in Accord, New York. Estimated date for books to arrive here is July 3rd.

Visit our facebook page to see a photo album of the making of the book.

Logistics for receiving 6000 books in 600 cartons each weighing 28 pounds is challenging. If the idea of carrying 28 pound cartons up a flight of stairs sounds more fun then a trip to the gym, consider signing up to help us by emailing us here. Tentative date  for unloading books is July 3rd.

We invite you to celebrate with us at the Foraging & Feasting book release party:

Date and Time: Sunday, July 14th from 4 - 7pm

Location: Hollengold Farm, 222 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY 12404

If you can make it to the Book Release Party and would like to pick up your book then, please let us know by emailing here so we won't mail your book. We apologize for asking you to do this before while not providing you with a place to sign up! We are trying to navigate the internet world, but sometimes it is challenging, so go easy on us. 

We are also considering the logistics of signing close to 3000 books and shipping them! If you like the idea of helping us package and ship books, let us know by: e-mail here. Tentative date for packing and shipping is July 8th.

We promise that at each of these book gatherings, there will be samples of a beverage and a snack from the book, and Dina will be on hand to identify any plants in the vicinity! You only need to respond with one email even if you want to attend multiple events. Just tell us in your email which events you would like to attend email.

For the majority of you that will be anxiously awaiting your book or books in the mail, please be patient for a little while longer. We will try to get them out to you as soon as we can.

We will ship note cards and prints when we ship the books. 

We are very grateful to you for taking this journey with us,

Dina and Wendy

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    1. Keith on

      @Anna, the problem is the "http://" tag in front of the "mailto://" tag (and there should be the "//" with the mailto.)


    2. Anna Strait on

      Oh and nothing happens when I click the Email here links.

    3. Anna Strait on

      Hmmmmmm... 9 hour trip to help unload boxes.... sounds like fun to me.

    4. jorlinn on Linux on

      It must be great to see the finished product appear on the pages in stages., Nice photos. Thanks for the update. I'll be looking forward to my copy. Will probably arrive here in August or so.

    5. Carol Fedora Creech on

      Awesome!! You were probably right up the street from me :) So exciting to see it in print! Congratulations :)

    6. Sharon Rose on

      So excited for you! It must be amazing to finally see it take physical form. I need to finish my book... I'm looking forward to that moment, too!
      Eagerly watching my mail,

    7. Paul Quick

      Excellent update!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bheleu on

      Congratulations! No books for me, but following along anyways in case you did the ebook/iBook or even a PDF of the book.

    9. David Simmons on

      600 hundred boxes. Don't unpack them, just stack them up as an addition to the building!