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Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.
Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.
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    1. Sharni Ryan on

      Hi, I wanted you to know that I love love love my book, many thanks

    2. Scott on

      Dang! My son just texted me and my awesome book did arrive. I look forward to (1) seeing my book and (2) grounding my kid for originally telling me that it wasn't there!
      Thanks (and sorry)

    3. Scott on

      Hi, I've been traveling on an extended project, but the family back home told me that the book hasn't arrived. Can you tell me if it's been sent out when it will be please? Sorry to not email, but it won't go through on my smart phone. Thanks.

    4. Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender Creator on

      Thank you Adam Voss for your comment. I am glad that the book is helping you find more wild edibles.

      You mention pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) as an herb to be used with caution. The herb in whole form has been consumed safely just as one would use peppermint, spearmint, and other Menthas, except when pregnant. Pennyroyal, as well as common culinary herbs such as basil, should be used cautiously, if at all, by pregnant ladies.

      However, please note once pennyroyal has been made into an essential oil, (or when any herb has been made into an essential oil for that matter) it becomes highly toxic and should not be consumed.

      I was not able to expand on the species related to the featured plants due to lack of space. As you can see, I mention them only in a contextual manner and not with specific details. I hope readers will continue to research the related species as you have done. Thank you for bringing this up. Happy foraging and feasting!

    5. Adam Voss on

      I have enjoyed being able to identify more edible plants with the help of your book. Thank you again for making it.

      In the process of working to identify an unknown Mentha plant I found, I learned of pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) which, from what I can find, to need at least be consumed with caution. This discovery surprised me given the book's comment that "Many other Mentha species are used similarly," while not a false statement, I would have hoped for a little more caution in such recommendations.

    6. Christina Mol on

      I received my book today! Thank you! We will see how many of the plants I can find in Northern Ontario.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Kelbley on

      Book showed up last week..
      (I was out)

      Wife had friends over..
      They opened it.
      It made the rounds..

      I FINALLY got to see it tonight, and it is STUNNING!
      Great Work!

      (I think I'm going to need a laminated edition!)


    8. Missing avatar

      Nova Clarke

      I love the book and the drawings are fantastic - thanks!

    9. Dacian Herbei on

      The book looks incredible!
      thank you.
      I bought two in the idea to make one a gift but I think I will have one secure away from the kitchen just so that I always have one unspoiled by stains or anything else.
      I hope my cooking will eventually raise to the same quality.
      I hope you don't stop and write more even thou I don't know what will top this.
      Please if it is not too much make another kickstarter project or sell some drawings as posters.
      They are too beautiful to hide in a book.
      thanks again!
      all the best,

    10. MannyLaMancha on

      I just got my book here in California on Friday, and it's beautiful! Thanks so much.

    11. Missing avatar

      Louis J Mirecki on

      Sorry Ladies! I was logged in to my Facebook and not my Kickstarter account. I see that it just shipped and eagerly await it! Great summer reading for my trip! Thanks and congratulations again!!

    12. Donna Komm on

      I received my book in the mail's beautiful. I will be giving it to my granddaughter next month for her birthday, and I'm sure she will appreciate it even more after taking all her wilderness survival classes. I live in California, so those who are wondering about their books being shipped here, you should see them soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rich Ambuske on

      Wendy, Dina: beautiful, amazing book. Congratulations on the success of this project of love. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the box and leafing through the pages, in awe of the talent, hard work and devotion.

    14. Christopher P Cook on

      Thank you so much!!! Just got my book! It is beautifully drawn and greatly written!!! Both of you Rock!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Thor Johnson on

      Beautiful book arrived in GA today. Excellent!.

    16. Ken's Lil' Sister

      I have my book, it is beautiful. I am wondering what the status of the ebook is, I contacted you when the campaign was still going and you indicated that their would be one. I am wondering because it would be easier to have my smartphone or tablet out in the wild instead of this beautiful book that I would love to keep pristine.

    17. Diane Reese on

      Is there a way to track one's book shipment? Mine has not arrived in California yet, and I need to know whether to have someone watch for its delivery so it does not get stolen while I'm away on a short holiday; thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      squarerootofpi on

      Just received my copy. It is an amazing piece of art and instruction. Phenomenal job!

    19. Tracy McMahon on

      I got my book! Amazingly beautiful and useful, two features not commonly found together. Congratulations! I look forward to spending more time with it.

    20. Paul Quick

      Got my book today. It is beautiful and amazing! Sooo excited!

    21. Natalie on

      Oh!I My book arrived today. It's beautiful. Thank you so much!

    22. Dan Stefancik on

      Received my copy today. Beautiful and well deserving of all the hype. I've just sampled my backyard patch of Bee Balm blossoms and it looks like I'll be sharing it with the hummingbirds from now on. A tasty treat for both of us!

    23. Elizabeth Ray on

      Got my book, it is lovely! Thank you.

    24. Bert M Calentine on

      we got the books, and they are as awsome as promised,

    25. Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender Creator on

      We are glad you love your books, BP Storn. Please get back to us in a couple of weeks, after we have completed shipping the books and we can discuss putting our book on your website!

    26. B.P. Storn on

      HI Dina and Wendy,

      Just received my F&F books and absolutely love them. Cannot wait to give one to two friends for their wedding present.

      On a similar but separate note, extra so more now that I have received and seen my book, we would love to have your Foraging & Feasting book on Just let me know if you want to do use us as another outlet to reach the curious and unique folks around the world.

      Best of Luck for continued success in all your ventures!

    27. Paul Bradshaw on

      You guys have run this like pros. Promise made, promise kept. Great communication. A refreshingly professional experience for a Kickstarter project. Can't wait to get and read the book. Thanks!

    28. Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender Creator on

      The book was printed yesterday. It will be collated and bound in the next few days. It needs to dry and cure and different stages after being printed! Then it will be shipped to us. We will sign the books and then start shipping them out! We are only 2 weeks behind our estimated schedule. The delay was due to our wanting the book to be as good as possible, re -edits, adding pages and extra images, better paper, etc. We should be shipping them to you in July, very soon! A more detailed update will follow in a day or two.

    29. Leonard Ashman on

      We have not received our book. What is the delay? Thank you, L. Ashman

    30. Christopher P Cook on

      Yay!!! I just answered my Survey!!! :^D

    31. Missing avatar

      jason on

      Please contact this local bookstore. They are three wonderful women improving the community they live in.

    32. Missing avatar

      KifKaf on

      Thank you so much for your wonderful work! It just struck me how wonderful the word "forage" is in sound & meaning than "shop."

    33. JoAnne Bander on

      I can help you with book stores and events in Miami and MidCoast Maine.

    34. Kevin Bohn on

      Looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you have in store for us!
      I grew up on a farm in western Oklahoma, and we routinely foraged for wild poke, lambs quarter, and wild plumbs...
      I look out on this concrete now and miss those days so much...


    35. Terry Elvers on

      Have not heard from you in a while... how is it going?
      Any updates?


    36. Daniel Sheetz on

      Congratulations! I'm ecstatic to be apart of something so beautiful and useful! Can't wait to receive it!

    37. Mary-Ann Greanier on

      Congratulations! As an herbalist and wild crafter of herbs and edible plants, I am so excited about this project. And I'm always thrilled when women succeed.

    38. Missing avatar

      Una Walker on

      How exciting! I run a school Farm program and can't wait to incorporate more Foraging and Feasting into our program. Wish I had ordered an extra copy for my daughter.

    39. Missing avatar

      Georgia Melnyk on

      I am so excited about the response to your project because since my childhood in California I have been cooking with wild foods like mustard greens, onions and their flowers, lambsquarters, dandelion, purslane, wild asparagus, etc. Now that I live in the Northeast, I would love to forage here. You are just the help I need to introduce me to the wild vegetation we have here. Thank you for all your efforts. Can't wait to receive my copy.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ellen McMicking on

      Congratulations, ladies, on the wonderful success of this Kickstarter! It should be obvious to you by now that there is a LOT of interest in your book! I am looking forward to receiving, reading, and *using* mine soon! Best of luck for the future!

    41. Missing avatar

      Catwho on

      Congratulations on meeting the 100K push goal! I'm looking forward to my copy of the book in a few months.

    42. Broklynite on

      I've seen cookbooks like this before. Normally I'd not bother, but I was intrigued that the art was beautiful and the recipes use meat and don't look like garbage. Most cookbooks of this style tend to have recipes that taste like grass and tells you they're good for you. I'm really hoping this is different.

    43. ThinkHat on

      Great work. This is something we don't see in the regular cookbook sections in a bookstore. You should hook up with Dr. Andrew Weil of the "True Food" fame!

    44. Missing avatar

      gail youngelson on

      Hello, I just pledged $250 for your book. I meant for that pledge to go count as: one $70 (2 book) pledge and two $90 (beverage workshop) pledges. hope that is OK. Good luck!

      gail youngelson

    45. Luke Roberts on

      From comments it seems I'm the first backer from Australia (there's probably more but who knows), so just a shout out to wish you all the best on the project beyond the kickstarter. I do understand that fauna varies from country to country, place to place, but some of the images shown do echo with species out here introduced or otherwise so I'm curious.

    46. maryanne asta on

      For Christina and all the others that asked for draft versions, check out Wendy's book
      Botanical Drawing in Color.
      Can't wait to get this.... :)

    47. Leslee Cooper on

      I am in agreement with Paul who posted on February 14 regarding the book cover design. The current cover design as displayed does not match the design and artistic level of the interior pages and illustrations of the book. Since you have exceeded your fundraising goal, I hope you'll hire a professional book cover designer who will meet the quality of the interior. Best wishes to this fabulous project.

    48. Missing avatar

      Stephen Earley on

      FYI.... hope this helps. The two things that I want and need the most is missing from all the books. The medicinal and food use of herbs/wild plants, along with a list or spreadsheet approach of when they are available in the wild, when to harvest them and what parts to harvest for what. Another is a desease based cross reference. Ie; Harvest the flowers from the stalk of the mulien to difuse in an organic cold processed olive oil for ear infections and aches. Harvest in June/July/Aug according to zone you live in. Another would be to say spring list of edibles....... water cress, chickweed, red bud flowers and beans, dandelion, etc.

      Love the plant example pics and descriptions....... thanks for all the work! No need to answer me.

    49. Missing avatar

      Christina Svendsen on

      I'm a happy backer -- very excited to receive my copy soon!

      If you still have time for new plans in the e-book version, or even the main version -- I'd LOVE to see some draft versions of one of the illustrations next to the finished, final version, or even a few comments/observations/instructions on botanical drawing. Many people like to practice botanical drawing -- either as part of field notes, or as a little art practice -- including me -- and it would be lovely to see an example of the steps you went through, or hear some of your method/philosophy/sources of inspiration.
      However, I'm also looking forward to the book as is.

    50. John Gallagher on

      Make SURE you bug me to interview you on HerbMentor Radio again when this is ready to come out! -john

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