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Update #3

Time floats by.....

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Last weekend L&L did a test build day in Alameda. With the help of an intrepid band of volunteers, we put together a real, live plywood-and-bins platform (and it even floated!). 

We learned a lot and shared some ideas with the salty sailors who will be building the 24'x28' central platform at this year's event. We discovered that you can actually paddle around on a plywood raft, even.

Our Kickstarter is nearing its end and of course we'd love more donations to reach our laser goal, but we actually want to take this update to say: hey, consider donating to the central platform! Their WePay is here: 

The central platform is really what makes Ephemerisle a cohesive community and not just a bunch of boats that happen to be tethered together. It functions as a conference center for microtalks, a social gathering place, and even a dance floor. Who doesn't want a giant floating dance floor?


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Rebecca (deleted) on April 16, 2012

      You were right, the design worked very well! Looks useful for many applications.

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