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I have been writing music and playing guitar since I was 9. This is my first time in the studio to ever record any of my music.
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Jenny Baron

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New Song Written & A Big Thank You

Hi Everyone,

First off, let me say thank you thank you thank you! I can't believe in just a week and a half we are 2/3 of the way funded! It really warms my heart! Everyone that knows me well, knows I love and value community, whether it be friends, family, yoga.......I must have been a hippie living in a commune in a past life :) I'm so excited that "we" get to make this record together and I have lots of fun update ideas for you all as we go. :) 

On another note. I finished a new song last night that is going to be on the record and I'm really excited to start building it. I thought maybe you guys would find it interesting to see how a song is built from the ground up...It's sort of like building a house :) So as we go- I will post updates with pictures and video so you can watch it being built and feel included in the process. 

So Step 1: Writing The Song 

Everyone has there own unique way of how they go about writing.. some people write lyrics and then put music to it, some people hum melodies in the car and then go home and work out the notes. I do sort of a mixture between the two. When I'm feeling inspired, which for me usually means there is a story I want to tell, I grab my guitar or in a rare case sit down at the piano and begin strumming or picking out various notes. After awhile of messing around I begin to hear a melody and once I have the melody ( which usually starts as the verse melody) I begin to write the lyrics- and develop the story. I don't usually put a bridge into the song- but if I do I always write it at the very end. I try to stay as unattached to the songs as I can - some of them will probably never be heard and serve more as a musical journal for me, while others I immediately know need to be shared with folks.  When I finish the song.. I pretty much know within the first few minutes which kind of song it is going to be. I find if I'm driving and wanting to sing it or listen to it- then that's usually an indicator for me that it has a bigger life than just in my bathroom shower. P.S. did I mention I like to write with candles in my bathroom? Usually sitting on the counters :) When I am done with a song I grab my computer and record it in Garage Band and send the song to itunes so I can put it on my ipod and make-up harmonies :) more to come! xoxox -Jenny

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