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AU$ 251 pledged of AU$ 5,000 goal
By MC Planck
AU$ 251 pledged of AU$ 5,000 goal


The worst words a DM ever hears are, "What's over that hill?"

Sandbox World Generator creates an entire campaign setting with the click of a button. Everything from random encounters to whole kingdoms, and the occasional dungeon too.

The kingdoms are not simply random; they are created using the Lords of Prime game supplement. This method produces believable and consistent encounters (no more 11th level wizards tending bar in an isolated village).

Everything is editable, either through the app or a simple text editor. You can drop your own creations into the app and just use the rest of it for when your players go off-track, or even use the setting as-is. Scorpus: The Stinging Sea is an example of some light editing on a random world while making up stories about the NPCs and nations to bring them to life.


Funding Requirement: $5,000

The random encounters and national military forces are fully customizable via a simple text file. The races and classes of the kingdoms are hard-coded for D20 3.5, however. The goal of this Kickstarter is to make the races and classes customizable, so that the program can support other fantasy games like Pathfinder, 5E, Swords and Wizardry, and really any game that works in classes and levels.


Funding Requirement: $1,000,000

The app zooms from 10,000 miles down to 100 miles, where every square is a 10 x 10 mile area. What would be really, really cool is if it could zoom all the way down to 5' squares, producing ready-to-play battlemaps.

This would mean creating cities, towns, dungeons, and buildings at the 5' scale. NPCs would be fully fleshed out, with all stats, random personalities, and the occasional quest. Random encounters would already have their HPs rolled up and their full combat statistics ready to go. More work would need to be put into the in-app editing tools. A professional artist would be needed to create the kind of beautiful icons seen in other mapping products.

This would be a phenomenal amount of effort, requiring me to hire a team and work full time for 2-3 years. The world probably doesn't need that much effort put into a gaming supplement, but 100,000 of you could prove me wrong.

Risks and challenges

The basic app is already done; you can download it from DriveThruRPG.

Customizing races and classes is more work than it sounds like, but well within my ability as a programmer with 30+ years of experience.

Meeting the Stretch Goal would be more difficult, but I have founded and run a scientific instrument company before and I've already solved the basic technical challenge of this task.

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