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The perilous racing experience for 2-6 distinguished pilots.  The ambitious debut from Split Second Games.
The perilous racing experience for 2-6 distinguished pilots. The ambitious debut from Split Second Games.
448 backers pledged $33,380 to help bring this project to life.

Free Mini-Expansion and What's to Come


Hi everyone,

We're very happy to say that everything has been sent out and delivered, and we can officially put this Kickstarter project to bed.


Since we last posted, Quicksilver found its way onto a number of "Best of 2013" lists, including The Dice Tower &  Distribution has been established and is growing. We expect to be in many game stores across America soon.  Please ask your local game store to carry Quicksilver, and tell them how much fun you've had playing it.

FREE MINI-EXPANSION: The Quicksilver Weather Deck

To celebrate the official end of this campaign, we're giving you first access to a free print-and-play expansion which adds weather effects to the game. Please click here to download.


More to come.
More to come.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @Split2ndGames or on Facebook for up-to-date news.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support in not just making Quicksilver possible, but making Split Second Games possible. We hope to see many of you again for our next Kickstarter. Until then, we wish you a happy & productive year.

Take care,

Randy & Paul

FINALLY! Wood boxes are ready to ship, please confirm addresses


Hi everyone,

So the time has finally come.  The boxes are done, and we will begin delivering by the end of the week.

Here are the important bits:

1) PLEASE send us a private message before the end of the week if you want your box shipped to an address other than the one you gave us on your survey. We don't have spare boxes, so we only get one shot to get it to you. If we don't hear from you, we will ship to the address we have on file starting on Monday.

 2) We will be insuring the boxes for their full value, just in case something goes wrong.  Additionally, we will be requiring signature confirmation as a result to confirm in-person delivery.  Sorry if this is inconvenient, but we don't want the delivery guy to leave it on your doorstep, only to have some punk kid snatch it, thinking it's a PS4.  We can always ship to your workplace if no one will be home.  Just let us know by the end of the week if you want it sent to another address.

3) If you'd like your copy personalized on the inside label, please let us know by the end of the week.  If you don't want personalization, it will still be signed & numbered.

And that's it!  We can't wait to get these in the mail, and we can't wait to call this Kickstarter campaign closed after all this time and give our full focus to the next game.

Again, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your support and everlasting patience.

Take care,


Boxes: Lessons Learned & What the heck is taking so long.


I am a lousy estimator of the time it takes to make 40 wooden boxes.  This much is apparent by now.

Those of you waiting for a wood box are surely aware that your reward has not yet arrived on your doorstep yet, as promised by my last post. 

Here's where I went wrong: I missed the part where cutting the miters for the corners inevitably results in some amount of tearing out, or places where the grain of the wood is broken away by the router bit as it spins across the end grain of the wood.  

Not a big deal, as it can be patched and corrected.  But, like every other part of this process, it takes time & care.  Filling gaps with wood putty (after matching colors) and then refinishing the patched areas with the same 6 layers of shellac and polyurethane as the rest of the box with a tiny paintbrush, while sanding between each layer, takes a considerable amount of time and care.

Anyway, just to show that we aren't scamming you, here's what the workbench looks like tonight: 

As you can see, we've made it to the "cutting the lids off" phase.  They're not fully cut off yet.  There's 1/32 of an inch of material still connecting the lid to the box.  Why? To avoid taking any damage from the table saw, the cut is made to within 1/32" of cutting all the way through the wall.  The lids will be finally separated with a utility knife and a hand plane will be used to clean it up.  

Here's a photo that shows off the logo on the box:

And here's an inside shot of what it looks like with the lid cut off and the insert placed inside:

While this is happening, Dad is building the jig to mortise out a recess in both the box and the lid for the hinge.  Another step where great care and precision is necessary, but once the jig is built, the actually cutting goes pretty quickly.

Once the mortises are all cut, then the recently exposed edges go back for finishing.  Again, this will be done by hand and will take a number of days that is hard to determine exactly.

Now the good news! Once these edges have the finish applied and re-sanded, the rest is an assembly line process.  Hinges, latches, and inserts will be installed, and the inner label will be pasted on and autographed, and then we package and ship!

So when is this going to happen?  At this point, I am reluctant to give you a date, for fear of giving you another missed deadline.  I think it's incredibly safe to say that everyone should have their boxes in time for Christmas.  Keep in mind, that's an intentionally well-padded estimate, and there is every indication that we'll be done well in advance of that.

Rest assured, though, that daily progress is being made.  

I'm happy to answer any question you may have.  Feel free to send me a message through Kickstarter or email me directly at 

Thanks again,


Checking in & Progress report

Hi everyone! 

It's been a little while since I reported in, so I just to check with everyone to make sure that everyone has received their copy of Quicksilver.  Some of you never responded to your survey, so this is a chance to let us know who you are.  If you haven't received your game, let me know by sending a message through this site.

At this point, the only people who should be waiting on anything are the backers at the wood box level.  Here's the progress report on those:

First off, here's the photo from the first test fit of the pieces.  It hasn't been glued together yet and it's still missing the hardware, but you can finally get an idea of what the final product is going to look like.

Nice, yes?  But not done yet.

Here's the finished insert that will house all the the components:

The cards will slot diagonally into the upper left-hand section, allowing for easy retrieval.  There is a slot for everything else as well.  This is all my dad's design, and he knocked it out of the park.  There's even room for future expansions (except for new game boards, which take up a lot of room).

And here's the first look at the latch that each box will have: 

If I may say so, that is a sexy latch (as far as box latches go). And they're even nicer looking in person.

So, here's what's left to do, and the schedule for completion:

  • 9/4 - Felt will begin being cut & glued to the floors of the boxes
  • 9/10 - Cigar style label gets printed and adhered to the inside lid of each box.  This will also serve as the signature plate.
  • 9/18 - The Quicksilver logo gets screen printed on each top
  • 9/20 - Box tops & bottoms travel from Chicago back to St. Louis for final assembly
  • 9/21 - Box are glued & clamped together
  • 9/23 - Lids are separated from the boxes, and the cutline will be sanded and finished
  • 9/25 - Boxes are inspected for blemishes and have a final coat of finish applied
  • 9/30 - Hardware Installed (latches & hinges)
  • 10/06 - If all prior steps go to plan, Shipping begins.

Again, your patience is more than appreciated in all of this.  I've had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person at conventions, and your graciousness has been reassuring that we're doing the right thing by taking our time to get it right.  

I'll be sure to update as things come close to finishing, or to announce any further setbacks, so as not to leave anyone in the dark

Thanks again,


Progress Report on Wood Boxes

Hi all you interested parties,

Randy here again.  As per a recent comment, and in light of recent news about another company's failed efforts post Kickstarter, I thought it might be prudent to give you an update about the last of the rewards.

Rest assured, we have not forgotten about you.  Progress on the boxes continues at a steady pace.  Work on the walls of the box is being wrapped up currently.  In the course of building, several changes have been introduced into the design.  For example, in lieu of the originally planned box joints for the corners, my dad & I have opted for a sturdy (and cool looking) Lock Mitre joint.  Much cleaner looking and less prone to problems inherent in using box joints on boxes with (relatively) low walls.  

My dad's shop is closing for the rest of the month for a long-planned family vacation, but here's what's planned for August:

  • Walls will be finished and any necessary touchups made
  • Lids & bottoms will be cut and sent to me in Chicago for silkscreening
  • Insert trays will be cut & constructed (which are seriously cool and far more engineered than my original drawing, thanks to my dad's input)
  • The felt lining will be installed
  • Final assembly will begin.

It is currently expected that the boxes will ship out in early September.  

To humble myself a bit; I never expected it to take this long or be this challenging when we set up the project last year.  This is due, in part, to us not expecting to sell so many boxes, and in part to not fully realizing all of the technical challenges my design involved. 

Additionally, more than a year ago, I seriously underestimated the amount of time I would have to dedicate to being in my dad's shop in St. Louis, as well as the amount of time my dad could reasonably dedicate to the project on his own. 

Needless to say, these will probably be the last wood boxes we offer for a Kickstarter campaign.

All that said, we're pleased with the results to this point, and are very much looking forward to seeing this project completed.

Again, and as always, thank you for your patience with us in this process.  Expect another update sometime in late August about the boxes.  In the meantime, feel free to send a message to me here with any questions you have.

Take care,