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The rotation180º backpack lets you access your photography equipment like never before.
The rotation180º backpack lets you access your photography equipment like never before.
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    1. Creator Andre Kurenbach on January 2, 2013

      A "Black-Pearl-Edition" would be great stuff for the urban photofighter - if someone would ask me... :-)
      Oh my goodnes, 4 months to wait - on the other hand: i was born in april 1st! That would fit! ;-)

    2. Creator Justin Smith on January 2, 2013

      I'd like to offer a couple counter-arguments I have against dark colors... First of all, the contents of the bag will get hotter in the summer sun. Second, it makes you less visible to hunters.

    3. Creator Jon Burke on December 22, 2012

      I would prefer the backpack in black (it conceals the dirt so much better than other colors), but I have to say I do really like the color scheme which has been chosen.

    4. Creator Thomas on December 21, 2012

      Backed a solution to solve the laptop concern (as expressed in the youtube video) that some might be keen to check it out.

    5. Creator Thomas on December 20, 2012

      Hey Doug, Could we have any colors that we want " ... as long as it is BLACK." or perhaps a very, very dark blue. Yes?! :)

    6. Creator MindShift Gear on December 4, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Justin. We really appreciate the suggestions.

    7. Creator Justin Smith on December 4, 2012

      This is a great design. I share some of the interest that Chris Driggett has. I would like to suggest that if this backpack is successful, that some day you could try a larger backpacking version... something around 90-100 L total. I currently use a Gregory Whitney (which is 95 L) and if I am bringing photo gear and spending several nights out, it is typically FULL. However, it would be great to have a backpack that size that had an integrated padded compartment for camera gear. Any use of 3rd party camera bags inside the backpack almost always result in some loss of space. Plus of course I have to take the whole thing off and open it up from the top to access the gear.

    8. Creator MindShift Gear on December 3, 2012

      While I'll maintain that this is more of a daypack, the bottom does have webbing that is for lashing things on without interfering with the belt pack. The left side would be the other place for extra items. The top lid pocket, tripod accessory cup, extra attachment straps, and a little creativity will let you do all sorts of crazy things to carry your gear. I might recommend either using a light bag, bivy sack and pad, or convince your partner to carry the tent.

    9. Creator Chris Driggett on December 3, 2012

      I am looking for a pack I can use on weekend backpacking trips. I was wondering if the light tent and light sleeping bag can be placed on the bottom or the sides without getting in the way of rotation. Maybe one side only.

    10. Creator MindShift Gear on December 3, 2012

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment. We'll post more photos soon with some different configurations. Keep in mind that at this size the Rotation180º is more of a day pack. It can be used for ultralight overnight trips but is a bit small for real backpacking trips.

    11. Creator Chris Driggett on December 3, 2012

      Would you please provide a photo that has a tent and sleeping bag attached to the bag.