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Day 3 - Character Profile: "Wheels Davis"

Wheels Davis is every '80s villain rolled into one.  He's the blonde-haired macho man with money, girls, and a killer ride.

Okay, maybe he doesn't have the girls.  What makes Wheels such a fun character is that he is a caricature of himself and he doesn't even know it.  He acts the way a typical '80s bully would, but everyone in town just thinks he's kind of pathetic.  If anything, you could say he's the villain after the movie's over.  You know, when his girlfriend goes for the nerd, he loses at some sporting event and everyone laughs at him.  I always wondered what happened to those guys afterwards.  Wheels Davis is what happened to them.

Like everyone in the movie, his name isn't a nickname.  Slide is Slide, Mack is Mack, and Wheels is Wheels.  I like to think that his mother named him Wheels because she confused a car owner's manual for a baby naming book, but that's all conjecture.  Because of it, though, he's been put on a desperate quest to fulfill his namesake.

Here are some images that our UPM brought in to help our Costume Designer and Casting Director:


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