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An insiders look at how to pack for tour or vacation; full of hints, comments and advice from some of the worlds top touring musicians.


WE DID IT! Thank you everyone for your support and I can't wait to send the book to you all! BUT PLEASE KEEP SPREADING THE WORD out there that there's still time to PRE-ORDER!  This is the only way to get a copy so get it now while you can! Also, know that you have played a huge part in allowing me to fulfill a dream of mine, so thanks again and talk soon,



Hi there, my name is Shaun Huberts and I've been fortunate enough to be touring musically for the last 10 years or so. Over this time I've been able to travel in all sorts of different touring scenarios, and with the last few years I've had the great pleasure of playing bass for the band, Tegan and Sara. With these experiences to draw from, along with being a logical thinker (and slightly OCD), I have figured out the best possible way to pack your suitcase for travel and written a book about it. BUT that's not all...


On the surface, the book is a combination of how I pack, PLUS how other musicians (aka the real Rock Stars) pack. BUT, beyond that, this is a chance for you to get to know your favorite musicians on a more personal level! There are stories in here that you've never heard before, guaranteed. Sift through the book and take from it what you want; Learn to be more efficient with your travel packing, check out some cool exclusive pictures of your favorite band, or just enjoy the fact that there is a whole book just on packing your suitcase. I call it a Nerdy-Cool-How-To book, but really it's just an extremely fun and unique book that you have the ability to help get off the ground floor and into production! The book is totally done, it just needs to be printed!
How To Pack Like A Rock Star is a 7” by 7” coffee-table sized book packed full (no pun intended) of great practical content, colorful pictures (by a few incredible photographers) and is also light hearted enough to serve as a fun conversation starter. You can also stuff it into your suitcase as a packing reference guide for your next vacation when you somehow end up returning with far more than you left with!


-The majority of the money raised will go directly towards the first round of printing of the book as that is the biggest expense I am facing.

-Second of all I will be converting it into an ebook for distribution online through Amazon and the iBookstore.

-The third use of your pledges will be to vamp up the website so we can all share pictures from tour and start up a few good and nerdy conversations, ask questions, give advice…lets start up a packing/touring/traveling online community!


To pique your interests a little more I'll let you know a few of the artists involved… BUT there are over 40 different Rock Stars in the book so I'm leaving out some of the big names so there will still be a few good surprises for you as you read it! Of course my good friends Tegan and Sara are highly involved with Tegan writing the foreword, but others involved include members of Manchester Orchestra, Vampire Weekend, City and Colour, Gomez, Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, and Sara Bareilles! …keep in mind that isn't even a quarter of the people involved in this book...


Since it is a book about packing, I decided to name each tier something special while still trying to stick within the 'pack' theme... Can you think of a better name for the different tiers? Some of my other options were the Rat Pack, the Expansion Pack, or... the 2Pac! Anyway, I'd love to hear your creative ideas so send me an email and let me know!

Also, the designs for the tshirt and luggage tags arent finalized yet, but they are there to give you an idea of what they might look like. Oh and after you pledge, I'll send out an email to you so you can specify the size of t-shirt you would like.

To get a better idea of what the personal animation reward is, please have a look at the video for pledge #4 just below this paragraph! In that email that I previously told you about, I'll ask you to give me an example of a few different things you like and I'll try and incorporate one of them into the animation. This is also an opportunity for your company to pledge! If you would prefer to give me your business name then I could make a quick ad with your company name and or logo... and then you could call the pledge a business write-off?! Ok here is an example of a personalized stop-motion video...

and now the rest of the Tiers in picture form...




#4 (the BEST DEAL!)

#5 (the private lesson!)


This book has been a dream of mine for the past 4 years now and I need your help to make it happen! Also, this could be the only printing I ever do of this book so in reality you are pre-ordering a limited edition souvenir!

Seth Godin, marketing genius and best selling author has this to say about books...

"A book is a fabulous souvenir, a long-lasting, easily displayed, easily shared, makes-you-happy remembrance of an idea. Buying a book is a little bit of philanthropy, a way to support an author you respect. A book, multiplied, is a personal library, and a personal library is a testament to your curiosity, generosity and intellect."

I think Seth says it brilliantly, so please tell your friends and family that this is what you want for Christmas (even though I won't be able to send them out until the new year :) and lets get these books printed!


If you have any thoughts or questions, don't hesitate to contact me at,


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