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Forever changing the way we mount snowboard bindings to snowboards. One Binding, endless board choice........... Read more

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Forever changing the way we mount snowboard bindings to snowboards. One Binding, endless board choice...........

Ryan Watson
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Ryan Watson

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About this project

What is One Binding System, exactly:

A set of low-profile attachment plates that screw to your snowboard, enabling splitboard specific bindings to easily be taken on and off of any snowboard.

Why One Binding System? Current predicament:

As it stands in the snowboarding industry, mounting a set of bindings to a snowboard takes a substantial amount of time. If you’d like to own several snowboards, it’s currently a good idea to also own several sets of bindings to mount on each board. This can quickly get expensive. We want to change this. We want you to be able to own numerous boards and just one set of rock solid bindings.

The Beginning:

Some time ago in a passionate pursuit of powder, as skinning up a mountain can take quite some time, Ryan Watson decided he would attempt to master a way to attach the current splitboard bindings to not just splitboards, but any snowboard. Splitboard bindings were tougher, longer-lasting, more responsive, and simply better than any other binding he had ridden. He wanted to be able to use them not only when he was out in the backcountry, but all the time.

Here’s what we came up with, a set of One Binding plates:

These little buggers are adjustable and screw to your board to match your stance. We recommend you put a set on each of your snowboards for optimal ease of use.

Set up each board you own with the stance you prefer for different types of snow or riding. That’s pretty much it on your end. Once you have your boards set up, you’re ready for the season. 

Yep, you've got that right; you only need one set of bindings (cutting down on waste and cost,) and you can decide which board to ride when you get to the slopes. Pack several boards (they’re thin) and pack your splitboard bindings. When you get there, just slide ‘em on to your board of choice, and you’re ready. No screwing around here, folks. Slide and Ride day by day. We aimed to make it easy on you.

Why Splitboard Specific Bindings:

Here's a video from our friends at spark and a look at what current splitboard bindings are like, how they function, and why we want to take them to every board regardless of whether you splitboard or not.

These backcountry bindings are lighter and more durable than anything else you'll find on the current market. Also they're made in the USA. One Binding System transforms these top of the line backcountry bindings into all mountain snowboard bindings. We're tired of having laundry baskets full of worn out, broken bindings that we have to replace on a regular basis and that were likely manufactured outside of the US to begin with. Now, with One Binding System, ride your durable, US-made, backcountry bindings on the front side; ride them wherever you like. With One Binding System, swap your bindings from board to board in seconds.


With One Binding System, you can even use no board pads ( to turn any old snowboard into a pow surfing, no-bindings machine.

Dont quite know what the "no" is in no boarding? Check out this vid; maybe you'll shed bindings all together....

No boarding is an awesome sport, and One Binding plates let you use no boarding equipment to add some more life to any old board you have laying around.


-Made in the USA
-Interfaces with bindings made in the USA
-Transforms backcountry/splitboard bindings into all mountain bindings
-Own many snowboards and just one set of bindings
-Swap out boards in seconds

Our Story and How on Earth we came up with this:

Ryan Watson started this whole endeavor by purchasing some old cutting boards and milling them to the standard size to fit the splitboard bindings. After some exploration, he knew that the concept was feasible but would require refining in order to allow for optimal stance adjustment while fitting into the parameters of the existing backcountry binding. 

One of the initial Cutting Board models:

Soon after the cutting board models were made, we introduce: Project Ryan Goes Back to School, figuratively. As most of us cannot just quit our jobs, pick a new career, and start focusing on the nuances of AutoCAD, Ryan rounded up the top experts in various fields, did as many sketches and CAD drawings as he could, and then saved his pennies to pay the way to creating working models with the help of some awesome friends, family, local entrepreneurs, and designers.

MR. RYAN WATSON, Inspector. Creator. Lead designer. Ryan has an inquisitive mind and is always considering new possibilities. Born in Missouri, and enjoying many outdoor sports, his passion for the mountains pushed him west. With the added mountain tops in his backyard he's become a passionate pursuer of the sports he loves the most. Snow puts a smile on his face. From shoveling snow for a buck or two to surfing it down a mountain side, rest assured that the inventions he may come up with revolve around the pursuit of the things he loves to do the most. 

Ryan working away in his shop, always happy:

MR. BEN SIMON, Snowboarder, Solid Works specialist, creative Cardboard Box Designer.

MR. SETH MEYER, Solid Works specialist, CNC expert, top secret laser specialist. Seth loves a good microbrew, but ahem, so do we all.                                                     406-581-2780

MR. RYAN WALTERS, Professional skier, archetyper, graphic designer, man of many design traits.

MISS JENNIE LYNN STANLEY, She's the primary idea-listener-to. Web helper, photographer. She's a dressmaker, loves to swim in high mountain lakes, ski, and mountain bike.

Along the way:

Here are some of the iterations, prototypes, and 3D models developed along the way to creating our finished product:

Hut trip. Take your pick...
Hut trip. Take your pick...

Last season as we moved into year two of work, armed with a handfull of sets and a need to have them ridden, we set out to find test monkeys. Some generous, snow-loving souls purchased our first 50 sets of One Binding plates. Armed with the capital to acquire recycled plastic from Mike Sorile at Reprocessed Plastics Inc in MN, we CNC'd the first sets. Overall we wanted to see if under a weaker plastic and with minimal or loose bolts the system would retain well.... and it does. With the concept under raps and tested, our next phase was making a moldable version. So we designed a mold.

3D Print of Mold

A molded version of the plate lends itself to be as much as 30% stronger than the current plastic we can use in a CNC machine and really cuts down on the time and money involved in machining individual units.

Unfortunately, molding is quite spendy. This is where your help will be critical.

What We Need & How You Can Help Us!

We need to pre-sell a minimum of 100 One Binding sets in order to raise the capital to have this mold made. We've done some fancy footwork to make it happen up until this point, and now, the only way to make this product affordable and viable is to make a mold. Otherwise the product will be too expensive to get off the ground and sell. Without a mold, there won't be many One Bindings, no sliding and riding.

You can also support us by spreading the word to snowboard sites, ski buddies, or investing in some of our great tees and hats or even our hydroflask water bottles!

Thank you!

Risks and challenges

There are many variables in making a mold to fit splitboard bindings. It can't be too tight and it can't be too loose; it must be perfect. Because this is an expensive process, and because a mold requires a higher commitment of production than just a one-off scenario, we have gone through our numbers, tolerances, limits, and tests with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that we nail it on the first go around. We've hired specialists and professionals to ensure accuracy and perfection on this front.

Mountains present risks. Just as there can be risk of avalanche, changing snow conditions, changing weather, risks and challenges are a part of life. Challenges in the business world are no exception. Part manufacturing, ordering, and shipping will all present potential obstacles. As we've moved through this project, we've tested our relationships and worked closely with our machinists and part suppliers to minimize the challenges ahead.

We hope you'll roll with the punches and help us launch this 2013/2014 molded version of the One Binding System. It's going to take a lot of help from you guys but we'll need to meet at least 100 One Binding plate orders in order for this to work!

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    OneBinding plates from our first production run of 100.... or more! This is the full kit with hardware allowing you to switch with ease, from board to board. While also allowing no-board pads to simply slide on and off of any snowboard (yes it works on the Burton Est as well). Molded and stronger than anything we could do by hand, these units can also be used to make a splitboard without having to drill a bunch of holes through your snowboard. Simply mount your stance, drill in quiver killers, take them off and split the board down the middle. Then reattach with upgraded center plates and some added voile hardware, and voila! you got a splitboard! Whoop.

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    Bindings.... along with a set of onebinding plates, allowing you to both have the best bindings on the market and use them on your splitboard/snowboard. We have worked to bring you this package together with some local love.. big hint, no pin!!! Thats right the 2014 magneto afterburners from Spark R&D super stoked... for the 2014 Combo

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    So you think this thing should really're in for the kick in the pants that might make this project a reality. For the generous backing of $5000, you and yours get two of everything from our rewards board; oh but thats not all. We're gonna take you out there. We live on the cusp of the most wild, expansive land mass in the continental United States. If the computer-controlled herds of wild beasts and drone surveillance of our national parks doesn't scare you off, then the mountains might just give you a little tingle, and tingle it will be when there's hopefully 3 feet of snow for our weekend adventure to Cook City. Now don't go telling your friends about this one, but we just might have room for two of your "team" to spend a weekend in the outer limits of yellowstone country. This does not include air fare as you need to get to Bozeman with your accompaniment. Will provide meals, transportation, lodging, and probably round up most of the equipment necessary if you do not have some required pieces of armor. Be advised that this is not a business trip as internet is limited and the one coffee shop would much rather see you burning a donut on a 150 horsepower snow machine in the streets. This could be your trip of the year and our boost to make this happen. We thank whoever you may be in advance and cant wait ourselves to hop in the rig and head down for some good snow and fun this winter.
    THX Watson

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