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Roaming Wild is documentary film about wild horses, public lands, the American West, & how we use limited resources.
Roaming Wild is documentary film about wild horses, public lands, the American West, & how we use limited resources.
111 backers pledged $12,584 to help bring this project to life.

Bring Roaming Wild to a theater in your community! and dvds in the mail

Dear Kickstarter supporters

After some delays due to film festival and distribution restrictions, we are excited that your very own ROAMING WILD dvd is finally in the mail to you! Thanks so much again for your support in helping us complete the film. We could never have done it without your backing and we really appreciate it!

We also have some exciting news and, if you are moved by the film, we would love your help getting it seen by as many people as possible!

We have recently partnered with Gathr Films to release the film in theaters across the country. This partnership makes it possible for people like you to organize a screening in your community. We believe ROAMING WILD is best seen on the big screen with other people and that the more people who see it, the better we can push for more sustainable policy solutions for wild horses. We’re looking for movie captains to host screenings all across the country.

Requesting a screening is easy, and this is how it works:

1. Request a screening on Gathr

Request a screening in your area using this link:

After you submit a request on Gathr, you’ll become the movie “captain” and receive your own personal screening webpage where all of your friends can easily reserve tickets to the film. As long as enough people reserve tickets in advance, the screening will happen. If not enough people reserve a ticket, the screening doesn’t happen

Note: It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks to receive the link. Once you receive it, you and others can begin reserving tickets. After enough tickets are reserved, the screening “tips”, and everyone’s credit cards are charged. If it doesn’t “tip” by the deadline, then nobody is charged.

2. Get the word out

Promote your ROAMING WILD screening by starting with friends and family, and then partnering with organizations in your community (such as local barns, equestrian groups, student groups, or organizations). Remember, the screening will only happen if enough people reserve tickets.

3. Check out our ‘Host a Screening’ page for more resources

We’ll be updating this page regularly with a screening toolkit, more information about promoting and hosting your ROAMING WILD screening, a checklist for the day of, and answers to your questions, so check back frequently.

Thank you making this film possible and for helping us get it seen by as many people as possible!


Sylvia & Angie

Sneak Preview Screening this Saturday!


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Roaming Wild is finished!!


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Roaming Wild Summer Update

Dear Friends - apologies if you are receiving this email twice. Some have not been receiving our mailchimp updates -- if you aren't, please be sure to sign up for our official mailing list at: (enter your email address on the bottom right of our homepage) to receive future messages.

Happy Summer from Roaming Wild!

Thank you so much for sticking with us through this long journey. The Roaming Wild documentary is now three years in the making, and as many of you know, it's been a true labor of love. Its taking a while because we are a very small but dedicated team who work on this between the other work we do to make ends meet, and we really want to do this complex story justice.

The good news is that we are in the home stretch, the last mile of the marathon. We are doing the final editing as we write this, and soon we'll be turning the film over to an exciting new addition to the team--composer Joachim Horsely. Jo has scored over 25 independent films, and he's orchestrated and composed feature films including "Rabbit Hole" and "The Possession". We are thrilled to also share the release of his new album, "Combinations," available on iTunes, which has gotten a lot of press recently!

Wild horses made national headlines again with a New York Times story about a newly released National Academy of Sciences report that is critical of our government's stewardship practices. This ongoing media coverage is a reminder of just how timely this film is, as well as the need for a film that truly looks at the complexities of the issue and potential solutions.

Thank you again for your patience and support. If you chose rewards of posters, DVDs or downloads during one of our fundraising campaigns, we expect to be sending those out in early fall, while we submit to festivals. (Fingers crossed!) Stay tuned for a message later this summer announcing the finished film!

Wishing you cool and breezy days in the meantime,
Sylvia & Angie


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Heading to the finish line!

Dear Friends,

Thank you yet again for your amazing support last August without which we would not have been able to make this film. We have some really exciting developments that we want to share with you!

- Production is finished! The team is now in post production for what we hope will be a festival-worthy film. Its been a long, but incredible ride. Over the last year, we went to some incredible places and filmed some truly amazing people, three of whom will be featured in the final cut that we are in the process of editing. 

- We've finally launched a website!!! Please check it out: You’ll find bios on everyone who’s been part of the filmmaking team so far, background information about the story, a statement from the director; you can sign up for our mailing list for future newsletters, see new video posts and photo galleries … with much more to come.

- We also just launched a Phase 2 fundraising campaign to raise funds for post production- editing and completion. Please check out our new video and info at IndieGoGo and spread the word to THREE friends who might be interested in supporting this project. We’re not asking you for money, you have already been so generous and helped us get this film shot. We are asking you to please help us spread the word though! This time around we are using the Indiegogo Platform, not because we didn’t like Kickstarter, but because our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions partners with Indiegogo making it possible for all contributions to our project to be 100% tax-deductible

- Join our mailing list to stay tuned for updates on the new campaign. We will be launching a series of short videos over the course of the next month, as well as the official trailer. You can also follow us on social media where we've made a big push recently-  over 1,200 Facebook fans and a new Twitter feed.
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THANK YOU for being part of the Roaming Wild family and for getting us this far! Please help us spread the word far and wide, we can’t wait for all of you to see the film when it is finished!

Sylvia and Angie