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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 12 2017
Ian MaudeBy Ian Maude
First created
Ian MaudeBy Ian Maude
First created
pledged of 120.000 £pledged of 120.000 £ goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Dec 12 2017

Thank you for your support, re-launch options

Posted by Ian Maude (Creator)
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for your unwavering support. You’ve all been amazing, when asked, you’ve delivered, and some like Nizzer kept on increasing their pledge. At one point we thought you’d be remortgaging your house!!! Another special shout out to Kali, who introduced us to Tumblr, after seeing her thread go viral.

Although we may have not reach our goal, but we’ve reached your hearts.

Also, we would really like to thank the unsung heroes behind Raji, our families. Throughout this intense year, moreso the last ten months, our families have been our greatest “cheerleaders”. They never gave up even when at times we wanted to, they’ve encouraged us to continue knowing we’re so close to the finish. And yet our journey is just beginning... And along this journey we met all of you, our extended family, people who firmly believe in our project, and who have given us credence in what we’re wanting to create.

Many of you have suggested that you’ll back us if and when we relaunch, hence we’d like to invite you all to stay in touch and sign up for our Newsletter and of course there’s our Discord channel.

We’d also like to thank all those who gave suggestions regarding our KS campaign and the game in general

We also have some good news today, our game is nominated for “Upcoming game of the year” for adventure game genre on Indiedb!!! It would be great if you could all head over here, click the “adventure” under "Upcoming Games” and give us a vote. :)

Here’s to bidding you all a farewell, for now… it’s not a goodbye, but here’s to seeing ya soon. From All of us here at Nodding Heads Games, wishing you and your families a happy holidays and New Years.

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    1. Toni Duong on

      I'm bummed this didn't get funded, and wouldn't have even minded y'all keeping my money regardless. Subbed to the newsletter and when you decide to have another go around at funding I'll be here!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ellorgast on

      I'm sorry that this campaign was not successful, but with such an amazing game concept, I'm sure that you guys will manage to find a funding source that works. I was particularly excited to see this game would come out on console, and I would really love to see it come to fruition.

      I would like to offer one suggestion for future campaigns. I first heard about Raji from a Tumblr post. The post was made by a backer, not by the Raji team, and had tons of notes. I noticed that official posts from the Raji team trickled in relatively late in the campaign, and did not take advantage of Tumblr's format as well as they could have. I recommend familiarizing yourselves with Tumblr, both its format and its culture, before launching another campaign.

      The post that garnered so much attention emphasized diversity and that Raji was made by people of color. This is a key issue that could have been emphasized much more by the Raji team's own posts. You could do things like telling your team's story--write about who you are, why you're making Raji, why it's important to you. Tumblr loves personal narratives, especially when they relate to things like diversity in media. You could explain more about the traditional culture that inspired Raji. You could talk more about your protagonist, and how there is a lack of female Indian protagonists in the media.

      Animated gifs always garner much more attention than still images, and Tumblr actually allows you to add multiple animated gifs in a post, which makes it an ideal platform for those eye-catching action shots. Tumblr's posts are all 500 pixels wide but can be significantly longer, so images that are eye-catching in those dimensions are best (much of the concept art, while beautiful, looks better when enlarged--great for established fans, but not necessarily going to attract casual viewers scrolling past). Think in portrait, not landscape, to get the maximum use out of that space. This is why a full-body shot of a character will often be more attractive than a landscape.

      I thought I saw something about an art contest? Advertising that widely, ahead of time, and drumming up interest in that, and then consistently signal boosting every entry as an added incentive to the artists, would be helpful. Perhaps you could provide some kind of artist toolkit for artists to work from. Many established artists have a strong following on Tumblr, and the more you can get them posting about your game, the more they can drive their own followers to your page.

      Finally, tags. Tumblr tags do not work like Instagram or Twitter. On Tumblr, only the first five tags on a post are searchable across the site. That means your most vital keywords must be listed first. Additional tags are only useful for sorting within your blog or for google searches. Tumblr tags can be whole phrases. You don't need to use #rajigame as a tag when #raji game will suffice. It would be ideal if you could use a consistent tag for your game, which would encourage other people trying to talk about your game to adopt the same tag, making it overall more easy to search for.

      Good luck, and I'll be watching for your next campaign!

    3. David Tomczyk on

      I'm disappointed that you didn't reach your goal - this is such a beautiful and unique setting, and I'm really looking forward to supporting you when you relaunch!

    4. Hesychia on

      Fig is very good option imo too, like said Logan and Adam. I think that the investmen option of Fig can be add more potential in pledges, Raji have great potential. See you guys.

    5. The Deep End Games on

      You have all really impressed me with this project. I am excited to see what you do next - I am certain it will be outstanding!

    6. Missing avatar

      Melissa Poste on

      Voted and signed up for the newsletter, and to echo the others here I will absolutely be back when you relaunch!

      Keep up the amazing work! The game looks beautiful and I sincerely can’t wait to see what you guys do!!

    7. Adam

      Agree with Logan's comment about Fig -- this seems like a unique game world and I think your team is very close to getting that critical level of traction in community awareness that you need.

    8. Logan on

      Voted and signed up for the Newsletter too!

    9. Logan on

      Hoping you keep the game going forward and bring it to market. I think your game would look good on Fig, have you thought about reaching out to them?

    10. Dark Blue Monkey on

      So sorry you didn't reach your funding goal. Perhaps relaunch with a much more modest goal, and instead put in stretch goals? I've seen games just scrape through their funding goal, but attract the same again on backerkit once they've seen that the game will go ahead.

      Best of luck with the relaunch! Will be keeping my eyes out :)

    11. Flying Monkey on

      Signed up for your newsletter! Definitely down for supporting again when (not if, when) you relaunch!