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It's just too dang fun not to do again! But maybe this time we won't just do covers...
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well hello there!

Posted by Jason Manns (Creator)

Happy first day of Spring! 

Hold on while I throw another log on the fire and knock these icicles off my nose...

Ok! I'm back... I've been slowly making progress on this record since the funding and I don't want you all to think I've forgotten about you! Since this is "with friends" as you all know, it depends greatly on the schedule of my friends. I have very busy friends. ;) I'm happy to say I've been pretty busy lately as well, having released a single with Justin Guarini for charity to start off the year, and then tours in the UK and Germany as well as a few SPN conventions. But don't think I haven't also been working on this record! I have indeed. I'd wager to say, if I could have an uninterrupted week with all of my friends in the studio, and then a couple weeks for all the mixing, mastering, printing, etc. I could finish this thing very quickly. 

I will however have to break that week in the studio with my friends up into teeny tiny little portions that are spread out over the next couple months. :( I'm happy I have work right now, because it's never a guarantee in this business, and I'm happy my friends do to! It does however make for some logistical hurdles when trying to wrangle them all into a singing booth. ;) 

I know, I know, you want some deets. Well you'll just have to wait. obviously you know the invite is going out to the usual suspects, and some newbies, but the final list of who's on it is always dependent on timing. one exciting aspect is I'd really like to throw an original or two on this one, but we'll see what I've got when the track list and guest list takes shape and see if any of my original stuff fits nicely in there. 

I know this update was a little scant on the specifics, but I'll say this... you will have this record this year! and there will be songs on it! and there will be friends on it! ...How's bout them apples? ;)

Here's the most important part of this update. You rock. you are the most amazing and supportive fans I could ever hope for. 


Jason (apparently, aka beatboxing baby daddy)


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    1. Sandi Wright on

      Hi from the center of Oz where it is now Autumn.
      Cant wait to hear the next album. Glad to see that you have been busy & love the beat boxing with your main man. Just a quick note to say thanks for the hard work involve in this epic projct.

    2. Missing avatar

      Carla Barnhart on

      I’m so excited for this!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan Ladigo on

      Oh, and I forgot to add. If at all possible to make a request, mine would be for Jensen to sing either Brother or Sister Christian.

    4. Missing avatar

      Susan Ladigo on

      Yes I am very anxious to get this record. Yes I am anxious to find out who all the "friends" will be. With that being said, I understand the difficulties in wrangling up all the participants and then working around your extremely busy schedule so yes, I will dig deeper for more patience because I know it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, see you in Vegas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Vivian Deck on

      Thank you Jason for this update. I am the one that has been "pestering" you about this album (LOL) but I am just so anxious for new music from you and your friends before the other three CD's get worn out from being played constantly. I am also looking forward to RSJr's release so I can grab that one also. Glad your working a lot too. Your baby is so cute and costly.

    6. Sarah Joseph on

      Whenever it's ready, I'll be excited to get my ears wrapped around it! Thanks for the update BBD!

    7. Missing avatar

      Petra Lindner on

      Hi Jason,

      I was so glad you were on tour in Germany and I got to see you in Frankfurt.
      Regarding the new album I can only say from my side, no worries if it takes an extra few months. That we will have this album at all is just great!!!

      All the best,

    8. Missing avatar

      Joanne Allard on

      Hell yeah beatboxing baby daddy ! I'm in Quebec, near Montreal and last sunday they showed your video on Vlog, a tv program specialised in web contents ! I was soooo excited lol

      Keepmup the great work !