Covers with Friends IV

by Jason Manns

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      Karyn Hilton on

      Hi Jason! It all sounds good! I’m hoping JENSEN will do a few solos, and a few w/ u! Please make it happen. ❤️ U! Karyn

      Maybe the next Covers y’all can be in bed! lol

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      Jennifer L. Anderson on

      Just... make Rich do an Eagles cover and I'll be happy! <3 I can't wait!!

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      Michelle Crystal Beltran on

      Hello there! I'm super stoked about 2019 and what it has to offer. Anxious for Covers IV Friends! Clever btw 😉
      Thank you for the update, i know you're busy so it's much appreciated! Here's to the New Year! Can't hardly wait!!!

    4. Brenda Todd on

      Thanks for the update.I'm so excited for you and your upcoming tour.I know that whatever you decide to do with Covers with Friends IV it'll be great.I look forward to whatever surprises you have in store and whoever new you decide to invite along for this ride!Luv ya!