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The Third Volume in the 19XX Graphic Novel Series!
The Third Volume in the 19XX Graphic Novel Series!
The Third Volume in the 19XX Graphic Novel Series!
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    1. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      I'm out of town at a convention and someone emailed me about their package missing something! I don't have the email anymore so I have no idea who that was! If you emailed me about something missing and I didn't respond, please send me another email and I'll get back to you.

    2. Nestor Rodriguez

      Yay! *Kermit arm wave* :-)

    3. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      So many comments this time! Ok, @Nestor, yes, you're shipping out in two weeks, and @Gabriel, yes you also. I will be heading to Denver Comic Con this weekend and Phoenix Comic Con next week. By the time I get back home, the screen printing on those messenger bags should be done and I can ship them out right away.

    4. Gabriel M. Groves on

      Same: no tracking number. I've triple checked to make sure i completed the survey and it shows all the information except being shipped.. If need be Paul, I can save you the shipping and pick up directly at Denver Comic Con XD

    5. Nestor Rodriguez

      How about me? No tracking email for me either.

    6. David McGoff on

      Excellent! Thanks for the quick response:)

    7. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Yes David, You're on the wait list! Probably just a couple more weeks. I'm having more messenger bags made.

    8. David McGoff on

      Hi Paul, I haven't received a tracking email. Is mine still to be sent?

    9. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      @Rocketpig, you didn't have to fill out the survey to get something shipped if you got the digital files, but you did have to fill it out to get the links to the files. I'll send you the link in a private message right now!

    10. Missing avatar

      Rocketpig on

      It appears that, as a digital backer, I was supposed to fill out the survey because you are sending out the PDFs on a USB drive. I didn't realize this was the case. What can I do to get the USB drive (honestly, I only care about the PDFs, I usually opt for the digital package on Kickstarter so the creator makes as much profit as possible, I don't need a USB drive).

      Looking forward to reading the book, thanks!

    11. Michael Colp on

      Received the package yesterday! The Mech Statue is very impressive. Book 3 shows a procession of your art, Paul. From book 1 up to Book 3 the lines are more crisp and detailed showing an ease with the subjects. Keep up the fine work!


    12. Matt Fitzwater on

      Readin' it tonight!

    13. Michael Colp on

      Thanks for the reply, Paul. This is my first Kickstarter campaign, so I am still learning.


    14. Missing avatar

      Jamie Holyoake on

      Book received in the UK today, looks fantastic! Can't wait to get into it properly :-)

    15. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Hey Michael,
      You can always send me a private message. I'll initiate one for you.
      Meanwhile, anyone else reading this should know that the tracking numbers get emailed the second I print the postage. They aren't trackable until the post office picks them up at my house and I'm currently waiting for a pick up of around a 100 packages!

    16. Michael Colp on

      Hi Paul,

      I wish there was a way to communicate privately.

      I just got off the phone with the Post Office. They stated that the label was created but the package was not dropped off at the Post Office. The tracking number displays "shipping label created," nothing else. Under the Postal Product is Priority Mail 2-Day. The label was created on May 4. I am hoping you have it as one of the 12 that have to wait an additional 2 weeks. If not, I fear the package may be lost.

    17. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      @Michael Colp, I just checked and yours is listed as shipped! If your package has shipped you should have received a tracking number from backerkit!

    18. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      @Michael Scott, Thanks! I'm very happy with how it all turned out!

    19. Michael Colp on

      Hi Paul,

      I noticed that in your response to Geoffrey with bad you mentioned 12 backers orders are delayed. I am wondering if I am one of the lucky 12?

    20. Michael Scott on

      Paul the book is beautiful just like the others excellent job I love it!

    21. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey P Conner on

      Thank you for responding, Cheers


    22. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Geoffrey! I have good news and bad news! The good news is all of the packages except about 12 have shipped out and should be at their destinations soon. The bad news is, you are one of the 12 that will have to wait another couple weeks while I get a resupply on one item in the bunch. But I have already ordered the item and it is on it's way!

    23. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey P Conner on

      Any news on when things will be shipped? Thanks

    24. John Taber

      Got my books and game today! Everything looks fantastic! :D Can't wait to start reading it all. :D

    25. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Thanks Gabriel!! Glad you found me!
      The backrest survey should be ready this week or early next. I'm just sitting up the digital files so that backers can download them directly through backerkit.

    26. Gabriel M. Groves on

      Hey Paul, I found your table at the very end of Phoenix Con '13, So happy to have found you again and be able to finally take part in this amazing saga! I was wondering when we might expect to find the backerkit survey in our emails?

    27. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Jeff, thanks for the kind words! Good question about shipping. The answer is, no. The printer has not given me a realistic timetable for delivery. But that's ok because I took that into account when setting everything up. They say the books will be here in three weeks. I've been keeping up with the nonsense at the Long Beach Port and Even if we add three weeks onto that time we should still be fulfilling in late April early May which was my original hope!!

    28. jeffcannell on

      I've read part one and part two online, but I'm waiting for the print edition before reading part 3, (I'll re-read the first two volumes) I'm so glad I saw this on Bleeding Cool. I'm curious if the printer has given you a realistic timetable, and if the delivery date on the campaign page is accurate. I absolutely don't mind waiting for excellent art and story... But I'm very excited as well.

    29. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Yes you can add the board game for $25. When the backerkit survey goes out it will be really easy to add the game or anything else!

    30. jeffcannell on

      Paul, I pledged at the 75.00 level, how much more to add on the board game?

    31. Robb Boswell on

      Congrats Paul!! can't wait to get the book and the art book & memory stick!! yay!!!

    32. Francisco Carvallo on

      Rachel and I will have to visit you on SoCal then!!! Take care, Paul!!!

    33. E. Francis Kohler on

      GREAT! Looking forward to the next installment. Congratulations!

    34. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      I actually don't have plans for any shows up there this year! Scheduling conflicts lead to that unfortunate situation.

    35. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted!

    36. Francisco Carvallo on

      Congratulations, Paul!!! When are you coming to the SF Bay Area?? We want to pay you a visit!!!

    37. Lara van der Molen on

      Sweet! So glad yet another PRM project made it. Can't wait to get the new book (and some other stuff). A great beginning of the week as far as I'm concerned. Best wishes to Paul for a well deserved funding of book 3 and to the other backers: Enjoy!

    38. John Hodson on

      Thanks Paul, great I jumped in with book 3.

    39. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Book 3=brand new, Secret Files 3=brand new, Art Book=revised with new material, the rest of the books are the same as before. Hope that helps!

    40. John Hodson on

      I have a quick question I brought in on the last kick starter set of books are 1 and 2 books the same and the only new book for this starter is Book 3? A little confused thanks

    41. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      @ Shlimster: well then you're going to love the new book, it's the best one yet!

    42. Missing avatar

      Shlimster on

      hey paul.. awsome that you got funded.. i have almost everything you have done so far.. but i am in anyway!

    43. Paul Roman Martinez 13-time creator on

      Thanks to you guys, we are funded!

    44. Missing avatar



    45. jeffcannell on

      FUNDED!!! I'm so excited to read this along with my children!!!

    46. Dablue

      Congratulations on being funded!

    47. Missing avatar

      scott sefranka on

      Whoooo made it over the Kick. That is awsome. Way to go everyone to help keep this amazing series going. So excited about this.

    48. Jeff Scifert

      Congrats to all! Cannot wait to read the continuing adventures of the 19XX!!

    49. jeffcannell on

      Almost there... Super excited about this!

    50. Nick C on

      That would be good! Thanks, Paul. I hope it's not too complicated to work out!

      Nearly there ...

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