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This is a modification to the Transformers G1 soundtrack removing unwanted audio defects and sound FXs using the RX3.
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Post season 3 information

Posted by Jimbo (Creator)

I thought I would put this in an update responding to some of the comments because I may have not made it clear in the past which is my fault.

Thank you guys for the comments. Shortly after I posted this, Brandon from TFCOG emailed me and let me know that season 2 and 3 should be up shortly. When it is, I'll let you guys know with a link, but thanks anyway for the offer Shawn.

I may have neglected to tell you that I have not been doing this project completely by myself.  Well, the engineering part yes, but let me explain.

Shortly after I received the funds for this project in September of 2014, I was contacted by Steven Strong. He told me that he knew someone named "Zob" who is pretty prominent in the TF community and knew everything about the TF G1 music.  So I contacted Zob, and asked me to use him in anyway I could.  I couldn't think of a way at first.

My first theme was "Activate the Dinobots".  I worked very hard on it.  Then I came to the end and realized that no matter what kind of technology I possessed, it simply could not remove the sound fx from the music.  I asked Zob, if he knew any other instances of where the theme "Activate the Dinobots" occurred. Within a day he gave me 5 different episodes that contained the theme "Activate the Dinobots" AND gave me approximate times as to where the themes occurred!!!!  Sure enough, one of the themes was clean enough and to be used and that's what I went with. This happened a few times bailing me out of some impossibly tight spots.  One day Zob said he was going to make an index of all themes.  He did and here it is:

The dedication required for this mind-boggling.  So, to answer some of your questions, Zob is responsible for the naming of these themes.  He knows his TF music very well, and I left it up to him for the naming process.  Also, if you remember, I originally was only going to do the 77 themes cherry-picked from all 3 seasons that is(was?) on the TFCOG website, but Zob convinced me to do as complete as a project as possible creating something like a 180 tracks or so. 

It is true, I have put in over 2000 hours in on this project for the past 3 years, but without Zob, none of this would have been possible.


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    1. Shawn McArthur on

      All hail ZOB and his limitless TF G1 soundtrack knowledge! :)