TF Soundtrack Restoration

by Jimbo

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    1. Han S on

      Thanks again for all your hard work Jimbo!! Once again excellent quality, The first time we can really, truly enjoy this amazing musical score! It's also fun to hear a variation of one of my favorite themes from season 2 (Rally the Troops). I guess this was originally part of the music produced for season 2 but they only came around to using it on season 3, same as the season 1-like themes at the end? Anyway, it's great to finally have a full-series soundtrack, very happy with it!!

    2. Shawn McArthur on

      I am willing to host these files on my blog if you'd like! (

      I've been wondering, where do you get the names for the tracks?

    3. Steven Strong on

      I have been waiting for over 30 years to hear the piece that you have titled "Battle in Space I." If I'd had any idea whatsoever at the time that I would be hearing it today, I would have marked it on the calendar for future reference. All I can say is thank you.