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This is my first art book, I never made a cool book showcasing my different art styles, toys and fun things I create. This is the book!
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89 backers pledged $3,607 to help bring this project to life.

Goal reached!!

Posted by Gus Fink (Creator)

HUGE thanks to all of you who are part of this!
Reached my goal in 15 days and it feels great! Now I want you all to know I decided to put the names of every backer that pledges over $100 inside the book

it might be hidden in the book , it might be flat out in it the last page or maybe even part of some art that's in the book! But every 100 dollar or more backer will have their name set in the history of this 1st art book of my career!

Of course I hope this thing can keep growing , but I'm very satisfied that I reached the goal

it's been a huge learning lesson and emotional roller coaster in many ways too

thanks again! You're great people for supporting an artist - truly grateful for everyone of you!

I leave you with just one of my many sculptures - **remember $111 pledges get you an original sculpture and the book! ***


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