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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
9,805 backers pledged $384,319 to help bring this project to life.

Lessons learnt, a big thank you and some information if you are thinking about starting out!

Posted by niftydrives (Creator)
Dear Backers,

So, it has been a long journey to here. We have learnt so much in creating Nifty, and I hope that you, in following our progress, have also had a chance to see some of the difficulties and complexities inherent to creating a hardware startup. In the almost two years since we ran our campaign Kickstarter has changed a lot - hardware startups like Nifty have come to the fore and makers everywhere have a chance, like never before, to put forward their ideas, good or bad, to be judged, backed and ultimately brought to fruition. Some fail, but many succeed and go on to create innovations that make all of our lives better, easier or more fun. 

I recently did a presentation, at the Tech Chill Baltic's conference, on success and failure in crowd funding and what we learnt on our journey, which you can see here: 

To bring you guys up to date with where we are today, we are now formally distributed into 40+ countries, and sell directly into over 100. We are sold throughout EMEA via the Apple online store and have been hugely excited by the introduction of 128GB microSD cards from SanDisk which promises to continue to push the format and limits of small package storage. 

Nifty MiniDrive + 128GB microSD card
Nifty MiniDrive + 128GB microSD card

Testing for our newest MacBook Retina 15" MiniDrive model has almost been concluded as well, and should be ready very shortly. This will be compatible for any MacBook Retina 15" model bought new from October 2013 onwards. 

Late 2013 R15 Compatible Nifty MiniDrives
Late 2013 R15 Compatible Nifty MiniDrives

To get yours as soon as it is ready, you can sign up to be notified here:

If anyone is still missing their MiniDrive, or has had problems with an early version of the MiniDrive, we have now got our customer response times down to 24 hours, and our customer service team would love to hear from you, good or bad, so that we may continue to build and develop the MiniDrive and make sure you have got everything that you were promised all that time ago: We also monitor all comments on Kickstarter, and while we do not comment in the thread, we always strive to email anyone directly with regards to their issues and comments. 

We are very happy to be able to offer all of you, as a small gesture of thanks for all your support, patience and feedback, a backer discount of 20% on all MiniDrives sold on our website (, coupon code: Kickstarter (valid for 2 weeks from post). We are also proud to announce that we will be shortly supporting French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese & Japanese on our website. 

Looking to the future, we are proud and excited to tell you that we will be shortly launching a new product, one which we are sure will be a world first, and we believe will continue to push forwards how storage is utilized. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter:,

Lastly, we thought that it might be of interest to some of you what systems we use for the various stages of our supply and manufacturing chain, especially if you are thinking of doing your own hardware startup or are recently starting out:

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You guys have been awesome and this has been one completely unforgettable journey. 

All the best, and see you soon! 

Piers, Steve & the Nifty Team

P.S. For a bit of fun, our graphic designer Mark did a cool little project the other week, which we thought you guys might enjoy:

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    1. Missing avatar

      BB on

      I haven't received anything either. Caveat emptor I suppose.

    2. Njordy J. Saltley on

      Still didn't get anything...

    3. Mag Teo

      No product so far in my mailbox

    4. niftydrives Creator on

      @Maikel - yes there is, it sounds like you MiniDrive was in the first part of the MK3 batch with stiffness issues (see update 41), which we resolved. I'll drop you an email to get you sorted out with a replacement.

    5. Missing avatar

      Maikel Lodewijk on

      Is there a update on de MK3? Because my MK3 has a micro SD card in it which is stuck :o(

    6. niftydrives Creator on

      @Johnny - thank you. Kickstarter is a little like being kicked up the ass really hard. If you are already moving forwards, it is not so bad, but if you haven't really started when you receive the kick, you stumble forwards and it is touch-and-go as to whether you are going to take the momentum and start running, or just trip and fall on your face. The pressure of it is pretty intense! Now the challenge is turning that into a business that can outlast its first product.

    7. Johnny on

      Piers, glad you are finally getting things in order and making everything right for your backers. You are one of the few who are trying to run legit business. Good luck!

    8. niftydrives Creator on

      @Ken's Lil' Sister - really sorry to hear that. I've just dropped you an email, please let me know what you are still waiting on and I'll get it sorted immediately.

    9. Ken's Lil' Sister

      Interesting to see responses from the creator now. I messaged over a year ago that mine NEVER worked and was met by silence. Gee thanks.

    10. niftydrives Creator on

      @Abram - great to hear, and thank you for backing us and staying with us. Best of luck with your new product, and stick with it, it is worth the sweat!

    11. Missing avatar

      Abram Ake on

      I was one of the first backers for this project & like other projects I backed, it took some time to receive my product. As a start up I expected delays. I got my nifty over a year ago & never had a problem with it. It's a great product & I'm glad I got it.

      Also, thanks for the list of companies you used. I've been developing a product but it's really hard to do it on your own. I'm pretty close to developing a prototype but my savings is running out. This list will in handy down the road.

    12. niftydrives Creator on

      @Max - thank you. Really glad that it was of some help to you! Good luck with your endeavours, I look forward to hearing more!

    13. Max Sablosky on

      Oh thanks bro! It was b no means shitty you kept me totally informed at it was a real learning process I'm an Electrical Engineering student so this was really awesome for me to watch seriously seems like this became a real business congrats bro.

    14. niftydrives Creator on

      @fmotta, @Max - I have just messaged you directly, please let me know what you would like to happen next. I am so sorry that it has been a shitty ride for you.

      Anyone else who has also had the incredibly frustrating experience of messaging us and just getting radio silence in response, please email me directly to with your backer UN, current address and expected models and I will make sure whatever you are missing is posted out to you immediately.

    15. Max Sablosky on

      I am so confused did people actually get a product here or am taking crazy pills. I never remember getting a product of course it's been two years I still have the same computer Nifty make this happen send me one and why would I pay for a second one when I haven't received the first one.... so confused.

    16. fmotta on

      To call the Niftydrive people rip-offs would be demeaning to all the hardworking real rip-offs who actually did *something*.

    17. fmotta on

      @Max: Me either. Don't feel alone. I have receive Nothing from this project that even closely resembled an electronic device despite the many failed attempts at getting the project creator to even provide communication with me. Much less getting any Nifty drives (of any form) delivered to me.

    18. Max Sablosky on

      dude I never got mine...

    19. fmotta on

      LOL - just started watching the video...
      - COMPETENCE!!! NiftyDrive != Competent (not even novice - barely hobbyist).
      - PASSIONATE!!! I think Passion would be a NoOp here - People have shown more passion for drudgery than I have seen represented by Nifty here
      - CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! Do you guys even know what that means? I see NO evidence that Nifty can do more than spell and pronounce this term
      - PLAN!!! It appears Nifty planned to get cash and that is all
      - QUALITY CONTROL!!! Well, I cannot personally attest to this as I have received NOTHING. Judging from this project page there is no evidence that this was ever applied
      - CONCENTRATE!!! I see no evidence that there was any concentration on more than cashing the check from Nifty
      - LOGISTICS!!! Really, I have no evidence of ANY logistics since all I got was this project page from Nifty
      - VALIDATION!!! Well, since there are MANY products that are already Shipped (and in some cases, been outdated) that perform this function. So, this is the only point I agree upon within the video
      - CORE COMPETENCIES!!! The only one I see at Niftydrive is cashing the check.

      So, welcome to the perception of a Prosumer tech geek that has shipped far too many tech products to enumerate in my many decades of development within this Tech domain.

    20. fmotta on

      OK, so, you're creating pretty pictures and videos and websites that I can do in less than a day's work on my own. So, WHEN WILL THIS BE A WORKING PRODUCT DELIVERED TO US. When the project manager goes radio silent and nothing is EVER delivered working or prototype. This is TRUELY the most flaky project I have backed of the ~100 projects I have backed. TALK WITH US! ANSWER QUESTIONS! BE RESPONSIVE. Currently this is a flim-flam and a waste of money and energy since I have replaced the product for CHEAPER already because I actually retired one Macbook system due to its reaching the limits of its resources WHILE WAITING FOR THIS PRODUCT. For an Apple laptop; that is, without a doubt a long time. Longer than the design and manufacturing of a simple product such as this.