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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
9,805 backers pledged $384,319 to help bring this project to life.

General update & schedule for August

Posted by niftydrives (Creator)

Hey guys,

As you can see, we have updated our brand, cool huh? 

So - everything is moving on according to schedule: the material preparation will be finished by the 5th of August, at which point full assembly will start (the process has already been verified). I'm sorry that we haven't been able to do photos inside the factories this time as Foxconn is pretty strict about what is brought into any of the production areas.

However, here are some of the FAI (first article inspection) items off the pre-production line. We have decided to drop the blue plastic, but aside from that, these are identical to our full production models :-)

As you can see, we have fundamentally changed the position of the microSD card slot, this is to fix the read/write error. We have also completely re-designed the aluminium-body interface, making full destruction of the MiniDrive the only way in which the aluminium and main body can separate. Also, as no gluing is involved, it is a highly reliable and repeatable process.

During strength testing, we found that the new design was so robust the metal would often have to deform before any failure occurred. 

(sorry for the fuzzy pictures, I only had have my iPhone in China)


We will have the Kickstarter warranties and replacement batch off the line first, delivered into HK on the 13th of August, where it will be split into two air freight deliveries, one for the logistics centre in North American and one for dispatch from Europe.

Dispatch to those we still owe MiniDrives should start in w/b 19th of August. If you live in North American or Northern Europe you should get your MiniDrives before the end of August, the post for those living elsewhere may mean your MiniDrive will arrive by the second week of September.

We will be sending out individual emails to all those we owe MiniDrives in the next couple of weeks with instructions for how to choose your replacement model, verify you address etc.


Please note that for this first batch we are only able to offer either silver or red. We know a small number of you will really want one of the other colors, but due to volume requirements, we were unable to do any other color in the first run. Any color other than Red and Silver cannot be manufactured until our second batch run, currently planned for October. This will be clear at the point of model selection and address verification, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up here as well.

Long boot times

Bit of a strange one here - we have had some reported cases of empty MiniDrives causing longer than expected boot times. If you are experiencing unusually long boot times, just try putting a microSD card into your MiniDrive and the problem should clear right up.

That's all from me for now, will shoot you guys another update once we are underway.

All the best,

Piers, Steve & the Nifty Team


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    1. fmotta on

      Surprising how long it can take for a product to be designed tested and shipped when those involved are not on the task...

      Really, this is fat more than ridiculous! Let's stop being flakes and start delivering working parts!
      If you need to learn from the competition then do it - SHIP!

    2. Noboru Kitamura on

      Time would have elapsed just how since I invested the money to you in the first time? New products MacBookPro has been after another release in the meantime. I do not buy the new model yet, but you do not have yours deliver the goods in a hurry, meaning that you purchased no.

    3. Mike Mitchell on

      Still nothing here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Waiting for 4 mini drive pros. Well?

    4. EmpChildren on

      So what is the status. I am a backer, and never received mine in the first batch. Since I choose to have the Kickstarter green, I am still waiting from the 2nd (or is it 3rd) batch. So as of right now, I have received nothing but emails.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Bertuch on

      I just received my new nifty drive in the mail and while it fits in my computer I can't seem to get the sd card out of the nifty drive. Any ideas?

    6. fmotta on

      "Shifty Drives, a device *described* by some Squirrely nutters in the UK". (from my perspective, all I have is a description the rest is vapor)

    7. fmotta on

      I have not received a single thing from the SHIFTY drives people. I am so happy that I spent a fraction of the cost of a Shifty Drive backership and got THREE Apotop Smartsuits many months ago.

      After seeing what happened to a friends Macbook when she inserted a flaky SDcard that resulted in ~$250 repairs and almost 4 weeks without her system (not to mention having to reinstall and reconfigure a ton of software that Apple mucked with in the name of "repairs"), I am uncertain if I will even dare insert a Shifty Drive into my Mac.

    8. Miguel Ayala on

      I am so disappointed by this product. I had good faith on this project but so far they have managed to deliver a poor and useless product. Months ago when I got my first nifty minidrive I was very understanding and I sent back expecting to get a better or at least a usable one. I got mine today and it's just another piece of crap. I did not only worked but my microSD card got stuck and I can't get it out, I already damaged part of it trying to get it out. (see below)

      Such a shame. I would definitely like a refund please.

    9. Johnny on

      Received my Mk3 for mbpro and mbair - my Mini SD Card got stuck in the MK3 Air and the Pro and wont come out. It also has a hairline crack on it. Piece of crap cheap plastic. I am utterly disappointed. Took over a year to get my first Drives (never got the 1st batch or the 2nd batch)

      Please fix this or refund me.

    10. fmotta on

      ~9K people who may not say good things about the project/product/management is really bad...

    11. fmotta on

      I am feeling the need for some Head & Shoulders about now.

      Did I mention that:
      1) It takes as little as 5 minutes to post an update
      2) There has not been an update here in an EXTREMELY long time
      3) The project is nearing a YEAR over due
      4) Evidently, the project creator feels we backers are not worthy of the 5 minutes needed to inform us what the situation is.

      Meh, only $384K.. rather insignificant to some I guess.

    12. Missing avatar

      FabrizioA on

      Received my MK3. It works but I'll use my Sandisk 64GB for ever, it is impossible to remove it from the Nifty. Didn't you tested it @Niftydrives? Anyone knows how to automatically unmount and remount the Nifty MicroSD? Is Jettison properly working?

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hi! I just received the package, everything's ok, and I've been testing the MiniDrive today. Great product, guys.

    14. fmotta on

      Of all my projects I am surprised to find that this one is such a deadbeat when it comes to meeting obligations...

      Any updates or better yet deliveries?

    15. Missing avatar

      David Akin on

      I had the colored piece detach from the main body while inside my MacBook Pro. With some prying and creativity I was able to remove it. How do I go about getting a replacement? I was an original backer prior to this product going into production. I do believe at some point during the early stages of production there was an issue with the adhesive causing the colored portion to detach. Not happy at this point and have now told the dozen or so people that I originally encouraged to purchase your product to delay until I see how you resolve my issue.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Hayden on

      After more than a year of this nonsense, I finally got mine. The right color and model, without manufacturing defects. It was very difficult to actually insert the microSD card into the Nifty MiniDrive, enough so that I can't see myself changing cards very often, so I'm still not completely satisfied. But it's finally done, and that's good enough for now.

      I'd say "Thanks," but I can't manage that, not after this past year. So instead I'll say "Did you learn your lesson?"

    17. Missing avatar

      Nils Jacobsen on

      Got mine. :) It works, but I was surprised how tight the fit of the memory card is. I had to force it in with considerable force, and naturally, getting it back out takes quite the effort. I almost fear for the integrity of the card. Good thing I won't have to do it very often.

      Other than that, just glad to finally have it installed! :)

    18. Mike Jones on

      So, what do we do if the replacement drives out of this new batch *still* do not work? This replacement batch seems to be worse than that originals I received AND the replacements to those. The SD card simply does not appear with the either of the two Nifty Drives I received from the new batch, whereas it would appear as read only in prior batches. Plus, the silver aluminum piece is "rattling" against the plastic piece.

      So far, I'm super disappointed in this product.

    19. fmotta on

      Still waiting for my first ever Nifty - not a replacement, not a repair, just the first delivery of a Nifty...
      Are they in the mail???

    20. Missing avatar

      MisterG on

      Just got my replacement drive and it looks and works perfectly! It took a while but worth the wait...good luck with the future of nifty drive!

    21. Adrian Thornton on

      Glad for the update, antsy for my replacement drive. Liked the old logo a lot better; it had class, whereas the new one is a little goofy. As for people's complaints about the delays.... Well, the waiting really sucks but if you've backed any other kickstarter projects you'll know that Nifty has been WAY more transparent, responsive, and generally awesome than just about anyone else. Look at Pebble; those clowns take on. "You need us, we don't need you" attitude and either ignore or evade any question or complaint. At least Nifty has been honest and honourable. Can't be easy getting a kickstarter project from zero to hero. Nifty has been 100% classy (except for the unfortunate new logo).

    22. Hans Klemmer on

      Hi all, Just checking on when the new batch might be going out for shipment. I received my original Nifty mini-drive a while ago, but sadly it wouldn't work in spite of anything tried.
      Any ideas?Thinking that things must be getting close by now.

    23. Jonathan Key on

      Your shopify site doesn't work >:/
      Also don't use photobucket, use imgur...

    24. Graves Neal De Armond on

      How can we order a larger quantity (work for a large corp and would like to use them for auto backup drives for my SM Team with Pros)? and how can I get one for my new Retina Macbook Pro as well? Thanks!

    25. Johnny on

      Still waiting for my first pair of drives. It's been 1 year since this project has been funded. Don't disappoint me please. Where's the confirmation emails?

    26. Christian P on

      I for one like the squirrel (I recognized it right away, maybe because I'm somewhat of a graphic design person).

      Keep up the good work, guys! You've run into a lot of roadblocks and although it's taken awhile, you've overcome them and remained transparent with us all along.

      ...Now the question is if they'll fit in the new retina pros when (if) they come out...

    27. Phil Stewart on

      Still awaiting my replacement from the March first delivery of a DOA drive. Sent emails on the 19th of June and got the same lame response twice as I tried to use the duck and avoid system you set up to deal with the issues of bad product. Just wondering if there is a light at the end of this tunnel?????

    28. Missing avatar

      Ronald on

      Looking good, thats worth waiting for.

    29. Jordan S. Keller on

      I must say, I'm a bit disappointed I got one of the earlier, problematic models rather than one of these new, sturdier ones.

    30. Bryan Conzone on

      Is it a rabbit? Squirrel? Whale with a big tail? Half eaten chicken drumstick? ;). Cool on the update guys. Can't wait. I've also still never received my 64GB card.

      IMHO the old branding was way better and nicer, new branding is just ehh (guess it's good you can't see it when it use). Bummer on no green option.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      Ditto, So how do we get the new drive?

    32. Hans Klemmer on

      Thanks for the update!
      I'm looking forward to having one of these nifty little things that'll work well with my Powerbook.

    33. Adam Packard on

      So how do we get the new drives?

    34. Alex on

      I do like the blue plastic on the side!

      I'm sad to hear I will not be getting my Nifty in "GREEN"... In fact, I never received the original MiniDrive, so after a year+... I want to finally try it with the 64GB SD card I got over a year ago...

      Now, the problem will be if it will fit my new MacBook Pro when it arrives...

    35. Christian Schmeer on

      Also, I switched to all Retina MacBook Pro's, so even if you were to still send me the Classic Pro and Air MiniDrives you still owe me, they would be useless to me at this point :/ If you intend to send the two MiniDrives, would it be possible to switch both to Retina models?

    36. Christian Schmeer on

      I'm rather disappointed... I only ever received the Retina version of the MiniDrive, not the Classic Pro and Air versions that I also ordered (added after Kickstarter campaign). On top of that the Retina MiniDrive I got did not fit completely flush with the laptop (as shown in an eMail I sent a few months back).

    37. Mirko Maurice on

      @Nifty: How we can choose the colour? I've wait for the second version, as I was asked for...
      Will there be a new email with the information you will need to ship the correct version?

      PS: looks great ;)

    38. fmotta on

      @Nifty: I never received any nifty drive... I hadn't seen a reference to "first time deliveries". When are these being shipped?

    39. Ken's Lil' Sister

      @Kenneth Law, I guess I should have waited as well!

    40. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Law on

      Guess I should have waited before throwing out my two non-functional units. These might actually work.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andriani on

      People with boot time problems should check that their startup disk is correctly selected in their system preferences. I've had the problem a while ago without having the Nifty drive in the SD card slot.

    42. niftydrives Creator on

      @Kane - thanks! The microSD card now slots into the top side, rather than the underside - this means that the microSD card sits flush with the outer guide rail, rather than inner guide rail. We have also added a little backstop to ensure that the microSD card can't go too deep into the MiniDrive. They are minor external (but major internal) design tweaks, and have the effect of preventing the read/write errors.
      @Alexandre - not yet, we are keeping it the same for the time being. It is on the to-do list, but haven't yet got to a design iteration I am happy with.
      @Stu - don't worry, this is taken care of in the replacement ordering process, you will hear more about that over the next couple of weeks.
      @JKB - psssssh, I'll take your woodchuck and raise you a squirrel any day of the week.

    43. Pace McCulloch on

      Thanks guys, this version looks a LOT more reliable than the first. And it's very impressive of you to replace all our defective units. I think the logo is great; squirrels are always hiding away extra things in their secret storage places. ;)

    44. Missing avatar

      Ronnie Kwok on

      Good news and can't wait to use the Minidrive again. Wish you enjoy your stay in China!

    45. Kane Harrison on

      Loving the squirrel.
      Lets hope the read write issues are gone for good now. The microSD looks to be in the same place though.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      That's great news! Have you change your little tool design too?

    47. Missing avatar

      Stu Robson on

      In the hope that I actually get a minidrive this time I've moved house. How do I inform you of my new address?

    48. Missing avatar

      JKB on

      Squirrels are cool I guess.....they got nothing on woodchucks though!

    49. niftydrives Creator on

      Haha - yes, it is a Squirrel. We needed an Icon that would work in all languages, and on really small products (Nifty becomes essential unreadable at small size). We chose a squirrel because of the connection both with storage and with being a bit curious and cheeky. Who doesn't love squirrels?