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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
9,805 backers pledged $384,319 to help bring this project to life.

Tidying up and the MK3

Posted by niftydrives (Creator)

Hi guys,

We really appreciate your patience over the last month.  

At the end of last week we finally received a new batch of Mark 2 Minidrives from our suppliers. For those that filled out one of the online forms and requested a Mark 2 they started shipping from the UK at the start of the week. You should receive an email notifying you when the package has been dispatched from our logistics base. If you still haven’t received the email don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you, it may just mean we are still waiting for your returns envelope or cross-referencing your form if you accidentally submitted it twice.

For any help following up on a Minidrive that you are still expecting please shoot us an email at This is absolutely the best and fastest way to reach us. We know there have been issues with response times but we have taken on two full-time staff to assist us with this and we are hopefully getting better!

To date, we have now shipped over 15,000 Minidrives to over 75 different countries (and working on getting the last remaining Minidrives out…) In undertaking this task, we have done so in good faith, with the full intention of making sure every backer’s pledge is fulfilled. As we have said all along we will endeavour to ensure that every last backer has a product that works and they are happy with. 

We hope that by being with us through every update and at every step of the way you have seen and appreciate the difficulties involved in getting this far. It has certainly been a humbling experience for us. In the coming months when things have settled down a bit we hope to post a series of updates to share some of the many lessons we have learnt over this incredible year and try and give something back to this amazing Kickstarter community. 


Nifty will always have its roots in Kickstarter. The evolution of the Minidrive from Mark 2 to Mark 3 is absolutely a testament to all our backers. More than just pre-order a Minidrive you have brought it into existence and given it the opportunity to be improved upon. 

The Mark 3 has been designed to address all the issues we saw in the field, and we expect it to be ready in June. We will continue to update you on our progress.

All the Best, 

Piers, Steve and the Nifty Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rodney on

      Any update on MK3 replacements for those who returned MK1 versions due to issues?

    2. fmotta on

      Any updates on this late delivery?

    3. Phillip Haydon on

      #10 says they fucked up my address and thats why I've received NOTHING.

    4. Missing avatar

      Julien Limoges on

      I wanted to note. I have not yet received my SDXC Card ordered a long time ago, nor have I received the MiniDrive. Who should I contact? I believe I have been considerate with the waiting time by now and would like some sort of closure on this.

    5. Sun Hyung Hong on

      It's been almost a month since I've received an email that it has been shipped, but I still don't have it. Could you please check for the status if it's still going to arrive or if it's lost. I'd like to have mine soon. Thanks.

      From Seoul, Korea.

    6. Manho Lee on

      Here is Korea, Republic of.

    7. Manho Lee on

      I received about two weeks ago!
      It fully works with MBA late 2010 with micro SDXC 64GB!!!

      Although it took too much time than I expected, I am now satisfied so much.

      these are some pics.

    8. Mirco Winde on

      Well, to be one of the few as it seems, I'd like to state sth positive. I got my MiniDrive Retina a while ago. I've had some flaws by now, yes. It would not write at the beginning, it sticks out 1/2 a mm or so and I ripped off the top today, trying to get it to write. But... I did the fix with the wrap around, I glued the top with 2 component glue and now it works as it should, charming. I also got my return envelope here, waiting till the MK3 are ready, and then I will send it off. I do not know what some people do with their drives to break a complete logic board (and I don't want to), but this is Kickstarter... Fixing 15,000 of these things, from development, to producing, to mailing them off... this is quite a task, and I think they did a good job. Yes, it is not too impressive that some still wait for it, but think positive. It'll come, it is not a scam but a nicely looking, nicely packaged and in some ways also working product. I'd buy it again. And for 25$ come on...

    9. fmotta on

      A bit of silver nail polish from my daughter and my Apotop SmartSuit Slim Drive is working great on the two computers I wanted to use Nifty upon.

      Maybe the Nifty will arrive and put these to shame in appearance of performance... I cannot say. I have no idea if its circuit or form factor will be an improvement since it they have not arrived yet. Until then I have my additional 64GB SD cards working.

    10. Missing avatar

      FabrizioA on

      I received mine a while ago, and it worked. But i'm not confident in using it with my MBAir, so I will wait for MK3. Anyway, today I got 4 emails stating this:
      Thank you for notifying us that you have not yet received your Nifty Drive Product.

      We are currently awaiting new stock shipments for this item.

      It will be despatched as soon as it becomes available

      This email has been generated from an unattended email address; do not hit reply as the response might not be received. If you have any questions please email:

      Kind Regards
      Now I'm a little worried, will my mk3 be delivered?

    11. Sander Zwart on

      I still didn't receive anything....not the minidrive itself nor the notification that it has ben sent :-(

    12. Jack Ferry on

      I have to admit, I was starting to wonder if my mini drive air would ever arrive, too. But I'm happy to say it arrived this week and works. Thanks!

    13. Elsayed Mahfouz on

      I did not get my order yet and i think it is a scam. It is really unacceptable any more so i need to get my money back. how can we do this? "it is the last time for me to support any one"

    14. Jay Sittler on

      Not a scam. I got my drive, had the read/write issue. The form you need to fill out is here (from a previous update):

      Mine fit perfectly, but didn't read or write the card. As soon as I get my replacement (I opted to wait for the MK3 in June) I will let you all know. :)

      Thanks Nifty, you've been outstandingly considerate of the trolls here on your comments. Keep up the good work and I admire your patience.

    15. fmotta on

      Well, I got impatient waiting for this and; knowing that there have been lots of nifty failures I decided I can put silver paint on Apotop SmartSuit Slim Drive. So, I ordered them...

      If Nifty did one thing well then they sold the Apotop SmartSuit Slim Drive.

      Maybe my Nifty will arrive before Tuesday and work great. But, my MBA hard drive is getting fuller as i wait.

    16. nils on

      It's definitely not a scam, the product is real. Their logistics and shipping seems to be really messed up though

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Trimble on

      Finally received my two NiftyDrives in the mail! So happy! **Happy Dance**

    18. fmotta on

      @Nichols & Phillip: I cannot say this is a scam (yet). This project does not appear to be nearly as flaky as a couple of the others I have backed... It does appear that NiftyDrive people are having challenges and not being communicative.

      BTW: I still have not receive any hardware nor package of any sort nor shipping information from NiftyDrives. So, Nifty; please communicate and ship!

    19. nils on

      Guys... I've gotten a 2nd Niftydrive (this one is clearly marked as a MIA and was sent 10th April, long after I informed you that I had gotten my niftydrive.)
      What should I do with it? Send back to the address on the envelope?

    20. Missing avatar

      castflow on

      i haven't got it yet. are you still shipping the remaining ones?

    21. Matt Rohr on

      got it today. have the read/write issue. completely useless.
      also it doesn't fit my MBP very well. it sticks out about 1MM the pictures look like it fits way different. maybe my package had the wrong kind?

    22. Fabio Teles on

      I received my nifty-drives but never received the MICRO SD card that I ordered. Where is it? Please let me know..

    23. Phillip Haydon on

      I agree @Nicholas.

    24. Nicholas Deuro on

      What a scam this has been.

    25. James Diss on

      @Peter - more time looking, less time whinging.

    26. Pirros on

      i received a lot of emails but not my order!!!

    27. Michael on

      Still waitin´........
      I really hope it will be worth it!

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. fmotta on

      @cosmin thanks. If the apotop drives drives weren't ugly colors I'd have ordered them just now. Maybe in the future I will. I do not find neon interesting for something I want discrete.

    30. Missing avatar

      AT on

      Has anyone received a reply from ""???

      Wrote to them more than a month ago and have not received any response whatsoever.

      It does not seem like they are responding to comments either. There were many of us who commented on the last update, #34, that the form to fill out for missing drives was triggering a return request instead. No mention of that glitch at all or how to fix it.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cosmin Constantinescu on

      Hilarious ... now, please refund me and all the other people here that believed in you and you scammed them. Like all the others, i have been updated so many times with ... vaporware ..

      In the meantime people look for: Apotop SmartSuit Slim Drive: 3x times cheaper (since you get 3 devices), works, looks good, similar non intrusive design

    32. Missing avatar

      Tom McKeel on

      I receive a lot of e-mails about the product but I have never received my order.

    33. Mag Teo

      Mine is still undelivered. Well, judging from the comments, I still have company.

    34. fmotta on

      Well, as far as I know Nifty mini drive is vapor ware... I have seen lots of data related to it but have never actually seen one.

      Did one get sent to me? If so then the postal service ate it.
      Did it work? If not then I cannot prove it by anything other than what's on the web.
      Do I know if I am going to get one? Well, promises and statements imply I will.
      Do I know when I will get my two Nifty drives? Well, nobody has told me anything related to this nor how I am to fix the lack of its delivery.

      Do I think this is a bad investment? Well, not yet. But, I would like to have the promised devices to know better.
      Do I think this is a "bad" project? No, not yet. I think there are some early lessons being learned related to the product design/durability needs and related to logistics for fulfillment.

      I am frustrated and still remaining optimistically impatient.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dorian on

      I still missing mine. But I'm still waiting for mine... and I'm still hopeful.

    36. Michael Caputo on

      I want to express my (extreme) dissatisfaction in the build quality of the Nifty. After receiving it last week and inserting it into my 2011 MacBook Air, it broke off inside upon attempting to eject the drive.

      I have a functioning computer after a trip to the Apple store and a new logic board which cost $439.00

      Complete and utter garbage.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jim Hu on

      @Sebastien Robreau: have you tried the tape trick? At least on the original, there's a spot where the read/write tab on a full-size SD card is. The air acts like this is set to read only. You can put a piece of tape over the gap and make the card writeable. That's what worked for me.

      It is still sometimes flaky on restart, but I just leave my minidrive in all the time.

    38. Chris Eccleston on

      First minidrive went missing but replacement has arrived weeks ago and works perfectly (touch wood), great fit and finish in my Macbook Air although I haven't tried to remove it....

      Thanks guys!


      Th Nifty Drive is a really good idea and a good manufacture as well. The only problem is that I really can't after a lot of tries to make my micro SD card "writable" with :-(((( I send a message to the crew several weeks ago and I'm steel waiting for an answer... Anyone have this trouble and can help me ??

    40. Missing avatar

      Rodney on

      MK3 is now June? Appreciating patience is one thing, testing it is another....

    41. Alexander Wycisk on

      My first version works very well :) Thx.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason Trimble on

      Still patiently waiting for my order... Guess I wait and hope that mine is in this shipment...

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Brooks on

      Love my Nifty Drive it is well… nifty. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work guys. It was fun to see the process delays and all. Keep it up.

    44. Phillip Haydon on

      :( I still have no MicroSD cards, no Nifty Drive.

    45. Daniel Lundh on

      Thanks for your dedication. I really like my MiniDrive and while it took longer than "expected" I think that goes with the territory. You've done an outstanding job and should feel proud of yourselves.

    46. Heri Sim

      Keep up the good work. Anyone can share with me how they are using their mini drive? Time machine? Encrypted drive? Other backup tools? Linux?

    47. Missing avatar

      Alvina Yeh on

      I appreciate your dedication to making this a great product. Keep up the good work!