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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
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Is your MiniDrive missing in action?

Posted by niftydrives (Creator)

Hey guys,

Righty - so just a quick on this time. We said that if you haven't got anything by now, it probably has gone MIA. 

If you still haven't received your MinIDrive, please fill in this form:

We will match the form information with our dispatch and logistics records and see if we can track down your order. If we can't, we'll send you out a new one. Either way, you'll get your MiniDrive.

Please note that our stock of MiniDrives is currently quite low so it may take a couple of weeks to get another one sent out to you as we are still waiting on the full balance of our order from the manufacturers. We know this is frustrating, especially considering the delays that have occurred in getting you your MiniDrive in the first place, and we are trying to get this turned around as quickly as we can.

As you are aware, we have seen a number of issues with the current MiniDrive batch. We are operating a no-quibbles return policy, and the majority of the Mark 2 MiniDrives (the current MiniDrive model) do not have any issues, but there is still a possibility that a MiniDrive from this batch may arrive with an issue and we want to be completely upfront with that.

From our in-field feedback from you guys we have re-designed the MiniDrive from the ground up to make the MiniDrive Mark 3. Based on current tooling schedules, this should be ready to ship at the end of May. If you would prefer to wait for the Mark 3 rather than have delivery of the Mark 2, you can select this on the above form and we will hold your outstanding order for delivery of the new and improved Mark 3 instead.

We'll keep you updated as to how that is going too as we go forwards :-)

Onwards and upwards (or at least not backwards)!

All the best,

Piers, Steve & Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Susan Mason on

      I filled out the lost form on 8 March and still no email or delivery. Do you have an ETA for the MK3?
      Please post another update.

    2. Fabio Teles on

      Well, maybe it will be better if I comment this here, because you guys are not replying my private messages in Kickstarter, what's happening? I received my nifty mini-drives but I never got my MicroSD card that I bought to receive together with the cards. So I've spend $50 bucks in a card that I never received.

      Please, can you guys verify that for me? Thanks

    3. J Hermanns on

      Hey, I didn't receive mine yet - is it coming?

    4. Missing avatar

      jack diboise on

      My father and I both backed this project. He received his minidrives in the first wave, in San Francisco. I'm in Portland, OR and still waiting on mine. Filled out the form a month ago, haven't heard anything since.

    5. fmotta on

      I filled out the MIA form within days of its posting... still no minidrives SFBay area

    6. davef on

      Filled out the form and have yet to get any response or shipping confirmation. In the meantime, received one drive that was supposed to be a Christmas present that I then had to ship somewhere else.

      In terms of pricing, quality and shipping - it seems like this is sub-par in all categories. The fact that this many got "lost" is ridiculous. Supposed to be delivered (initially) in November and I still don't have it in April? Completely unacceptable.

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      Still nothing at all. no confirmation or anything.

    9. Sverre Åsverre Fru Blom on

      I got mine three days ago, I live in Norway.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tristan Currier on

      Just an update for the rest of you. I received my drive today. So they are still floating around out there.

    11. Teodoro Alonso on

      So what is the deal folks? Still no drives. What are you waiting to ship my drives? I think this is the right time to come out clean and tell us what is going on.

    12. fmotta on

      Still no minidrives here ...

    13. ilight4u on

      I received min MiniDrive on time and have received ALL 34 email updates from the MiniDrive team. They have always responded quickly (w/i 24 hours) to any and all emails or questions I've had.

    14. Missing avatar


      Haven't heard a damn thing. I am seriously tired of waiting. I'm to the point where I want the drive and my money back, because it's been almost a year since I've read the backer summary.

    15. Vinzius

      Didn't receive mine either. And 3 weeks without news, well that's disappointing I guess. That looks like pebble communication.

    16. j4rted on

      Everything works pretty fine with my MacBook Retina! I got my Nifty weeks ago shipping to Germany works good!

    17. Tony Guntharp on

      Starting to believe that this was pretty much a total scam.

    18. Phillip Haydon on

      Same here Julien Limoges, I think shipping should always be done with tracking, at-least with tracking I can see it was shipped and if there was an attempted delivery or ETA.

      This project has put me off ever wanting to back a project in the future.

    19. Missing avatar

      nacho on

      I just received my Nifty MiniDrive. It has been a long wait but at least everything worked fine for me.

      - I didn't receive it on the first batch, it went missing. I filled the return form on 8 March, it was shipped on 18 March and arrived on Spain today, 26 March.

      - The Drive mas the right one (model & color).

      - It didn't fall apart when I removed it from the package (I gently twisted in circles as recommended on update #31).

      - I didn't have any read only issue. When I put the microSD inside I didn't push it to the end, just enough so it didn't stick out, maybe this helped (as I read it could do).

      - When I inserted the Nifty MiniDrive it was really hard to have the whole MIniDrive enter the SD slot. I was worried because of this and thought maybe it wouldn't fit, however after moving it a bit to both sides and pushing harder I managed to have it standing right without sticking out.

      - After this I worried the MiniDrive would fall apart when trying to remove it. However I used the Nifty MiniTool and, even though it was really tight and it was hard to take it out, it came out properly and the parts didn't seem to get loose, so it doesn't seem that it will fall apart in successive times. I was surprised the MiniDrive had some dust on it (it might come from the inside of the SD slot).

      Just wanted to tell my experience in case it can help someone. It was a long wait but in the end the product is good. Now I hope everyone gets their MiniDrives or their replacements and they work fine too.

    20. Missing avatar

      kato on

      tired of waiting since more 6 months... and got no answer to my messages or any confirmation after fill the form for getting a replacement by the MK3 model, I decided to buy a similar model from Apotop and only for US$17... I got it in 3 days and it works very well.
      now I am waiting your model more modern, more design... and I hope to receive a confirmation by your staff about a delivery asap.... or please refund me !!

    21. Missing avatar

      nacho on

      Please we need some shipping/arriving schedule. Some of use haven't even had the opportunity of receiving a faulty Mini Drive!

    22. Missing avatar

      Julien Limoges on

      Well now I am sure that there is a problem with the mailing. I never received the Mini Drive or SD Card and it's been many months now.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tristan Currier on

      Same here. Filled out the form as soon as it was announced. Any new info would be welcome.

    24. Missing avatar

      jack diboise on

      Same boat as everyone else... no minidrives yet, filled out the form but haven't heard anything since.

    25. Missing avatar

      David DELAMOTTE on

      I ordered a MiniDrive Air and i received a MiniDrive Pro... I sent a message about 2 weeks ago, no answer...
      I was exciting its a really good product so please answer me !

    26. Missing avatar

      Sandra on

      +1 on filling out the MIA form and not receiving any conformation...

    27. Matt Rohr on

      I think I am sitting in the same boat as many of the people commenting here. I haven't received mine and filled out the form a while ago. I haven't heard a thing from you. I think we deserve some kind of response.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lichtenberg on

      Still haven't received the MiniDrive. Filled out the MIA form but got no reply so far. This whole situation is very unsatisfying.

    30. Missing avatar

      Abisola Fatokun on

      Still haven't received my nifty mini-drive, and no word from you guys on why...

    31. Missing avatar

      nothingfaced on

      Mine finally arrived... But the fascia came away with my drive in my Macbook Air!!! I used the tool and was not applying any real force but it pulled away!!!! I was able to get the rest of it out. Where do I return the broken minidrive?

    32. nils on

      Okay, got my drive two days ago. There is definitely something fishy with the shipping, because German Post had to "research" my address and put a sticker over the one on the envelope, except the address they found out is exactly the same as the one you guys had printed on it. While it seems funny and stupid at first glance, they surely do not do this without a reason, but I can of course only speculate. The red "documents enclosed" label can obscure a tiny bit of the address, and that might be a problem in some cases; in mine, I could not make the paper inside slip up far enough to obscure the address to explain the weird address research. Piers, Steve etc - Ask Nicole if you are interested, I sent her a scan of the thing.

      Feedback on the product:

      Packaging: Looks nice, but the drive and the drive remover tool were a bit hard to get out. Not so much because of the glue - that was removed easily without residue - but because the paper ripped everywhere except at the perforation. If this was packaging one would see in a shop, however, customers wouldn't really know what it is - no pic, no see-through part.

      I did try to pry off the aluminum part - not with brute force but with reasonable pull. It's a tiny bit wobbly, but didn't come off. And just a few minutes ago I popped it into my Macbook Air - since I am prone to bad luck I dreaded the read only issue. But, lo and behold, the thing worked perfectly. It's an exact fit, too.

    33. Chris Eccleston on

      Anybody got a blue nifty air icns or can make one?

      Thanks in advance!

    34. Missing avatar

      tianyu ma on

      People, you should not waste your time here. Dont wait for it to arrive. Just make one yourself. This has been the worst and the longest waiting in my life.

      Never ever again, kickstarter. This is my first time, and the last time.

      I think of this as spending $40 to test the validity of Nifity company and kickstarter. It turns out this whole thing is a FRAUD.

      Shame on you Nifity!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Pratt on

      I'm also getting no response on the zendesk site. Nifty customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

    36. Debbie Mauerman on

      Why I do believe that is a Nifty drive mounted to my desktop.
      It finally came thanks guys!

    37. Missing avatar

      Marat Sattarov on

      Absolutely no response for 15 days on the websites. What's the matter? Are you on drugs?

    38. Missing avatar

      Bruce Borer on

      This was my first Kickstarter backing and from the beginning I believed in this project. I think almost everyone who has participated or at least heard of Kickstarter has also heard of some of the horror stories of how some projects never saw the light of day or people just got plain scammed. I never ever thought this project was a scam or a waste of money, so I became a backer.
      Fast forward to now March of 2013 and I still do not see this item but now I read that there are so many issues that newer versions are being produced however I should have received my item anyway. This Kickstarter thing may be new but last time I checked the process of shipping packages has been around for some time. I read that there were issues in shipping such as wrong addresses and the like but I know for a fact that I submitted everything correctly and I also have not moved in 10 years. I have purchased many things over the years including things for "cross the pond" and it's never been an issue, but somehow I cannot receive this item. Now sure exactly what is going on now but I'm not to far away from declaring shenanigans.
      I actually would like to know how a company who has my correct shipping information can't send me my item? What exactly is the issue when it comes to not being able to ship an item correctly to an address that is 100% correct? Did a ship sink or a plane crash carrying our packages, what is the deal?

    39. Robert Brugman on

      You are a shame for the kickstarter project. You suck so bad. It's horrible.

    40. Andre Brown on

      Also, I would like to wait for the new MK3 model.

    41. Andre Brown on


      After reading your latest post, I was pretty sad to hear that if my drive has not come already then it's probably missing. I also read that I should fill out the form attached to this update, which I did. Shortly after, I received an email titled "Returns Request Received". I have not received my drive yet, therefore I cannot return it. Please can you cancel that return drive request and instead put me on a missing drive list.

      Thank you.

    42. Teresa Hartman on

      Thank you for the option to wait for the Mark 3. Will let you know if my drives arrive in the next week (have had some snowy weather around here which could have slowed down trucks a bit).

    43. Missing avatar

      Merddin on

      I have used the link from the update and I've got a mail titled 'Returns Request Received' sent to me. Not quite sure that this is right. I still have not received the MiniDrive

    44. Oli Wright on

      I've waited this long, can happily wait a bit more for the Mark 3. That's around when the Iron Man armour started looking good as well ...

    45. Mincho Kavaldzhiev on

      I don't like to complain about technology because i'm also involve in this industry working in the microelectronics, but my both mini drive on my macbook pro 2011 doesn't work, and i have this only read issue on both of them. First i though it was the card itself, but then i checked with the adapter and it worked all perfectly , i even format the sd card and put it on another laptop with the adaptor so everything is worked perfectly, but when i inserted it in the minidrive pro it doesn't want to write it. I guess is a connection issue. I don't want to open it and do it by myself. I also had a PCB/Body detachement on the first day out of the box. IT was kinda desapointing, but i know that you guys put a lot of effort in this, so i would like to congratulate you for this projet that made minidrive available to all of us. I filled the return policy and i'll wait for the mini drive Mark 3.
      Good day to you sirs !

    46. Missing avatar

      Kirk Carver on

      Can you please detail the "issues" with the drives?

    47. Missing avatar

      Susan Baker on

      Ok...duh! Note to Self: Read the Updates before writing comment. I think I found the update that solves my Read Only issue. Thanks! :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Susan Baker on

      I filled out the MIA form as you request and -- surprise! -- I received mine the very next day! (So please don't send me another one. :) )

      However, I now have another slight issue. I had purchased a 32G SanDisk Micros SD in anticipation of the Nifty MiniDrive arrival. All was well until after I inserted it and it told me that it was a "Read Only" permission. Apparently on the adapter that comes with the mini SD, there is a little "switch" that toggles up and down that changes the permissions from Read Only to Full Access. How do I bypass this with the Nifty MiniDrive?Do I need to tape something and, if so, what? Many thanks! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      AT on

      Filled out the MIA form as you requested in your email & update #34, then get a Return Request receipt sent back to me.

      I did NOT request any RETURNS.

      I STILL have not received the MiniDrives I was supposed to receive.

      I filled out the form you asked me to fill out to receive what I should ALREADY have received.

      I opted to wait for the MK3, but now you send me a form that says I am returning MiniDrives??????

      Am I ever going to see any MIA MiniDrives?

    50. Miso on

      My SD card is also missing. I received a shipping notification in December but haven't seen any. Nifty, please act promptly for this as well.