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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
9,805 backers pledged $384,319 to help bring this project to life.


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      Eleanor Jones on

      Hi, I'm curious about what will ship if the Retina was selected? Will it be the 15" Retina or the Pro?

    2. Bily Foster on

      I'm curious about the ship dates too? Are these coming USPS? Are we getting tracking? And what about our orders for the memory card to go with it? Does that too ship from you and will it come with my NiftyMini drive?

    3. Jeff Bolen on

      Do we have a shipping date yet?

    4. Christian P on

      OK, the formatting on that did not come through at all. Whatever.

    5. Christian P on

      To summarize, there are 4 major types of Macbooks out right now, each of which has a different size SD slot. All but the newest 13" retina Macbook pro have a minidrive that works for it.

      Macbook models: Macbook Air | Macbook Pro | Macbook pro retina 13" | Macbook pro retina 15"
      Minidrive: Yes Yes No Yes

    6. Missing avatar

      Oliver Schoettke on

      +1 on Richard's comment. Don't get side tracked.

    7. Justin Mitchell on

      You know guys, you might as well be upset that the product doesnt work with the unreleased Macbook 2044 that runs off corn and doesn't have an SD slot. How on earth would these guys know it wouldn't work? It wasnt even announced yet, and it clearly states which models are compatible. You have to remember this isn't Walmart. We aren't shopping here, its investing. There's no such thing as a refund in investments. The nifty team has been super transparent with all their details and been very communicative about their products features and development. Show some respect guys

    8. Richard Chepeus on

      @ John and @ Marcus, I don't understand what you are talking about, when you backed this project the representation that was made was originally for either a MiniDrive for the MacBook Pro or the Mac Book Air and was supplemented in Update #2 on July 13, 2012 to include the new MacBook Pro 15" Retina. These models were all the only ones in the Apple lineup at the time the campaign ended and finalization of the design and tooling had to be made if the target of November was ever going to be met. Nowhere in the description of the project did I read that all current and future Apple computers would be compatible. I don't see that Steve have any obligation to offer any refunds. I personally don'y want him to get side tracked with the new MacBook Pro 13" Retina at this time as it can only delay the process. I had backed another project that ultimately failed because rather than focusing on producing and delivering the product as presented they kept changing the design to make it work with more cameras, spending money that should have gone into production on redesign after redesign.

      If, as I have seen elsewhere in the comments the idea of offering a credit towards a MiniDrive that will fit the MBP 13R you should feel lucky. Personally to that just creates a huge record keeping nightmare.

      You should read @ Nate's comments, he sums it up quite well the point of Kickstarter. If you want a guarantee, stick with newegg. Of course you would then miss out on the possibility of being a part of new designs and products that quite possibly would never see the light pf day.

    9. Shinji Nishizono on

      Is it at least likely that you'll be working on something for the 13" retinas, whether the storage can be removed or not? I don't really care about when I get it, it's just that I don't really know what to choose from your survey, because I don't need something that I, well, don't need :)

    10. Alvin Wu

      How do I change my order to have the 3 that I ordered to work with the new mbp retina?

    11. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      In all reality a refund is a bit against the idea of Kickstarter. The entire point of Kickstarter is to help a company that has a great idea to get off the ground. The fact that we get a reward is great, but it is not absolutely necessary given the driving principal behind Kickstarter.

      When you originally pledged, no one had seen or heard of a 13" rMBP, so why would you ask for something that didn't yet exist? The actual manufacturing cost behind making a complete rebuild of the NiftyDrive is not at all some negligible expense that can easily be done, as it would require complete redesign and retooling.

      If they do decide to do a 'credit' towards a future product, that would be pretty amazing as I'm sure they haven't even begun to work out the figures for the retool and redesign, but for the time being I would just suggest getting what you originally ordered and if you don't plan on using it, I'm sure you could find someone looking to purchase it or sell it on eBay.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcus Jenal on

      @ John Ikel
      I'm in the same dilemma, I was hoping that the Retina Nifty would just work with the 13" model as well. But to be fair, they never promised that. So asking for a refund by saying that you are not getting what you ordered is not really fair.

      @ Nifty team
      I have one MB Air and soon a MB Retina 13" in my household so if I cannot use one drive in the 13" Retina, I don't have a use for the second drive. Can I just hang on to my credit until you release the drive for the 13" Retina book and you just send me one for the Air for now?

    13. Semyon on

      In survey that you've provided, I could not select MBP 13''. Please provide me with this options?

    14. John Ikel on

      The survey doesn't include an option for "NONE - Please give me a refund". I backed this on the principle that you would provide me with something flush. I don't want anything sticking out. If you now can't do it, then I would like a refund on my pledge amount and the additional PayPal payments I made for a second one via your store. Thanks.

    15. niftydrives Creator on

      @Gordon - that is exactly right. Thank you for putting that far clearer than we did in our update!
      @c c - yea, it still works, it just sticks out by 6mm (which is not a negligible amount). The most suitable choice would be the MiniDrive Pro to minimise the amount it sticks out by.
      @John - really not sure on exchange yet as we are not entirely convinced that it can be done without making the storage non-user serviceable...
      @Anthony @Aaron - don't worry, this is not going to delay our delivery of the Nifty MiniDrives, we are just putting out an update that lets the folks know that none of our Nifty MiniDrives will work with the 13" MacBook Pro Retina.

    16. Missing avatar

      c c on

      also, to update my previous comment, I don't mind if it sticks out a little since you can't cater to a product that didn't exist when you started this! I'd just like to now which one to switch to so that it sticks out the least. I'm assuming that it still works as a drive, but just isn't flush like all the other models?... thanks for keeping us updated!

    17. Eddie Chan on

      I don't know how anyone could complain about the guys not being able to cater for a machine that wasn't even publicly known about when the kickstarter was running...

    18. Gordon Mackenzie on

      Update seems quite clear to me:

      If you have selected a Nifty MiniDrive Retina model, which was not originally part of this Kickstarter project, it will only work with the 15" Retina Macbook Pro. Now that the 13" Retina Macbook Pro has been released, the slot is not deep enough for the Nifty Minidrive Retina. I'm not surprised at this. If you intend to get the 13" Retina MacBook Pro, you should consider changing the models you selected in the backer survey in the link in Update #22. The Nifty folks will need to create a new design and order new toolings/blanks/etc. to manufacture a smaller Nifty MiniDrive Retina just for the 13" Retina MacBook Pro and that will not be available this year (well after this Kickstarter campaign should have delivered all of the planned-for MiniDrives).

    19. John Mattos on

      UGH!!!! I missed the lin k! My apologies. My first statement stands though. I'd like to exchange when there's one available.

    20. John Mattos on

      What will be your policy as far as exchanges. I dont need two for my macbook pro, I need one for my MBP and one for my MBA 13". Lets offer solutions, shall we? How about including a link to easily change our choices.

    21. Anthony DiSanti on

      This update is very unclear. The people affected by this update are those that selected the Nifty MiniDrive. I am one of those people. What are our options? Are you saying that backers will not be able to get a MiniDrive or that we will have to wait longer for the MiniDrive?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      Lucky for me, the Mac I don't even have yet is going to be the "regular" MBPro. I don't need the retina display; I'd love to get a MBAir but the SSD doesn't come big enough. Just got around to ordering one of the little card-holder thingies too. Now all I have to arrange for is the actual computer!

    23. Missing avatar

      c c on

      which one is this shortest?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ron Wodaski on

      I don't see how I could use the survey to change anything. I land on a page that says I've completed the survey. In any case, if I can't use the Nifty Drive on the retina MBP, I have no use for it. What do I do?

    25. Cristiano Betta on

      That's quite interesting. So to save space Apple has used a more shallow SD card slot. Wow.

    26. Aaron Osteraas on

      Is this saying that, because none of the nifty drives fit in the 13" Retina MacBook Pro, we'll now be waiting, at least, a further two months?