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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
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Aluminium; Final Choice Deadlines; PCBs; microSD cards

Posted by niftydrives (Creator)

Hey guys, 

So - four updates for you: Aluminium; Final Choice Deadlines; PCBs; microSD cards 


We have got the T2 prototypes through for the precision machined and anodised aluminium Nifty MiniDrive parts! 

They are looking a LOT better than they did previously. The green is still not quite right but is getting much closer - we will avoid passing judgement until actually held, under natural light, to the pantone reference. 

However, there has been a marked improvement in the quality of the machining finish and consistency of the anodisation - we are very close to sign off on these. We should start the machining run in the next week, during which we can sort out the last colour issues as well. We are happy with the red, pink, blue and silver - just need to nail the green. Here is one for the MiniDrive Air - pre finishing and anodisation: 

Final Choice Deadlines 

So - it is finally almost upon us! We are very, very excited about this, and more than a touch nervous. 

If anyone still needs to change their model/colour choice, you can still do that here: 

We will be finalising all choice of models over this weekend (weekend of the 3rd & 4th of November 2012) - after this your choice of colour and model will be fixed as we will be going into production of the aluminium shortly after that (and we need a little time to collate all the order data!). 

Therefore - the deadline to change your model & colour choice is midnight (Pacific standard time) on Friday the 2nd of November

You can still change your address, using the same link above; but we expect to start finalising those in the next couple of weeks. 


There has been positive developments in these too - as you can see, the placement of the logo is a little off (this is being rectified), but the resolution has been greatly improved, and the black coating is now uniform and smooth. 

GOLD me hearties!

A new batch has already been ordered and we are perfecting the solder re-flow process to take account of the issues seen in the T1 run caused by the different thickness of the two PCBs.

microSD cards 

This has been a source of a huge amount of heartache for both of us - as you guys know, we got a great price on the microSD cards. However, between the time of the quote and us attempting to place a purchase order, there have been significant supply constraints that has moved the memory market considerably against us. 

The reasons we have been given for this are very varied - including large flash memory supply shortages in the market caused by demand for the iPhone 5 and new iPads, as well as general supply tightening due to the Christmas quarter. Whatever the reasons, all our contacts are staying they haven't seen the memory market this constrained this early for a long time. 

As a result our cost of purchase for microSD cards has risen to above what we have sold them to you for. Thus it is with a heavy heart that we have to stop our special "kickstarter backer" price for microSD cards as of the time of this post. 

We have been doing everything we can to find a way around this and are very sorry to those of you who missed out - this certainly will not be our last promotion of this sort, but at this moment it seems to be a battle we cannot win and delivering the MiniDrive to you guys is our most important priority. 

For those of you who have already purchased the microSD cards from us, we will honour our deal and take the loss as an important business and life lesson. This will in no way affect our supplying of the MiniDrives to you all, and we will make it right personally if need be. 

All the best, 

Piers & Steve


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nate on

      Saw mention that you have a new project in the works, any hints?

    2. Steve Favorito on

      Is the green color going to get fixed by the time we have to submit the updated surveys? We need to know before midnight on Friday so that if it is not fixed, we can choose a different color. (Currently the green looks horrible!)

    3. Marzadori Pierrot on

      Already any news to the Macbook Pro Retina 13"?

      Got my new Macbook and I'm wondering if I should change
      my order form Macbook Pro 13" to Macbook Pro Retina.

    4. Nick McCloud on

      110% kudos for taking the SD card price issue on the chin. I'm happy to pay the difference but if you don't want to, don't trust those silver tongues sales devils again, we want you in business for a long time to come for your next great idea!

    5. Missing avatar

      bunaa on

      How can I check my adress and order again?

      The link brings me to a page where I can fill out the form again - but how to check or change my data?
      Do I have to fill out the form again? So just the newest entrance is valid?

    6. nils on

      Quite happy with how you are handling the project - looking forward to getting the final product, too.

    7. Max Sablosky on

      Just read the email you guys really showed some integrity. Keep up the good works it's looking great. - Max

    8. niftydrives Creator on

      @Alex - all together if we can match up peoples addresses. Separately if we are unable to.

    9. ALEX GASTON on

      Are you going to ship the Micro SD cards separately or with the Nifty Drives?

    10. niftydrives Creator on

      @John - thank you
      @Michael - going to try and manhandle one tomorrow
      @Keith - that is very kind of you but not necessary. Just back our next project instead :-p

    11. John Dalton on

      Love the updates, seems to me that you're making excellent progress. Sorry to hear about the loss on the microSD cards, but thanks for doing the right thing by those of us who've already purchased them. I'm really looking forward to getting my nifty drives in my own hands, and hope this will end up being held up as an example of a kickstarter hardware project done right!

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I just want green & blue; I'm not that picky as long as they don't edge into turquoise or purple. :-)

    14. Keith W on

      Personally I like the green color in the above picture as I do not really want a green that glows in the side of my MBP :-) (Maybe I am just dull :-) Anyway I am not that picky on the color of the green. Thanks for the great update and I can not wait to get mine.

    15. Jeremiah Johnson on

      Isn't the green color the same as before?

      Like myself im sure you guys were probably hoping for a brighter kickstarter colored green like in your mock ups here.…

      Are you able to post a final color update before midnight (Pacific standard time) on Friday the 2nd of November?

      If the color is that far off, I would default to black or silver personally.
      Thanks for the update!

    16. Keith W on

      I did buy one of the microSD cards at the great price, but I do not want to get something that costs you money. If you would like we can cancel my SD card order and save you a little money, just let me know if that will help you out.

    17. niftydrives Creator on

      @Brennan - Thank you. Yea, we didn't expect the issues we are getting. Generally, if you are ordering in bulk, doing a variety of colours is not a problem - the issues come if you are having to forecast demand for a particular colour in the future, which is why we have reduced the number of colours we offer after Kickstarter.
      @David - unfortunately the MiniDrive doesn't fit in the Mac Mini (the SD card is too deep).
      @Tara - we are now selling our microSD cards at $63. They are about $3 cheaper on Amazon at the moment, so I would recommend grabbing one there before the prices go up (which we are pretty sure they will).
      @Jason - we are really not sure on the 13 inch Retina. We'll have to update you as soon as we get a hands on.

    18. Danny Garcia on

      Amazon has these for $60.26 - free shipping

    19. Ryan E. Guerra

      Sounds like you guys have learned about sunshine provisions in quotes the hard way. You definitely gotta place orders before the deadline in the quote, because prices are constantly changing.

      Love the constant updates--as a project engineer, it's nice to see others walking through this overseas manufacturing process and ironing out all the problems.

    20. Brennan Zelener on

      Hi Piers and Steve, thanks for the consistent and thorough updates.

      I'm curious - with the difficulty that you've experienced trying to get all of the special colors to print just right, would you recommend offering such a color variety in Kickstarter projects? I have no idea how many orders you had for the different colors, but I'm curious if most people chose silver or black - and if it would have made it much easier for you to just offer the color options at a future date.

      Thanks! Can't wait to get my NiftyMiniDrive :)

    21. David Leitko on

      Maybe I missed this along the way... Is there a version that fits the 2011/2012 Mac minis? Thanks!

    22. Tara Johnson on

      Will you guys be able to sell any of the MicroSD cards at the new cost you are getting? Or would you just recommend us going to another source? If the latter, do you have any suggestions for good places to look for them?

    23. Jason Hilton on

      I originally ordered for the macbook air, but now that there is a 13inch retina macbook pro available, I may go for that instead! Do you know if the 15inch retina nifty also fits the 13inch retina?