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An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer.
9,805 backers pledged $384,319 to help bring this project to life.

Backer survey deadline update, international shipping fees and declined cards

Hey all! 

So – first crazy weekend of power planning the roadmap to make and deliver 12,700+ MiniDrives!  

Backer Survey Deadline for choosing the Colour & Type of MiniDrives you want

In our last update we told you guys that we would be sending around a backer survey on Monday to find out your choices for the colours and models of MiniDrives you want. Having spent the weekend working out the earliest date that we will actually need that information, it makes a lot more sense to collect your choices a little later than by the 20th of August.

Here’s why: the next month or so is going to be spent creating the tooling and running pilots with our manufacturers to ensure everything is within the correct tolerances and identifying any possible production issues. This design and production verification process does not require us to know the choices and shipping addresses of our backers.

Please note, this does not change when we currently expect to ship (i.e. November), but it makes a lot more sense to take your choices and postal addresses as close to the shipping date as possible. This is because some of you guys are going to move, and others will change their computer and want a different models/colours than the ones they submitted in the backer survey. Kickstarter will only let us do the backer survey once!

As a result, we will now send the backer survey out on or before the 20th of August, with a provisional deadline for all choices to be in by the 20th of September. We don’t want to have to make a choice for anyone, and will do our very best to keep the survey open as long as we can – but the day that we actually start anodising the production run of Aluminium is the day that we can no longer change your choice! 

Shipping Charges

By pushing the survey back, we also have a bit more time to add some additional payment options for those that missed out on adding the extra money needed for international postage. 

If you live outside of the USA, Canada, or the European Union (+ Norway & Switzerland), you need to have added $5+ (depending on the reward level) to the pledge amount. This was true for any reward above $20, to cover “rest of the world” postage (the logistics company’s terms not ours!). 

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to do that, we are currently setting up a payment process that will link in with the backer survey so we can send you your shiny new MiniDrives :-)

Declined payments

We know a few of you have found that their credit card was declined by Amazon payments. Unfortunately we don’t have much control over this side of things. If your card has been declined Kickstarter gives you 7 days to correct the payment issue before they automatically drop you as a project supporter – we can’t do anything about this, so please don’t delay! 

If your pledge was declined just login to Kickstarter and click the “Action Needed” system message on the top of your screen. It will redirect you to Amazon, where you can change your payment method.

All the best, 

Piers & Steve


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