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A project to make 100 unique fox figures from reclaimed wood.
A project to make a video and a book using 100 unique fox figures handmade from reclaimed wood.
A project to make a video and a book using 100 unique fox figures handmade from reclaimed wood.
73 backers pledged $5,127 to help bring this project to life.

finally....the sneak peek you've all been waiting for!


Hello Beautiful People! 

With one week left in the Kickstarter campaign, I'm back to give you an inside look of how the project will look. I've been designing it as a book first and foremost because I have a am hoping be able to reach the push goal to at least publish this as a paperback. It will be easy to use the same ideas to make the animation. The text is not finalized yet but the way I work is to create the book dummy (mockup) with very rough sketches of the figures I will make in 3-d, and how the layout will work. The text will be fine tuned until I'm ready to submit it to the publisher. Here's what I've written so far, and I'll list the figures I will make below the images of each page spread.

 This page will be bordered by images of foxes using all kinds of non-motorized transportation, including bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, cargo bikes, jumprope, walking, running, roller skating, etc. All the original figures will be under 6" high, and photographed and scaled to work with the text and layout. 

 This page will have close-ups of foxes holding different recyclable items, including bottles, compost, cardboard boxes, milk cartons, aluminum cans, and paper. 

 Foxes rolling recycling bins

 Foxes shopping for groceries, holding shopping bags, and little produce displays. This makes me think I should add a reward of a canvas shopping bag! 

 Foxes cooking, cleaning and gardening. The fox in the bottom right corner is lying on his back eating a fresh tomato. There will be about 8 pages after this that talk about plastic recycling, paper and trees, water conservation, and mending clothing.

 Bringing the book to a close, I want to inspire people to spread the word about what they learned in Little Foxes. 

 The foxes in the left page will be holding signs that say things like "go green" etc. I'm thinking I'll use the image on the right for the back cover as well. There will be a few pages after these that include a glossary and a bio of Malvina Reynolds with emphasis on her song that inspired my book.

So that's where I'm at now! My plan for this last week is to start making figures based on what I have designed so far, and I'll have something finished to show you before the campaign ends on February 28! I've been squeezing in shaping some of the elements to give me a head start (see below.)

Thanks everyone who has helped me reach my initial goal--fingers crossed that I can reach a push goal to make the book happen! Here's a link to the article that came out in the Portland Tribune last week, and I got an inquiry yesterday from the Huffington Post, so I'm hoping for the best.


take care,


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