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This project was successfully funded on November 14, 2013.

Make Every Moment Beautiful

About this project

The Muse Clock is designed to make us stop, pause, and contemplate time and look at it in a completely new way. Based on the design of familiar analog clocks this colorful moving timepiece is deliberately ambiguous. It makes us slow down and reminds us to hold on to each beautiful moment in our lives.

About the Clock

The Muse Clock is a 15" wall clock. Construction consists of a 15" powder coated aluminum frame, glass face, and two tinted faces that rotate to indicate the time. The two faces are driven by an ultra strong silent sweep movement. 

How you tell the Time

The hour and minute hands are graphically translated into concentric circular lines and dashes and cut out of the the two disc faces. These discs are layered on top of each other and rotate around a single axis. Because of our relationship to numeric and analog time we can visually and experientially tell 'approximate' time with the Muse Clock.

The cut out circular lines and dashes illustrated on the clock face are inspired by the Base-12 system used by the Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. This system split the 24 hour day into two twelve hour periods. The Muse Clock uses 12 increments of measure on the two discs that sandwich and mirror each other. The beauty here is that when the two discs move and rotate past each other they create visual patterns of positive and negative space and shifting color.

If you would like to know explicitly how to tell the time. Please message me and I will share a graphic I have created that explains, in a few instances, how to tell time with the Muse Clock. If you would rather work on figuring out the clock on your own, just carry on! In either case, I assure you the time of day can be derived with the Muse Clock.

The point is to make you reconsider your notions of time and look at it in a completely new way. The clocks in these demo videos have been set to 12 o'clock with the 'long hands' facing up. After you become accustomed to recognizing the time based on this setting, you can set the 12 o'clock position to 6 o'clock or any other position you'd like. Thus maintaining the concept of the Muse Clock and making us constantly question the moment.


The Muse Clock will be offered in a variety of different color schemes. The color combinations for this project will be selected by the Kickstarter community and will be exclusive to this project. So pick your favorite Color Option below and sound off in the comments section. The Color Option with the most votes will be the first one manufactured and shipped out!


Clock Body: 15" Powder Coated Aluminium Frame

Faces: 1mm thick Color Glazed Acrylic

Movement: High-Torque Continuous Sweep Movement


Rather than constructing just another facade to place two hands over, I wanted to create a new way of telling time in order to convey this concept of relishing the moment and savoring each second.

The Muse Clock began as a design school project. The problem was to investigate the concept of time and challenge our traditional notions of telling time. Since then, I’ve continued to explore my creative vision with variations of function and form. After working through many iterations I am pleased to introduce this version and share it with the world.

As with most designs I began with some conceptual sketches. Exploring the face of the clock and how it could be segmented. Also, exploring construction with the first ideas of stacking the faces on top of each other.

Earliest Prototype

Foam Core and Construction Paper

Looking at how the faces appear as they move over one another. Exploring colors other than black and white by adding red as an accent. Liked the idea of it, but wasn't crazy about the look of it.

Second Stage Prototype

Laser Cut Acrylic (3mm) in Finished Housing 

After settling with a direction I was happy with, I made my first laser cut prototype and later set it into a finished housing. I was pretty happy with this and thought it was nice, but thought it could be even better. So, I kept working.

Final Version

Laser Cut Acrylic (3mm) in Finished Housing

Finally, after experimenting with transparent faces and many different color options I settled on this design and color combination for a production model.

Final Version 2.0 (shown in Time Lapse Videos below)

Tinted Acrylic (1mm) in Finished Housing

The 3mm thick acrylic turned out to be too heavy for the clock mechanism to rotate. After exploring methods of manufacturing, this version was settled on. Painted 1mm thick acrylic faces that are light enough for the mechanism to rotate easily. They are also 100% balanced in order to reduce stress on the mechanism at any one point in the movement over the 12-hour period of rotation.

's video poster
's video poster

Clock Photos


Below is an image of the Muse Clock t-shirt.

Muse Clock T-Shirt
Muse Clock T-Shirt

I wanted to say a special thank you to those who helped create the video for this campaign.

Charles Phillips - Daybreak Cinema

Bret Bourquin - Storylight Studios

The Roasterie Factory Cafe - website

Risks and challenges

The main problem I experienced with this design was the weight of the clock faces. In previous prototypes, the clock mechanism was not able to turn some of the faces I had made. They were either too heavy or unbalanced. Through further testing of materials and methods with which to fabricate the faces I came about a solution which is present in the current model. The thickness of the faces has been reduced by 66% to ensure that they are light enough to be easily rotated by the clock mechanism.

With that issue solved and the prototype working flawlessly for months on our wall, there are now only the usual hurdles of the possibility of something setting back the shipping date during manufacturing. I am working with a manufacturing agent who is extremely familiar with the industry and based upon the number of clock in the initial order from Kickstarter we will be using one of a few very carefully selected manufacturers to produce the Muse Clock.

Should something arise that will set back production, I will keep the backers posted with changes and do everything within my power to meet or exceed the anticipated ship by deadlines.

I will be blogging the process after the project is successfully funded and backers can stay connected and up to date through regular email updates and through the site The site will be live after the funding period on Kickstarter is complete.

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  • The clock is battery operated.

    The movement is a C-Cell powered High-Torque Silent Sweep Movement and has been running on our wall for 4 months now with no battery change.

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    Backers will receive one 15" Muse Clock at the special Kickstarter price of $105. ($175 retail value).

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