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Recent updates

NOT so smooth sailing


When I first decided to bring Blindside back I had a plan...well unfortunately almost none of that plan has worked out...however I am trying to right the I type this long overdue update issue #2 is all penciled, inked, colored and getting scripted by Jon (Goff).

I will be fulfilling the sketch cards and commissions that are owed some of you this fall. I can give you a dozen legitimate reasons why everything is so delayed but really all that you care about is getting the rewards that you so generously backed and I aim to fulfill those. 

Contraband Comics (our publisher) looks like it will be getting some financial backing and that will hopefully speed up the process of getting Blindside out...either way I intend to finish all 4 issues as I originally set out to do. 

Once again thank you for your  support and patience! I truly appreciate everyone of you.



P.S. I will do a better job be keeping you updated from now on.

Reward Packages Update

So with keeping Blindside on a bi monthly schedule and my new Grifter assignment I am about as booked as I can be. All the backers who had a hand drawn trading card or commission I will be sending you 2 packages :
1- ALL you rewards including original art. I will ship all of these next week right after the holiday

2- Your commission and trading cards. I will ship these at a later WILL get your art!

This way I don't have to keep you waiting until I can fit commissions into my schedule before you get your reward packages.

Hope everyone is ok with that compromise and if you haven't gotten your reward packages yet please resend me you address ASAP.

Another update

First batch of packages dropped off at the post office today. The packages are being sent out from lower pledges ($10 and up) to highest so if you are a higher pledger please remain patient. Also if you haven't sent me your address please do

Your reward packages are being sent out....

I'm having a hard time accessing everyone's shipping address. Please e-mail me your addresses at

Thanks for your support and patience,. I appreciate you all very much!

So close!

First off I would like to thank you all for your patience. Blindside is a labor of love for me and I would rather take a little longer to put out the book I want then rush out a book I'm not 100% proud of. That being said Blindside was always going to be a 2012 release, and that hasn't changed. It just looks like we are going to be closer to the end of 2012 then the beginning as originally anticipated. At this point we have decided to release the book digitally to the masses and actual copies will be available at all my convention appearances as well as my website and any comic stores who order from me directly. I'll keep you all updated with more info soon.

In the meantime check out the cover to Blindside #1 by myself with inks by Adelso Corona and colors by Frank Cuonzo

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